Small Steps For a More Gorgeous YOU post image

We’ve all heard the same old song and dance about how beauty takes work and of course that famous little rhyme- ‘no pain no gain.’ Okay in some regards this is correct, like waxing for instance. In other areas, however, you don’t need to kill yourself or break the bank to look amazing. Looking great doesn’t only come down to what you wear or the products you use, it’s also about your attitude and the way you treat yourself.

Read on for 4 life-changing perils of advice guaranteed to deliver a more beautiful, confident, radiant YOU.

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Get Sculpted Summer Abs: Tips from YogaWorks Instructor Sadie Nardini post image

The days of hiding behind piles of cozy layers are far behind us. Summer is here and the motivation to get killer bikini-worthy abs is at an all-time high. I am a huge yoga proponent and am continually amazed by how noticeably toned I become after only a few sessions. Yoga doesn’t only target superficial abdominals, but the deeper core muscles that are often neglected with traditional exercises.

To help you get sculpted summer abs, YogaWorks instructor Sadie Nardini has shared three quick poses designed to reach all six abdominal muscles and effectively transform and firm your mid-section. [Click here to keep reading…]

Easy Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer post image

As much as I love the summer time, I truly hate paying for the cost of air conditioning. I mean, I would way rather spend that money on a good pair of shoes!

I am a huge fan of Yoga and firmly believe it can solve almost every issue in life. This belief was further enhanced thanks to YogaWorks instructor Peggy Hall, who shared some amazing, and inexpensive, tips to stay cool this summer without.

From easy yoga poses to dietary fixes, to the temperature of water when you shower, to new ways to utilize commone household items, these tips will definitely keep you and your wallet very happy this summer.

Read on for her top 10 tips for beating the heat without the AC! [Click here to keep reading…]

Yoga Solutions For Body Aches and Pains post image

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives. We all know that stress can cause countless health issues and have all been advised to reduce our stress-levels, but as with most things, this is way easier said than done. I am a huge yoga-proponent for many reasons, especially the fact that it drastically helped reduce my level of stress and anxiety and all the body aches and pains associated with the two. Yoga isn’t just about increasing strength and flexibility, as you learned last week, simple yoga poses can be done at any time to combat daily aches, pains and frustrations. To help your days become better and brighter, I’m sharing 5 more poses to try, straight from YogaWorks instructor Irina Oviannikov.

Read on to find out how you can alleviate pain and tension in your wrists, hips, back, and shoulders and for an amazing technique to overcome your mid-day slump without a trip to Starbucks.

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Solve Every Day Issues With Easy Yoga Poses post image

As you learned in my Small Steps for a More Gorgeous You post, I am an avid Yoga proponent. I’ll admit that I have been very on and off with Yoga through the years and during my ‘on’ periods, I notice that I feel and look so much better then when the off switch is hit. Yoga has a lot of Big-Picture benefits- increased strength, flexibility, better muscle tone as well as a glorious inner calm. There are also many quick and easy poses you can do whenever for insta-results to combat every day aches, pains, and frustrations.

Read on for tips from expert Yogi, Kathryn Budig, from Yoga Works, for suggestions on alleviating every day issues, be it sore and achy feet, commute-induced exhaustion, or the after-effects from a long night of partying. [Click here to keep reading…]


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