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    I am on the 2nd Scorpio man. Am addicted to their passion every time.

    These guys are paranoid, insecure, secretive and don’t communicate. Do not believe one can have a normal relationship with these dudes. Never get straight answers either.

    Drama drama and drama.Disappearances hot and cold. Living nightmare but they can always draw you back in. The mad cycle begins again.

    Has anyone had good experiences with them? If so, what magic tricks do I need?


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    What is your sign?

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    I am a fiery Aries lady. Two fiery people – Scorpio and Aries – means fireworks like no other.

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    And Google Says:
    Aries and Scorpio is typically an explosive match, and this relationship is likely to be a cross between an x-rated movie and a medieval battle. It will almost certainly make you redefine the word ‘intense’. Not many signs can match you for passion or force of will, but this one can and will.

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    I had a Scorpian boyfriend and he was typical. But I am a Cancer, so I am mellow. Aries and Scorpian….hmmmm…I’d put money on the Aries….

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    Ok, a scorpio here! But I’m a girl, sooo I don’t know if it makes a difference but let me see, I don’t like to compromise myself in any way, much less in feelings because I don’t like to feel vulnerable,yes I run if I feel danger coming even If a love a person he will be stonewalled, yeah pretty much “love me and deal with me how I am or leave” ,some are less “crazy” but painful experiences just harden the traits, at least that is what happened to me, honey it takes a village to love one.I guess you have to find the right one!!

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    I hate to say it and generalize, but yes, Scorpio men are tough. Secretive…insecure…be careful and guarded.

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    Hi there. Im a Leo girl and currently dating my Scorpio for two month. Just wanted to share my experience with my guy so far. I agree on the part of these guys are secretive and don’t communicate. On my Scorpio case, on earlier stage I made it clear with him that I have dozens of male friends but they’re friends and just friends with clear line. Wont allow them to cross it. I told him I can only love a man, and want to love only one so I want the same being returned to me. My past experience with guys that tried to hit on me just ended up bitterly thus I myself, being a Leo, feel insecure. This Scorpio guy made me feel secure as every time I asked him something out of my curiosity (resulting from my insecure), he always gives that clear answer. No hidden but an honest clear answer and I like this very much.

    He could disappeared for about 3-4 days without even telling anything. I was confused with this attitude on first place some weeks ago, but after that I again come to him and asking nicely even with curiosity. I could sit for hours only to listen to him. Was just telling him, if he needs me I am there to listen. Although my curiosity ate me from inside sometimes, I tried to be patient and thinking if it is me on his shoe, I wont like myself being forced to tell something that I dont want to share. I jokes around with my Scorpio guy, and made him feel comfortable enough with me. I want him to know he have all space he needs, and dont need to worry about dozens of my fans because in my eyes he is special enough. Scorpio guy is a human as well, just he hides himself for himself only. Whenever he open up with me, I could see another side of his which is very light and made me happy enough. I mean, I dont always see that side but I feel so grateful as if Im the lucky person that could see it. He could cause drama, but its all TESTS. You need to handle it well.

    What you need is just understand them. Give time and space, be nice and made them feel secure BUT dont ever betray their trusts. Once you betrayed them, they stung so hard. I dont guarantee that stung’s poison will vanished in short time.

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    Leona, thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with Scorpio man. You have tried to understand him which is wonderful. Most women dealing with this craziness would just walk away. It sounds like you make him feel secure and are patient.

    Being an Aries lady, I am impatient and insist the people in my life to communicate, either in person, by text or via email, as long as they communicate somehow. This guy won’t. I have complimented him to the hilt and talk to him every day, but he still hides away or withdraws for days at a time. In retrospect, I erred in criticizing him for certain behaviors and he became defensive.

    My attraction for him is physical but also his intensity. When he wants you, you feel an ecstasy like no other.

    From what I am hearing, it appears that Aries and Scorpio have a hard time understanding each other, except in the bedroom. I must decide whether I can live with a man like this, accept who he is, or look for calmer pastures. Does not look to me like it would work in the long term. Maybe a Cancer would be more suitable.

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    Haha! Funny how these traits really apply to all the Scorpios I have met. I would add huge ego and tendency to behave in a Narcissistic way.

    I run away now every time a guy tells me he’s a Scorpio, oh and they are so proud to say it.

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    My husband is a Scorpio! You just have to know how to deal with them.

    In my experience, they are only secretive until they trust and respect you and that takes a looonngg time! I’d say a good 1-2 years with my husband. They are generally very honest (painfully so at times, hence the scorpion sting!) They have no trouble communicating – quite the opposite. They’re just highly selective about who they want to communicate anything personal with.

    Donna, if you have an issue with a guy not communicating on your terms, you’re in trouble! As Leona says, you have to give him space and let him come to you. As an Aries I can imagine that would be difficult!

    The other thing to remember is they can be controlling but they’ll never respect someone that allows themselves to be controlled. They can treat people quite badly if they don’t respect them but they are amazing, loyal and kind partners with the right person. You have to have nerves of steel and not let them mess you around, even for a second!

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    I’m in the middle of a battle of wills with a Scorpio. We’ve been dating for 6 months and what an emotional rollercoaster it has been!! Paranoid, insecure, secretive… He is all that and even more. He excels in the art of manipulation but as a Gemini, I see right through his mind games and play right back.

    He froze me out for a month and came back like nothing had happened. I FROZE HIS ASS out for a month to give him a taste of his own medicine. That mellowed him just enough to prepare his revenge. His revenge? Cancelling a date on a very short notice (5 hours before we were supposed to meet up). Said he had a stomach bug. I highly doubted that but can’t prove it.

    We eventually met up a later date but I totally disengaged emotionally from then on. He kind of sensed that and stopped contacting me. We haven’t spoken in 2 weeks and part of me wants to reach out because I miss him but I am so sick of his games. I don’t know how this will play out.

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    * But couldn’t prove that he was lying

    ** We eventually met up at a later date

    Sorry for the mistakes I’m on my cell phone. I wanted to add that being nonchalant/indifferent has worked well with “my guy”. He never knows where my head is at so he can’t predict my next moves. That drives him nuts lol

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    Yw, Donna. Maybe I missed some parts of earlier stage when I tried to get near to this guy. Well being a lioness, I spark the room and guys comes to me from all sides. Every compliments comes from every sides but compliments never impress me anymore and he was the only one which was distance from me. I noticed it, but pretend I got no ideas and not saying it on his face.

    He often ran away when I tried to communicate with him. As if I am bringing a dangerous virus to him. I was kinda “chasing” him and he keep running. Then I stop. I stay still and sit down while watching him “running”. I was like “go on. I am not going to bow on you to tell me stuffs but will let you come. We’ll see how long will you stand this”. Not giving him cold shoulder when he comes nearby but I was pulling jokes on him. XD I remember all those jokes (sarcasmly joking on how silent he is) and he was my main victim for months! I never heard of him saying Im his friend. I am much more like stranger to him. He start to talk, but not much.

    Hannah mentioning about control. Well my guy…its a yep. He tried to control me one day even if I was a stranger to him that time. Funny thing is, being a lioness full of pride I dont allow him having this. He could control his life, but not mine. I am too busy with my life to allow anyone take charges of it and I really dont like it thinking myself needing to follow this Scorpio’s order. My mind thinking of sharing territory is okay, but not being controlled. So there are few times I oppose him when he tried to control me, and I explain to him Im not puppet anyone could control. Im a lioness, queen that everyone should respect and I give the same.

    He comes to me in the end. Making u-turn from his long time marathon, this guy actually just like other men, didnt say verbally that he likes and loves me but he let it go through his actions. He protect me and I enjoy this because i didnt ask him. I just know. I dont force him to say anything but the way he open up about his daily life, and one day he was just talking with me non-stop about his dreams and how am I being in his future plans- he would like to visit me and would like to taste my cooking, made me bow my head to my mom only to learn to cook advanced local dishes . He is jealous towards my fans and guys’ friends but well, I made it clear.

    So, the rest part… as I mentioned earlier in my story before.

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    I’m a cancer so I seem to instantly and magnetically connect with Scorpios. I feel they have an emotional depth that can’t be matched and for the most part in my experience their love is all-consuming. With that though, you do deal with the controlling tendencies, the subconscious criticism, and the emotional will and discipline that many aren’t capable of handling let alone competing with. But when they fall, they fall hard and when they feel, they feel deeply and that’s a beautiful thing to receive *if you ever make it that far- which is a trying process for sure. Good luck! And although I do account for astrology and “signs”, ultimately, they say the stars lean on you but they are not you- meaning I do believe there are characteristics that are stronger for individuals based on “the stars”, but I also believe like anything, with conscious effort, adjustments can be made :)

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    Yep! “He could control his life, but not mine. I am too busy with my life to allow anyone take charges of it” and “He comes to me in the end” and “He protect me and I enjoy this because i didnt ask him. I just know. I don’t force him to say anything but the way he open up about his daily life” are exactly right!

    Redcurleysue on this forum says a man is like a cat and I think it’s very true! No chasing and no drama! Push them off if they’re not giving you what you need. They will come back and will be all the more interested that you didn’t immediately bow down to them! Most people are very intimidated by my husband. I am not! He’s a squidgy thing in a fierce outer shell.

    Micky, a battle of wills won’t work. He’ll win! Tell him what you want and walk if you don’t get it. You get one chance with a Scorpio in my mind. All the bravado is caused by insecurity. Keep pushing them away and they’ll stay away or build up a wall so high you’ll never really get close.

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    I think Jenny summed it up perfectly!

    I’m a Virgo and I can cope with all the downsides, like he can cope with mine (just about!). Earth and water means I’m the boss :)

    But seriously, none of us our our typical sign. It’s interesting how many people tend to be what their star sign is, but we are all so very different. Reading some of the descriptions of Scorpios here, they sound like a nightmare that should be avoided! But how can all people born within the same month be exactly the same?

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    When I think of Scorpios, I think of the night sky. They’re dark and mysterious, you never really know what they’re thinking but their energy blankets you and they have this way of making you feel safe and enchanted at the same time. They do always want to know what’s going on in your mind but they also have an ability to spot a liar like no other, but they won’t tell you, they observe and keep most opinions to themselves while being pretty aware of the reality. They guard themselves ruthlessly, they have emotional control beyond belief so they can maintain detachment while making you feel otherwise but once again, it’s bc their love runs DEEEEEEEEP. There’s def much more below the surface with a Scorpio more so than any sign I’ve found. Gemini’s can be very direct and transparent. Scorpios are the opposite. It’s just a matter of making them feel emotionally safe with you, make them trust you and be as open and raw as possible. Just the basic astrological take- water signs are stimulated by emotions, earth by physical touch, air by conversation and fire by passion.

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    Interesting how its mentioned Scorpio men can spot a lier. My experience told me they can because they themselves are expert liars. They insist on total honestly from you. But honesty from them goes right out the window if you have hurt their feelings. They won’t tell you about it either. They will start looking for other women when this happens.

    These guys are not long term relationship material. Roll in the hay for awhile and very passionate.

    In my situation Scorpio keeps you around if you are useful – for sex money ego massaging!

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    Leo and Scorpio

    LEONA….what do you do when your Scorpio man comes back after being MIA?
    Do you go on like all is same and nothing changed?
    Also, do you wait for him to come back from his cave or what ever world he disappeared or occasionally you contact him?

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    I disagree, I don’t think they’re “liars” I think they’re guarded. But yes, they know how “feelings” work and BC they have high emotional control, they can use this skill to their advantage. They see through façades and if they feel they’re getting played, any consequence is a reaction of YOUR actions. I don’t think they ever intentionally deliver their wrath but in their minds, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen because they don’t take things lying down… I think they’re great. They’ve been the most intense, passionate, reassuring, emotionally fulfilling men I’ve experienced. They’re ride or die if you can lock them down. But once again, not an easy feat and they hold you accountable for any and all indiscretions and they have a spiteful temperament

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    If Scorpios are that guarded they are not ready for a “real” relationship. The only way to handle these guys is to refuse playing their games. Go MIA. As long as you stick around being “manipulated”, they will have a good laugh at your expense. Aries women are just as strong or more. We can spot manipulation a mile away. The Scorpio I dated was excited by all the “entertainment” the games provided. They love to see you upset. This is not love. You are a toy.

    Some comments above say they are “the best”, “great”. I see great in the “bedroom” that’s all.

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    I’ve been with a Scorpio for a year and I can honestly say I can’t do this anymore….

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    I’ve never heard it said Scorpios are liars. They are frighteningly intuitive, which is why they can spot liars and people who are being fake. That’s why battles of wills, playing games, going MIA won’t work. They can tell you’re into them even if you try and hide it! You have to brazen it out. Leave or threaten to leave if they’re not behaving. They’ll soon tow the line if they’re into the relationship.

    But yes, they might not tell you if you’ve upset them. You get to know anyway after a while – they go quiet and moody! Unless you are emotionally close, you most likely won’t know he wants to end it until he does either.

    My Scorpio has been great relationship material for 15 years! I’m with Jenny. Once they fall, they fall hard and they totally change (or perhaps you get to see the real them). The man I dated for the first few months was not the man I married at all! It’s rarely a calm relationship but I’d find it incredibly boring if it was.

    He initially came across as outgoing, domineering, energetic and passionate but there’s a lot more going on in there and a much, much softer side people rarely see.

    My most challenging relationship was with an Aries! All the passion was there and we got on really well, but we didn’t get each other on a deeper emotional level at all. We just drove each other crazy! It’s all down to compatibility I guess and that’s not just down to star signs.

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    Lol. So weird, they’re honestly my favorite. So my sister is an Aries, yes, she’s strong and willful and direct and my way or the highway. She’s the type that thinks ‘F*ck yes, he’ll remember me bc I slashed his MF tires’ Lol. It’s crazy and funny *she’d never do it* but this showcases that fiery thought process when seeking revenge and releasing wrath. She’s okay with the short term, immediate gratification of making someone feel bad or inconveniencing them temporarily. She wants what she wants now and that’s the end of it, she’ll get it. I, on the other hand, again am a Cancer, a water sign, like a Scorpio. And I’m going to go out peacefully, telling you how much I valued our time together, gracefully walk away because for me, the pain delivery of choice is emotional. For me, when you’re regretful and curious about me 5 years later, when memories of what we had and thoughts of losing me make you miserable some nights, that’s more gratifying than slashing your tires. It’s more lasting, it’s deeper, and at the end of the day, it’s a crueler blow. Kind of paradoxical huh? We’ll both be remembered, but which strategy is most effective in reference to true vengeance? Bottom line, when you understand how emotions work…

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