Shade to Crave: Pretty Pastels post image

Shade to Crave: Pretty Pastels

Pretty pastels are showing they have some serious staying power this spring, popping up just about everywhere you turn.  I was a huge fan of this look last year, and still am, so I’m excited to see these pretty hues back in full force. This year’s looks are just as feminine as last, but look out for some edgier twists on this girly look, too.

Here are 10 awesome pieces to get you looking like a pastel pro:

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Look We Love: Schoolgirl-Chic post image

Look We Love: Schoolgirl-Chic

School is back in session. Whether you’ve been hitting the books this fall or not, you can still incorporate a little schoolgirl chic into your look. Classic schoolgirl staples (pleated skirts, button down cardigans, knee-socks, blazers, etc) make excellent additions to any fall wardrobe and add a bit of sophistication with a playful spirit, depending on how you style the look (you definitely do NOT want to look like you’re channeling Britney Spears circa …Baby One More Time).

If you’re dubious about the concept of borrowing from the schoolgirls, just look at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2010 collection which demonstrated that smart staples like pinstriped separates, thigh-highs and backpacks can be sexy, avant-garde and grown-up.  And then there’s fashion muse extraordinary Alexa Chung who is renowned for her preppy style that blends school-girl sweetness with and edgy street-chic sensibility.

Yes, school-girl staples can be both sophisticated, sexy and sharp, so why not invest in a few this fall?

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A Worthy Investment: A Nude Cocktail Dress post image

The Little Black Dress is no longer the end-all be-all when it comes to looking polished and chic. On the other end of the spectrum is the LND (Little Nude Dress), which is just as versatile and flattering as its counterpart. Actually, the nude dress may be even more versatile than the LBD and in most cases can be casual-ified for daytime activities and corporate-ified for a day at the office- and then, of course, cocktail-ified for a night out.

A nude cocktail dress is a softer, less sultry alternative to a black on and and has a beautiful ethereal quality that contains a different, more muted, sort of sex-appeal which is more fresh and modern.

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Exposed Lingerie: Sexy or Skanky? post image

In this sweltering heat, going out wearing a bra as a top can be quite tempting. And you wouldn’t be totally nuts for doing so- exposed lingerie is quite the trend right now. There have been several occasions where I almost left the house wearing nothing but a bra under some of my sheer tops but i always chicken out when my hand hits the door-knob, run back to my room, and layer a cami under said top. I mean I loved the way the exposed-lingerie trend looked on the Spring/Summer 2010 runways and think that style mavens like Leighton Meester, Chloe Sevigny, and Zoe Saldana all rocked the look in classy ways, but I still have my hesitations.

What do you all think about exposed underpinnings: Is it sexy or skanky?

Trend to Try: Peek-A-Boo Flesh post image

Trend to Try: Peek-A-Boo Flesh

Everyones favorite childhood game has grown up and been reinterpreted into one majorly sexy fashion trend: Peek-a-boo flesh. Flashes of skin was a recurring theme on the Spring 2010 runways- cut-outs, lace and mesh insets, slits, shredding, holes- designers pulled out all the stops this season to give a little peak at what’s underneath. This style can be a little intimidating, so only expose as much as you’re comfortable with. My rule of thumb: enough to entice, not enough to appall.

A bit of peek-a-boo can update anything from a basic LBD to a simple tank and infuses a fun, unexpected, fashion-forward edge. Of course, make sure to offset the sexiness of extra exposure by lowering the volume on the rest of your ensemble. Think simple shoes, less flashy accessories, minimal makeup. Removing the excess glitz will keep your look classy, but still sexy, a winning combo if there ever was one!

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Crop Tops: Love Or Loathe?

The crop-top seemed destined to be filed under the “what was I thinking” category along with many other other impossible to understand or explain styles of the 90’s. However, much to the chagrin or many, crop tops made a valiant return for Spring 2010 as seen on the influential runways of labels such as Twenty8Twelve, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson x RVCA, Thakoon, and more.

And this trend got even stronger for Fall 2010, appearing on the runways of fashion heavyweights such as Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, and Missoni. So has the crop-top been given an unjustly harsh rep? Is there something fabulous about it that we’ve all been missing? On the one hand, this trend will definitely motivate you to stay in shape. On the other, would anyone, save for the cast of the Jersey Shore, really go out in public with your midriff showing?

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Shade to Crave: Yellow post image

Shade to Crave: Yellow

Spring releases a fun and exuberant vibe into the air and no shade will get you in the swing or spring like yellow. I’ll admit that I only recently became a yellow-proponent; it really coincided with my new-found sense of color adventurousness. There is something unexpected about yellow for some reason.  It’s definitely not a shade you will run into all that often while walking down the street, but that’s what makes it fun, so why not go for it!

Yellow can be anything from classy to whimsical, feminine to funky, and everything in between. Just look at the celebrities pictured above- all of whom are sporting shades of yellow interpreted differently for styles that range from ultra-femme like Lauren Conrad wearing a Plastic Island coat, to boho like Molly Sims in Calvin Klein, to sexy, like Leighton Meester, who teamed a yellow ruffled Nina Ricci dress with killer lace up booties by Derek Lam.

So what are the do’s and don’ts of wearing yellow? Well first I would advise against pairing yellow, especially bright yellow, with black, that’s just way too bumble bee. There are some exceptions, but overall this is a rule.Yellow will always work with jeans- any wash, really. Yellow, especially neon, also looks amazing when set against nude and neutral shades.

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Trend to Rediscover: Clogs! post image

Trend to Rediscover: Clogs!

A few months ago, I started a post about clogs but faced some serious hesitation as to whether or not to actually run it. I really should have taken my own advice, but instead I allowed the fear that all of you would think I had lost my mind for endorsing such a silly style take over and I held off. Then Mr. Karl Lagerfeld had to go and show clogs during the Chanel Spring 2010 presentation and now this silly little style is gaining crazy momentum and is being hailed as the hottest spring trend.

As much as I worship Karl, I didn’t need his seal of approval because I honestly love clogs and could not be happier that they are making a comeback (even though I’d wear them even if they maintained their passe status!). Clogs are a great substitute for flip-flops in the fall and winter and can serve as your slip it on and wear-then-with-anything-go-tos. Rock your clogs with bare feet when it’s warm and with tights or funky socks when it’s cold.

If you share my sentiments and can’t wait to clomp around in a pair of clogs, then read on for the styles I’m currently crushing on! [continue reading…]

Shade to Crave: Electric Purple post image

I used to be little Ms. Neutral with my clothes. Black, white, and beige were the only shades I would touch, a common problem amongst women especially here in NYC where black will always be the new black. In time, I branched out and dipped my toes into some other colorful pools (as evidenced by my affinity for shade to crave posts) which has added a much needed burst of fun into my wardrobe.

Electric purple is one of the first bold colors I dared to try- it was an electric purple dress that I wore to a cocktail party for a new handbag line. I went up to the unbelieveably hot bartender to order a drink and he smiled and told me he noticed me the second I walked in the room. I asked why and he said: “I love it when girls wear that kind of purple. It’s just really bold and sexy.” No arguments here.

Purple was also a major trend on the Fall runways. We saw a whole range of purples from pastel to neon on everything in between, but my focus is definitely on the striking, electric shade. Like bold blue, electric purple is ultra flattering on all complexions and is just so inherently sexy. There is also no wrong way to wear this color. You can go the extra mile and team it with some other stand-out pieces, make your purple piece really pop by pairing it with black (just look at how a purple cardi took Mary-Kate’s LBD to a whole new level!), or temper it by wearing it with soft and subtle neutrals, which may be your best best for daytime.

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Fall Must Have: Thigh-High Boots post image

We’ve all the seen the bootie “rockin’ everywhere,” but the over-the-knee boot is giving our favorite ankle-hugger a run for its money. A slew of these sky-high stunners were seen on the Fall 2009 runways of top designers including Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Rodarte, Pucci, and the list goes on and on.

If you’re a 70’s boho flower child, look to Marc Jacobs’ regal plum number in suede for inspiration. Are you channeling Lady Gaga these days? Then head over to Louis Vuitton for a flirty futuristic version that would make the reigning Queen of Pop oh-so-proud. In any case, be very conscious of how you style the racy footwear to, ahem, preserve your reputation. Think Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and stay clear of Pretty Woman references unless they’re from Vivienne Westwood. (Sorry Julia! We love this film beyond words, but we’ll leave the “working girl” attire on set.)

Thigh-highs will give you more wiggle room as they can double as the new leggings under fall frocks and classic trenches. Stella McCartney paired her vegan designs with an oversized sweater for an insta-hit combination. The rule of thumb: when in doubt, cover up! Wearing your over-the-knee boots atop skinny jeans or tights will steer you clear of a fashion mess and turn you into a fashion success.

Read on to see my favorite thigh-high styles!

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Fall’s Newest Fetish: Luxe Leather post image

Leather is back in a big way. No longer exclusive to the biker babe, the new shapes are sleek and stylish, yet still maintain an edge. On the runway, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Phi showed the most memorable pieces, while a bevy of other designers did amazing looks too. For everyday wear, follow these tips.

Let the leather piece take center stage. Everything else should serve as a complement. If you go with leather bottoms, temper it with a floaty chiffon blouse or slouchy cashmere sweater and punctuate the look with a thick cuff. Though playing up the rocker vibe is a natural choice, I say it’s all about the unexpected pairings this season.

Of course, every girl needs a go-to motorcycle jacket in her repertoire. A leather blazer is a great option as well. A vest is also a great transitional item to wear over summer pieces now and heavier knits later. Throw these toppers over everything you own, from jeans to dresses, for instant street cred. It’s so chic when it almost seems like an afterthought.

Leather can cost you a week’s paycheck (or more), but if you find one must-have stunner, it’ll last forever and get better with age. The fit should be flawless. Find form-fitting pieces that aren’t skintight. It’s also crucial that the material does not look like cheap poly blend – even if it is. Don’t risk looking trashy (there, I said it). Luckily, there are great faux options out there; just scour Zara or Urban Outfitters.

Takeaway lesson: despite it’s intimidating looks, leather is pretty versatile when you’ve got a few stylish tricks up your sleeve. Any way you wear it, it’s got attitude. Motorcycle optional.

Read on for some of my top leather finds!

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Rock On With Studded Accessories post image

Rock ‘n’ roll and fashion have always been inextricably linked, with the former being a consistent source of inspiration for the latter. A great way to add a touch of rock to your look with a studded accessories, a major trend right now that I have been a fan of for quite some time.

Studded accessories, be it bags, shoes, or jewelry, can inject the right dose of attitude into any look, adding that undeniable cool-factor. Offset the sweetness of an ultra-femme dress with a studded cuff or clutch like Nikki Reed (pictured above in Miu Miu). Update a classic LBD with studded pumps like Nicky Hilton or rock a pair of studded booties with just about any dress in your closet for an instant fashion-forward look à la Sienna Miller.

Now this trend definitely isn’t for everyone. I have been a fan of incorporating a bit of rock into my look for quite some time but I could never imagine some of friends sporting the heavy chains, leather cuffs (often embellished with studs or spikes), and all the other forms of edgy jewelry that I’m so fond of.

If you love the look and it speaks to you, than go for it. If it makes you uncomfortable or just looks wrong on you, then take a pass. Always remember, staying true to your personal sense of style will never be passé.

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Trend To Try: Beyond Bright Shoes post image

These woeful economic times have ushered in a push towards the cheerful and exuberant in the fashion department. Bright shades were a big trend for summer and will be a HUGE one come fall. I am especially loving bold and bright shoes as a means for getting in on this trend. There really are no rules when it comes to rocking this look.

At this year’s Teen Choice Awards, bright pumps were the real stars electrifying the green carpet. Cameron Diaz gave her soft gray Alexander McQueen shift dress a jolt by teaming it with a pair of electric blue Pierre Hardy pumps. Leighton Meester took her flirty striped Louis Vuitton dress to the next level with a standout pair of red Brian Atwood pumps. Audrina Patridge wasn’t afraid to really push the envelope, pairing a magenta Zuhair Murad dress with piercing blue Courtney Crawford pumps.

At the CW Upfronts, Ashlee Simpson added an electric jolt to her white top and pencil skirt combo (both from DSquared2) with a killer pair of powerhouse pink Lanvin pumps. Fergie also used a pair of neon shoes to take her look from basic to wow-worthy, teaming a John Richmond Jersey dress with standout Jimmy Choo sandals at the March of Dimes 34th annual Beauty Ball.

Draw inspiration from any of these lovely ladies or rock the look on your own terms, either way, you’re sure to make an unforgettable entrance. To help you on your way, I’ve rounded up a selection of bright pumps that I am currently coveting.

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A Worthy Investment: Mixed Chain Necklaces post image

As I’m sure you know by know, statement accessories are all the rage right now. When it comes to necklaces, I am currently loving all things multi-chained. This standout piece is a can’t-miss when it comes to injecting a bit of an edge into your look and can toughen up even the sweetest, most subdued styles. Just look at Jessica Alba, who updated a simple white-tee and black blazer combo with a stunning Gemma Redux mixed-chain necklace.

In order for something to be deemed a worthy investment in my book, it must have unlimited potential. Something that can be worn anywhere, with anything. The type of piece that can transform even the simplest of outfits. An amazing item with the inherent fabulous-ness capable of transcending the confines of a ‘trend’ or ‘fad.’

Multi-chain necklaces are definitely on par with my high standards and fortunately, there are tons of options to choose from to fit your personal style.

Read on to see the multi-chain styles that I’m currently coveting! [continue reading…]

Get the Look: Boho-Rock Accessories post image

Ah, summer…the official season of musical festivals and the perfect season to channel your inner hippie chick.

The bohemian trend has seen a great evolution in recent seasons. When the style originated in the 1960s and ‘70s, it was more about a free-spirited lifestyle. Then a few years ago, Sienna Miller kick-started “boho-chic” with her effortless combination of gypsy and luxe. Head-to-toe bohemian can seem a bit outdated these days, but when infused with a little rock ‘n roll, it becomes modern and relevant.

Accessories, as always, are the easiest way to segue into a trend. Start with an ensemble of denim cutoffs and flowy print tunics. Blend in traditional bohemian accents such as fringe and leather in the form of a handbag or hair accessories. Then balance the look with harder elements like studs and metal.

As with clothing, jewelry is all about layers. Pile on the wooden bangles, beads and friendship bracelets. Mix in gold coins or natural stones to highlight the vibrant colors of your clothing.

Boho-rock is an unstudied mix of inspirations and trends. Stylistas like Kate Moss, Mischa Barton and Mary-Kate Olsen are big proponents of haute hippie. They prove that to perfect the look is to embrace your own individuality. So go wild, child.

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Shade To Crave: Citrus Orange post image

Shade To Crave: Citrus Orange

From summer through fall, bold, vibrant, optimistic shades are all the rage. The one that is really starting to grow on me is orange- which can serve as an fun, and slightly edgy, alternative to powerhouse pink.

I used to hesitate when it came to orange for fear that I would look like a pumpkin. However, with more experimentation, and the right pieces, I totally warmed up to all forms of this citrus shade and learned that when done right, it can be a serious statement maker.

Blaze a trail in an electrifying neon shade- which conveys an unmatched sort of confidence. Rock a bold orange dress at a black tie affair to really stand out from the crowd- like Ashley Olsen who wore a striking vintage gown to this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards. Try a softer shade, like Vanessa Hudens who wore a Max Azria gown to the Kid’s Choice Awards, which allows for piled on accessories. I especially love the rich orange shade of the Bottega Veneta dress worn by Ginnifer Goodwin, which is fashion-forward but still classic and sophisticated.

You can keep it color-specific with a single orange piece, or merge in some other neon colors for a free-spirited sixties-feel. The most important thing to remember is to select a shade that makes you feel as good as you look!

Check out some of my favorite orange pieces after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Slashed Leggings post image

Trend To Try: Slashed Leggings

Leggings have been going strong for quite some time and while I’ve been a fan of the classic styles since the beginning, I am obsessed with the new slashed and tattered styles that are taking over.

Ripped leggings are the perfect way to add a bit of an edge and fashion-forward flair to your look. Wear them with a sharp blazer like Lindsay Lohan– who topped off her Pencey leggings with a cropped blazer from Chloé; with a floaty tunic for a sweet yet spicy look, with a boyfriend shirt for a haphazardly thrown together style, or go all out by teaming them with a grungy vintage-tee and some edgy accessories.

You can play it safe and purchase a pair or, if you’re a bit more adventurous, grab a pair of scissors and slash away.

Check out some of my favorite slashed styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

Voluminous Shoulders: Love Or Loathe? post image

In the world of fashion trends never die, they just go on hiatus and come back bigger than ever. Right now we’re seeing the return of voluminous shoulders, a defining silhouette from the 80’s. From jackets to dresses to blouses and more, shoulders are becoming major focal points.

The trend began at the Spring shows and then dominated on the Fall runways. Naturally, celebrity style mavens like Mary Kate Olsen, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more were quick to hop on the big-shoulder bandwagon.

But just because the designers are showing it and the celebrities are wearing it, do we all have to like it?

Trend to Try: Shoulder Exposure post image

I have always considered the shoulder one of the sexiest, and most underrated, regions of a woman’s body which is why I’m all about the shoulder exposure trend that’s currently sweeping in.

An exposed shoulder creates that accidental sexy-effect which is super hot but not in an intimidating kind of way. I love the bohemian sensibility of this look, it just has that effortlessness to it that always looks amazing. I am also an avid fan of sweetly slouchy styles and this definitely fits the bill.

You can rock an off the shoulder slouchy dress like Lindsay Lohan wearing Rachel Pally or with a mini-skirt for a night out like Jessica Szohr. Pair a muted top with skinny pants like Lauren Conrad wearing a Vince long sleeve top; rock a Flashdance style tee like Vanessa Hudgens wearing a printed top by Free People, $29.95; or rock an oversized fashion-forward style like Ashley Greene, wearing a button-sleeve top by Prodigal Daughter.

Either way, this look always translates to hot and is a great way to rock the 80’s trend that’s trickling in while still keeping it modern.

Check out some of my favorite shoulder exposure styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

Shade to Crave: Gorgeous Green post image

Shade to Crave: Gorgeous Green

Going green in the eco-sense has been a trend for quite some time. Going green in the wardrobe sense is a bit newer to the scene and this shade was a prominent color fixture on this season’s runways. We saw army green at Chloé, mossy green at Louis Vuitton, glitzy green at Balmain, bright green at Lanvin, pale green at Malandrino, pretty green prints at Anna Sui, and many more fantastic interpretations of how to work this shade into your wardrobe.

Greens are more carefree and subdued than some of the other standout colors of this season- like powerhouse pink which is a bit more blatant- and can be tamed for a sleek, minimal style, or taken up a notch for a standout one.

The green trend goes beyond clothing, extending its fabulousness to shoes, bags, accessories, even makeup.

Check out some of my favorite green picks after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Zippered Accents post image

Trend To Try: Zippered Accents

You know something has taken hold of the fashion world when you’re seeing it EVERYWHERE. It started on the runways, and now we’re seeing zippered accents all over the place- from streets to subways to red carpets, proving that zippers aren’t only functional, they’re seriously fashionable as well!

Zippers have made their way from fly’s, to being exposed on handbags, sandals, headbands, pants, shirts, dresses (like the amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim style seen on Kate Bosworth) and then some.

It’s a tricky trend and sort of hard to find on foot, so grab the nearest laptop and credit card and shop away at the online stores that carry the must have zipper pieces of the season. I have provided a handful of accessories and clothes that will have you zipping through the tabs on your browser to purchase.

Check out my top picks after the jump, happy shopping! [continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Boho World Traveler post image

The bohemian trend has been going strong for quite some time now, thanks in large part to fashion heavy-hitters like Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and co. I will never tire of this style and I especially love the new ways designers are interpreting it.

For Spring ’09, it was all about the boho world traveler, and lots of designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Milly, Roberto Cavalli, and more found inspiration in far-flung, exotic locals. The boho looks this season are marked by beautiful beading, precise embroidery, and bold prints, adding a bit of jet-setter mystique to the laidback sensibility we have all come to love.

While we’ll be going in a bit of a different direction for fall, where the 80’s will reign supreme, I am all about going with what you love and I absolutely love the boho world traveler look, so in my world, it will never be outdated.

If you share my sentiments, and check out some fabulous wordly boho finds after the jump! [continue reading…]

Shade To Crave: Powerhouse Pink post image

Powerhouse pink is without a doubt the shade of the season and of all the bright colors making the round- as expected with the return to the 80’s- this one is my absolute favorite. While this color is undoubtedly striking, it isn’t obnoxiously loud or too dominating.

Powerhouse pink is a happy median between the sweet innocence of pale pink and the overt sex-appeal of radiant red and has a vibrant energy which exudes confidence. We saw pops of pink all over the spring runways- Badgley Mischka, Matthew Williamson, Christian Dior, and more- all of our favorite designers turned up the volume on their collections by throwing this killer shade into the mix. Pair your pink pieces with neutrals for a more modern look, metallics for a dose of glam, with black for a bit of edge- you really can’t go wrong.

I am not only advocating this shade because it’s trendy, it is actually incredibly flattering for just about any complexion, whether you’re super pale or ultra tan,  blond or brunette, this color was made to flatter and can’t help but make you feel sexy.

Check out my favorite powerhouse pink pieces after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Micro Minis post image

Trend To Try: Micro Minis

When I really want to feel sexy, I always reach for leg-baring pieces. I mean does it get much hotter than a leg-baring ensemble with a pair of killer pumps? I think not!

With the 80’s trend slowly trickling in, the micro mini is making a major comeback. We saw fantastic leg-baring styles on the spring runways at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton, Matthew Williamson, etc., and the leg-centric trend was even stronger at the fall shows.

Rock your mini with a boyfriend blazer for an androgyny chic vibe, with a floaty tunic for sexy yet demure stye; wear it with bare legs and killer pumps now and with opaque tights and a funky pair of booties come fall, anyway you slice it, this wardrobe staple is capable of upping the chic-quotient, not to mention the sex-appeal, of any look.

Check out some killer styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend To Rediscover: Denim Jackets post image

I hope you all kept your denim jackets around because this 90’s trend has officially made a major comeback! I personally loved this style back then and still love it now, especially as a staple from spring and summer. Jean jackets are a fantastic alternative to a sleek blazer and can take you anywhere from the grocery store to a cocktail party, an afternoon barbecue, or a day at the beach.

As the style-setting celebs pictures above prove, a jean jacket can work with any ensemble. Pair it with a fashion-forward cocktail frock like Chloe Seviny, who wore a Wrangle jacket over a vintage Azzedine Alaia dress, or Emma Roberts, who topped off a fun Ruffian LBD with a Current/Elliott jacket. Throw it over a boho maxi like Jessica Simpson (wearing a Levi’s jacket over Diane von Furstenberg maxi), Nicole Richie (wearing a style by Paige Premium Denim) or supermodel Miranda Kerr (also wearing Levi’s). Throw your jean jacket over a romper to be a bit more fashion-forward, pair it with leggings and a tunic, a mini skirt, a maxi skirt– you get the idea!

From day-to-night, there really is no way to get this wrong!

Check out 10 totally fab denim jackets after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Rompers post image

Trend To Try: Rompers

The romper is the most controversial trend to come along in quite some time and elicits very strong reactions of both love and hate. I personally am on Team Romper and happen to love this fun style. The romper is a fabulous alternative to the minidress, which can sometimes be too risqué for day-time and is a great way to show off your gams without having to keep your legs melded together for fear of having a Britney moment.

The one piece, in both the form of a romper of jumpsuit, was a major trend on the spring runways and we saw incredible styles at Peter Som, BCBG, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adam, and more!

The romper is super versatile- pair it with sandals for day and killer heels for a night out. This style is also super easy to pull off- just slip it on, throw on some cute accessories and you’re all set to go with a fuss-free totally on point look.

Check out my 15 favorite rompers after the jump! [continue reading…]

Get Constricted in Python post image

Get Constricted in Python

In this economic climate it’s hard to limit yourself to those special finds you know will last through fad and trend. One you can be sure not to pass up is python. The pattern or skins are statement makers all on their own. In any form- bag, shoe, jewelry, real or fake- this print is dramatic enough to give a little hiss to even your most pared down, jeans-and-tee outfits.

Python was a major trend on the spring runways- from stunning Dior halter tops and cutting edge Prada skirts to statement making python handbags at Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Matthew Willamson, and more!

Rock a pair of python pumps to give your look a sexy twist like Lindsay Lohan, pictured above wearing Louboutins; pair a python clutch with a retro style like Nicole Richie (wearing a dress by Issa London) for a modern edge , or go all out in a python frock like Sarah Jessica Parker, who rocked a style from L’Wren Scott. From the red carpet to real life, python pieces are always a definite do.

Check out my top 10 python picks after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Neon Accessories post image

Trend to Try: Neon Accessories

Like it or not, we are slowly seeing the return of the ’80s. Shoulder pads, body con dresses, and even biker shorts. It can seem daunting – especially for those around back then! – but when approached with a fresh and modern eye, virtually anything can be seen as en vogue.

Neon is one of these trends that may be hard to pull off, but can be successful in small doses. If you’re scared of looking like a Post-It or a raver, skip the head-to-toe looks and go for a flash of color via the accessories route. Eye-popping hot pinks, electric greens, and acid yellows were all the rage this spring for DKNY, Doo.Ri, and Isaac Mizrahi. And I am still swooning after the Matthew Williamson day-glo python platforms. Neon perfection if it ever existed, I tell you!

The trick to making fluorescent work this decade is using it to accent neutral colors like cream, dove grey, navy and black. I love the idea of using a shocking accessory to add a jolt of electricity to classic and feminine silhouettes. Unless you want to look like a walking flashback, don’t do neon accessories with leggings, off-the-shoulder or oversized t-shirts, and anything too juvenile looking. Keep it simple and sophisticated.

If the Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Versace Fall 2009 runway shows are any indication, it seems like neon will still be relevant next season. So buy these accessories today and wear them now and later. Glow on!

Check out 10 fabulous neon picks at all price-points after the jump! [continue reading…]

Silhouette to Try: Sweetly Slouchy post image

A slouchy posture: not hot. A slouchy silhouette: UBER hot! This season is all about the no-muss, no-fuss, effortless slouch and I am eating it up! The spring runways were filled with slouch, a silhouette we saw at Chloe, John Galliano, Burberry Prorsum, Akris, Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many other trend-setting colections. From pants to tops to jackets to dresses, almost all of the collections were marked by a return to a more relaxed sophistication and easy-chic sensibility thanks to this care-free silhouette.

I have always loved this style and make it a habit to buy clothes a few sizes too big to achieve the effect. The key here is slouchy, NOT sloppy so opt for items that loosely drape from your frame rather than those that look like they’re drowning you. Another tip for rocking this look is to balance proportions- if you’re wearing a slouchy top pair it with some skinny jeans, if you’re going for slouchy bottoms, then team them with a slimmer top or structured jacket. It’s important to always remember to wear your clothes and not let them wear you.

Check out a fantastic selection of sweetly slouchy styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

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