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Spring 2012 Trends: From the Runway to Your Way post image

Ah, the ever so fabulous fashion show.  The theatrics of them are enough to draw you in, but then add the clothes and accessories and what’s not to love?!  Twice a year they come around in the form of Fashion Week and women fawn over them like men do March Madness games.  But each Fashion Week brings the same conundrum for many of us – we covet the designs, love the trends, but have no idea how in the world to translate these looks to our everyday lives (and not have others look at us like we walked off the set of Alice & Wonderland).

Spring is officially here, so it’s time to give some of those trends you’ve been coveting a try!  Here are my versions of a few of Spring’s hottest runway trends that you can wear everyday. [Click here to keep reading…]

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Style Guide: Winter to Spring Transition post image

Time for Spring… well maybe not outside, but certainly in my closet!

With Spring around the corner, or in about three weeks according to Mr. Groundhog (although I highly doubt it), I can’t stop obsessing about my new Spring wardrobe. My only problem is that every time I steal a look at my new Spring purchases, I get a pang of longing, a premature desire to parade around wearing my Spring purchases way before it would be temporally appropriate to do so. The very thought caused me to consider postponing any further additions to my Spring clothing portfolio until — heaven’s no — Spring!!

Not!!! Rather than declare a cease fire on shopping — something which is frankly against my religion — why not bring some Spring into my Winter wardrobe? The key to wearing Spring items in the Winter is layering—cardigans, blazers, stockings, and socks are your best friends! Add more and more till you have that Winter clothing warmth with that new Spring style! But be mindful that you don’t layer to the point that you appear larger than you are!

So how do you get a Spr-inter (Spring + Winter = Spr-inter, if you need to ask) wardrobe? Check below for some awesome Spring fashions and learn how you can wear them now!

[Click here to keep reading…]

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Top 5 Springtime Must-Haves post image

Top 5 Springtime Must-Haves

Spring is in full swing. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and angry cold-weather induced scowls have softened into smiles for all. The only thing missing? Some new pieces to go with this new season.

I like to invest in a few key pieces when the seasons change. The emphasis here is on the word key and it’s important to chose items that you will get the most mileage out of it. Ones that will work with that you’ve already got and enhance your wardrobe.

Read on for my top 5 springtime must-haves! [Click here to keep reading…]


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