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“To escape criticism- do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” These words, spoken by famed writer Elbert Hubbard, hit the nail right smack on the head. Criticism can be crippling and the fear of being criticized can be catastrophic. It can prevent you from taking those grand risks that lead to greatness and hinder you from reaching your full potential.

I’ve faced my fair share of criticism and I am sure all of you have as well. A little while ago, someone said some not-so-nice things about ANM and I was simply devastated. I mean ANM is my baby, it’s what I put my heart and soul into. Even in the face of all the positive feedback we’ve received, this one little comment caused me to crumble. The experience really got me thinking about criticism and how to deal with it.

Everyone, from the most beautiful women to the most talented singers to the most insightful writers, has haters out there who think them ugly, untalented, inarticulate and so on. It’s no wonder so many celebrities crack under the pressure of intense scrutiny. I’m not sure how well I’d be able to handle it, a sentiment that is undoubtedly widely shared.

There is no way to avoid criticism, especially when you put yourself out there and do something bold and daring, but there are ways to learn how to take it like a champ and casually dust the cruel words right off your shoulders.

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