A Worthy Investment: Sexy Lingerie post image

Spring is the time when everything’s blooming – flowers, love, and even your steamy sex life.  I chalk it up to the warm weather, desire to be in minimal clothing, and the upwards mood swing due to not freezing your buns off in those chilling winter months.  Whether your love is new or your re-sparking that old flame, adding some sexy lingerie is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Since spring is all about blooms and re-birth, add some new life to your lingerie collection with these six sexy spring styles! [continue reading…]

Spotlight On Ampere: A Revolutionary New Lingerie Line Just in Time for Valentine’s Day post image

No matter what your relationship status, Valentine’s day is a great excuse to treat yourself to some pretty new underthings. And this is why I highly recommend you check out Ampere, a new lingerie line co-founded by my friend Jiabei Chen.

Jiabei took a very interesting turn in life, trading in a career as a lawyer for that of a lingerie designer. And judging by her stunning pieces, she made the right call! [continue reading…]

How to Shop Your Mom’s Closet post image

Many of today’s trends are throwbacks to the times when our mothers were growing up so why not go shopping in the most unlikely of places … your mother’s closet!

Fortunately for me, and perhaps my wallet as well, my mother used to be a fashion designer.  She is also, pardon the pun, a “closet” hoarder… while she hasn’t been buried alive yet, if she keeps up it, ohhh boy, we are going to have problems in my house.  Over the years, my mother has stowed away an insane amount of her favorite pieces/random things from her wardrobe (a trait she picked up from my grandmother who is also a secret hoarder and the next stop on my closet shopping tour). I, being the nosy, loving, daughter, have a favorite past time of looking through her clothes from yesteryear (items which are distributed throughout not only my house, but my grandmother’s as well) and appropriating to myself her old things which, now are amazing vintage pieces.

When I was younger, my mom used to show me all of her favorite possessions, which included items with crazy prints, weird shapes, matching sets, and, yikes, SHOULDER PADS (one trend I will never understand or like). Not the savvy vintage shopper when I was young, I shunned these pieces, questioning my mother’s fashion sense for having ever worn these items in the first place. Now. however,  I see her closet as fertile buying opportunity, a place where I can add to my collection items that offer a unique take on today’s trends. The best part is that they are available to me alone (and perhaps the few people who kept them from years ago). What I realized was that today, in order to create looks which are wearable and trendy, you need to look past what is on the hanger and update your looks through tailoring, customizing, and styling.

I know not everyone has a mother who likes to hoard her most favorite designs and clothing purchases, even those that she wore years ago. Still, why not take a shot at shopping in your mother’s closet?  While you may come up zeroes, there is a chance you will be able to match today’s trends without putting a serious crimp on your bank account!!

Check below for some tips on how to shop in your mom’s closet and also check out my Spring/Summer 2011 finds in Gracielas’s (my mom’s) closet! [continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Rompers post image

Trend To Try: Rompers

The romper is the most controversial trend to come along in quite some time and elicits very strong reactions of both love and hate. I personally am on Team Romper and happen to love this fun style. The romper is a fabulous alternative to the minidress, which can sometimes be too risqué for day-time and is a great way to show off your gams without having to keep your legs melded together for fear of having a Britney moment.

The one piece, in both the form of a romper of jumpsuit, was a major trend on the spring runways and we saw incredible styles at Peter Som, BCBG, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adam, and more!

The romper is super versatile- pair it with sandals for day and killer heels for a night out. This style is also super easy to pull off- just slip it on, throw on some cute accessories and you’re all set to go with a fuss-free totally on point look.

Check out my 15 favorite rompers after the jump! [continue reading…]


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