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The maxi skirt is by far my favorite fashion piece. Maxis are comfortable, easy-to-wear and give your look a cool laid back feel. The downside is that this key piece can be tricky to wear. When done right, a maxi can be fresh, cutting edge and enviably cool. When done wrong, however, you can look dowdy, frumpy and sloppy.

The most important rule when it comes to maxis is to make sure to keep your proportions balanced. If you’re wearing a flowy maxi, keep the rest of your look structured or streamlined. If your maxi is form-fitted, you can go for an allover streamlined look (add platforms or wedges for a super slimming effect) or incorporate some looser layers into your look.

There’s nothing wrong with looking to famous style setters for some inspiration, especially when it comes to trickier pieces (they do have access to the best stylists in the world, after all). Read on to learn how to recreate the four fabulous maxi-looks pictured above. [continue reading…]

How to Shop Your Mom’s Closet post image

Many of today’s trends are throwbacks to the times when our mothers were growing up so why not go shopping in the most unlikely of places … your mother’s closet!

Fortunately for me, and perhaps my wallet as well, my mother used to be a fashion designer.  She is also, pardon the pun, a “closet” hoarder… while she hasn’t been buried alive yet, if she keeps up it, ohhh boy, we are going to have problems in my house.  Over the years, my mother has stowed away an insane amount of her favorite pieces/random things from her wardrobe (a trait she picked up from my grandmother who is also a secret hoarder and the next stop on my closet shopping tour). I, being the nosy, loving, daughter, have a favorite past time of looking through her clothes from yesteryear (items which are distributed throughout not only my house, but my grandmother’s as well) and appropriating to myself her old things which, now are amazing vintage pieces.

When I was younger, my mom used to show me all of her favorite possessions, which included items with crazy prints, weird shapes, matching sets, and, yikes, SHOULDER PADS (one trend I will never understand or like). Not the savvy vintage shopper when I was young, I shunned these pieces, questioning my mother’s fashion sense for having ever worn these items in the first place. Now. however,  I see her closet as fertile buying opportunity, a place where I can add to my collection items that offer a unique take on today’s trends. The best part is that they are available to me alone (and perhaps the few people who kept them from years ago). What I realized was that today, in order to create looks which are wearable and trendy, you need to look past what is on the hanger and update your looks through tailoring, customizing, and styling.

I know not everyone has a mother who likes to hoard her most favorite designs and clothing purchases, even those that she wore years ago. Still, why not take a shot at shopping in your mother’s closet?  While you may come up zeroes, there is a chance you will be able to match today’s trends without putting a serious crimp on your bank account!!

Check below for some tips on how to shop in your mom’s closet and also check out my Spring/Summer 2011 finds in Gracielas’s (my mom’s) closet! [continue reading…]

Style Muse: Carey Mulligan post image

Style Muse: Carey Mulligan

Ever since seeing the movie An Education and hearing that she, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, may help bring to life one of my favorite novels, The Great Gatsby, I have become obsessed with Carey Mulligan. It’s not only her noteworthy thespian skills, but also her unique, modern take on ladylike retro fashion. The 25-year-old actress always achieves an air of sartorial sophistication, which truly sets her apart from the rest.

While Carey may at times look young and boyish with that super cropped pixie cut, her personal style is the complete opposite, embodying the ’50s ladylike trend, an enduring style that is flirty, feminine and sophisticated.

One would think that Carey would look like a little girl playing “dress up” in her grandmother’s closet or that she ought to be walking down an on old school red carpet. Instead, to the surprise of many, her modern and quirky approach to retro style brings a modicum of youth to her look, making her the envy of fashionistas all over the globe, putting her at the very top of Harper’s Bazaar‘s Best Dressed list for 2010.

Mulligan’s fashion sense lies in somewhere in the balance between modern and retro; between classic and edgy; and between young and old, a miracle elixir which she concocts by mixing and matching retro and modern silhouettes, clothing items, accessories, embellishments, and patterns. By creating a look with contrasting details, Carey truly creates a stand out style.

Check below to get an education in Carey Mulligan style! [continue reading…]

Featured Articles from the Fashion Blogosphere post image

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Style Guide: Winter to Spring Transition post image

Time for Spring… well maybe not outside, but certainly in my closet!

With Spring around the corner, or in about three weeks according to Mr. Groundhog (although I highly doubt it), I can’t stop obsessing about my new Spring wardrobe. My only problem is that every time I steal a look at my new Spring purchases, I get a pang of longing, a premature desire to parade around wearing my Spring purchases way before it would be temporally appropriate to do so. The very thought caused me to consider postponing any further additions to my Spring clothing portfolio until — heaven’s no — Spring!!

Not!!! Rather than declare a cease fire on shopping — something which is frankly against my religion — why not bring some Spring into my Winter wardrobe? The key to wearing Spring items in the Winter is layering—cardigans, blazers, stockings, and socks are your best friends! Add more and more till you have that Winter clothing warmth with that new Spring style! But be mindful that you don’t layer to the point that you appear larger than you are!

So how do you get a Spr-inter (Spring + Winter = Spr-inter, if you need to ask) wardrobe? Check below for some awesome Spring fashions and learn how you can wear them now!

[continue reading…]

How to Wear Now: L.A.M.B Fall 2011 RTW post image

Closing out New York Fashion Week, Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B Fall 2011 collection proves that indecisiveness can sometimes have its merits. The collection, a fusion of six mini collections, demonstrates that you can be a new type of girl almost every day of the week with no need to be boxed into a single type.

So here goes my week according to Gwen … “Soldier Girl” Monday, has me wearing green and khaki tightly tailored looks such as wrap trench coats, twill and leather menswear cropped pants, ties, shearling jackets, camouflage pleated skirts and, to top it off, chic khaki headscarves. “Ragamuffin Girl”

Tuesday has me wearing bright colored menswear inspired shirts, Navajo-inspired printed dresses, skirts, and accessories, and a rasta hat. On “London Girl” Wednesday I am a wearing menswear inspired pieces such as pants, shirts, and ties; leather pants; and plaid suits, skirts, and shift dresses galore.”Buffalo Girl” Thursday has me wearing southwest knits and long wool trenches over long camel colored skirts and wool pants. On “Mod Girl” Friday, I am wearing minimalistic dresses and blouses in black and white prints such as polka dots and strips.

“Glamour Girl” Saturday is all about the 70s inspired long black dresses with gold accessories. With only six mini collections, Sunday is all about the man of the hour, Gwen’s son Kingston who walked down the runway with his mother— he truly is the cutest best clothed celeb kid so why not try for Kingston Sunday?

Read on for some L.A.M.B. inspired pieces that you can wear now to kick start your fashionable week according to Gwen! [continue reading…]

ANM Video: How to Shop What You’ve Already Got post image

The whole ‘closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’ dilemma is one I’m intimately familiar with. As of late, my solution has been to go out and buy more clothes to fill the supposed void. However, that doesn’t solve anything and day after day I find myself staring into the depths of my overstuffed closet and bemoaning my lack of choices. Another problem I have is that I have some seriously stellar vintage pieces that I couldn’t pass up even though I have no freakin’ clue how to wear them.

To solve wardrobe issues,  I solicited the help of my good friend and go-t0 vintage guru, Sammy Davis. Sammy’s sense of style and ability to take the most retro pieces and make them modern and impossibly hip is a skill seldom seen- this girl is without a doubt the most stylish person I know. In the video above, Sammy and I go rifling through my closet to find new ways to wear some tricky pieces.

For more of Sammy’s amazing style advice and inspirational words of wisdom, visit her website- sammydvintage.com and check out her YouTube Channel.

Trend to Try: Maxi Skirts post image

Trend to Try: Maxi Skirts

Long, flowy maxi dresses have been dominating for a few seasons now so it was inevitable that the maxi skirt would follow! My love of the long skirt was re-ignited at the Vena Cava Spring 2009 show which featured several truly fantastic floor-grazing styles and was enhanced when City star Olivia Palermo stepped out in a stunning maxi style from Jenni Kayne. The maxi skirt is absolutely perfect for a warm spring day where it’s too cold for short or a leg-baring skirt but a little too warm for pants. I especially love the bohemian, hippie-esque vibe of this style.

There are so many ways to interpret this style to make it work for you. You can update it and give it an edge with a sexy tee or cropped vest, you can take it the boho-route and pair with with a floaty top, you can keep it basic with a simple tank or give it a fashion-forward kick with a more embellished style. Just have fun with it and make it work for you!

Check my top 10 favorite Maxi’s after the jump! [continue reading…]

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