How to Wear Now: Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 post image

Proenza Schouler‘s Fall 2011 collection, stands far above many of its New York Fashion Week peers. Designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez undeniably have a knack for creating exquisitely tailored sophisticated, yet edgy, looks that make me feel as if I have died and gone to heaven, or rather to a Southwestern frontier 80s video game.

Inspired by colorful geometric South and Latin American textile designs and using computer engineered colorful tribal graphic fabrics in wool, knit, and velvet, McCollough and Hernandez took slouchy pants, chunky sweaters, and sheath dresses to a whole new level. Things only get better and better, with stand out turquoise and black and neon and yellow black silk fringed macramé ( yes, macramé) skirts paired with western button downs and bold necklaces… level up! The final five cocktail dresses, each using hand-painted velvet on transparent silk, were sexy, chic, edgy, giving the collection that final pow… and showing how the west or rather fashion week was won!

The collection was all about the details… and boy were there many of them: patent leather shearling coats, velvet jacquard dresses, strappy sandals, patterned clutch purses, leather shirts, and chunky knits (just to name a few). Every detail was perfectly in place creating a collection which I both love and hate — love, because really what is not to love and hate, because it will be torture waiting months for these pieces!

If you are feeling quite tortured like me check below for some awesome Proenza Shouler inspired styles that you can wear right now! [continue reading…]

Pattern to Try: Pretty Polka Dots post image

Stripes have been going strong as the pattern du jour for a while now, unjustly leaving polka dots in their stripey shadows for far too long! I for one an totally feeling the polka dots- they have an old-school sort of charm and can bring a fun, 50’s flavor to your wardrobe without looking dated. While this pattern has been around for a while,  adding a polka-dotted piece to your look still manages to add an unexpected twist.

Stand out in a polka dot dress like Olivia Wilde (wearing TopShop), give a retro polka dot top a modern spin like Cameron Diaz (pictured in a top by Michael Kors and Seven jeans), or toughen up a pretty polka dotted blouse with second skin pants like Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan (both in Rebecca Minkoff). From sophisticated and refined to daring and bold, who knew dots could be so versatile?

Polka dots are instant eye-catchers, so whether your dots are big or small, wear them with confidence! Read on for my favorite polka dotted pieces! [continue reading…]

Styled in Romance: Lace Up Your Wardrobe post image

Your stylish self can’t live in bubble coats and Uggs all winter (if you even dare to wear). It’s time to incorporate some romance into your life with lace-adorned pieces. Even celebs like Madonna and a couple of our favorite Gossip Girls have weathered New York City’s frigid winter in fabulous lace ensembles.

You don’t have the freeze in your favorite lingerie-like pieces until spring comes along—there are several ways to wear lace this winter Although, you will be a seeing a lot more of this flirty, fun look when the days warm up. Take a tip from Madge and daughter Lourdes (both in Dolce & Gabbana) and pair a body-hugging lace dress with long evening gloves or a full, lace skirt with a leather jacket and military boots for Lourdes’ rocker-chic look.

The texture and pattern of the delicate fabric makes a bold statement, so no need for robust colors or major accessories when it comes to this modern romantic look.

Pray for sunny spring days in your finest frill. Lace isn’t just for Grandma anymore. Here are some of our picks: [continue reading…]

Winter Must-Have: Cozy Knits post image

Winter Must-Have: Cozy Knits

Winter is a very blah and dreary time. We’ve already discussed cozy accessories, but another winter essential is the cozy knit, a staple that will keep you feeling warm and looking chic no matter how miserable the weather gets.

Oversized knits have that very cool laissez-faire feel which I absolutely adore (especially when worn over a sexy cocktail dress, definitely my favorite pairing). Plus, when you invest in a cozy knit, you get a litte more wear and tear out of your favorite, but maybe not so winter-friendly- jackets. And of course, there’s the obvious fact that they help hide that extra heft which can creep on during this time of year.

Read on to check out some of my favorites! [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: The Boyfriend Watch post image

These days, the greatest perk of having a boyfriend is having access to his wardrobe. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers, boyfriend shirts- taking the BF route is really where it’s at (when it comes to fashion at least!).

I have been on the prowl for the perfect boyfriend watch for a while now. The whole androgyny-chic trend has been going strong for a few seasons now and there is no greater way to inject your look with a bit of masculinity than with this must-have accessory. Whether you’re wearing a sweet ultra-femme frock, a sizzling cocktail dress, or jeans and a basic tee, an oversized man’s watch injects that perfect dose of irreverence that ups the cool quotient of any look.

I have searched far and wide for the best boyfriend styles out there. Read on to see what made my list! [continue reading…]

80’s Revival: Cross Body Bags post image

Cross-body bags were once reserved for moms and mailmen. But as with other ‘80s staples that are reappearing for the fall, savvy designers have given it a glamorous makeover. The new cross-bodies are made of buttery soft leathers, redone in contemporary shapes, and adorned in hardware.

What’s so appealing about the cross-body bag? The hands-free factor is liberating. I particularly opt for these styles when running errands or going out at night. I also love how they can instantly lend an outfit a relaxed vibe. Of course, as a fan of contrast, I prefer wearing these casual bags with girly things – frocks, florals and frills. Few things are chicer than a fabulous dress with a long chain bag draped on your shoulder.

To keep the silhouette polished and not juvenile, it’s key to choose a size that doesn’t overwhelm you. Look for shapes that lie effortlessly against your body, whether it be saddle, pouch, or bucket. Don’t wear it too long or it looks sloppy.
Convertible bags earn extra points for its versatility and multi-use purpose. You get two or more styles out of one great bag. Hey, it’s a recession. Shop smart and get more bang for your hard-earned buck.

Read on for my top 10 picks!
[continue reading…]

Trend To Try: Rompers post image

Trend To Try: Rompers

The romper is the most controversial trend to come along in quite some time and elicits very strong reactions of both love and hate. I personally am on Team Romper and happen to love this fun style. The romper is a fabulous alternative to the minidress, which can sometimes be too risqué for day-time and is a great way to show off your gams without having to keep your legs melded together for fear of having a Britney moment.

The one piece, in both the form of a romper of jumpsuit, was a major trend on the spring runways and we saw incredible styles at Peter Som, BCBG, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adam, and more!

The romper is super versatile- pair it with sandals for day and killer heels for a night out. This style is also super easy to pull off- just slip it on, throw on some cute accessories and you’re all set to go with a fuss-free totally on point look.

Check out my 15 favorite rompers after the jump! [continue reading…]

Designer Bags At Discount Prices post image

Handbags are every gal’s best friend and in my book, they’re always worth the splurge. Finding stunning designer bags at discounted prices? Well that’s simply every fashion-lover’s dream come true! For this week’s edition of Designer Finds at Discount Prices, we’re focusing on handbags and are bringing you incredible finds from Yves Saint Laurent, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Luella, Rebeca Minkoff, Dolce & Gabbana and more at seriously slashed prices!

Check out all the amazing deals after the jump! [continue reading…]

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Sienna Miller post image

British beauty Sienna Miller is definitely better known for her cutting-edge sense of style than her work as an actress. Sienna is renowned for putting boho back on the map and her knack for effortless-style has rendered her a major fashion muse for ladies around the globe!

Sienna has mastered the art of mixing and matching and can throw anything together and make it look incredible. She doesn’t limit herself to trends or themes and loves to throw a bunch of elements together which is what makes her style so utterly unique.

For this celebrity style inspiration edition, I’ve rounded up four fabulous styles recently sported by Sienna. Get the looks pictured above after the jump! [continue reading…]

Look Thinner By Getting Dressed! post image

While your body may stay the same, the clothes you put on it can instantly add or subtract 5-10 pounds, which is why it’s important to be aware of dressing for your body and to be fully in-tune with styles that have an instant slim-down effect. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather look thinner by getting dressed over working out and dieting any day of the week!

Read on for 5 amazing instant slim down tips and for fabulous product picks to help you slim down just by getting dressed! [continue reading…]

Silhouette to Try: Sweetly Slouchy post image

A slouchy posture: not hot. A slouchy silhouette: UBER hot! This season is all about the no-muss, no-fuss, effortless slouch and I am eating it up! The spring runways were filled with slouch, a silhouette we saw at Chloe, John Galliano, Burberry Prorsum, Akris, Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many other trend-setting colections. From pants to tops to jackets to dresses, almost all of the collections were marked by a return to a more relaxed sophistication and easy-chic sensibility thanks to this care-free silhouette.

I have always loved this style and make it a habit to buy clothes a few sizes too big to achieve the effect. The key here is slouchy, NOT sloppy so opt for items that loosely drape from your frame rather than those that look like they’re drowning you. Another tip for rocking this look is to balance proportions- if you’re wearing a slouchy top pair it with some skinny jeans, if you’re going for slouchy bottoms, then team them with a slimmer top or structured jacket. It’s important to always remember to wear your clothes and not let them wear you.

Check out a fantastic selection of sweetly slouchy styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Flirty Ruffles post image

Trend to Try: Flirty Ruffles

It started a few seasons back and as we move forward, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. I’m talking about the invasion of all things that ruffled! Ruffles were a major trend on pretty much every runway during the Spring 2009 shows- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Malandrino, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen, Luella, Oscar de la Renta, Jill Stuart, and on and on. Now I was very hesitant about this trend when it first burst onto the scene, it just appeared a little uber-femme and too sweet for my style. However during one particularly inspired shopping trip, ventured into unchartered territories and gave the ruffled look a try with. The result? Love at first sight! I don’t know what it is, but ruffled styles always seem to have this fashion-forward quality to them.

The most important thing to remember with this style is to make it work for you! If you can pull off sweet and girly, then take that motif and run with it. If, like me, you lean more towards edgy styles, then incorperate some edgy embellishments- a leather cuff, an androgynous blazer, killer pumps, to toughen it up a bit. So how will you know what works for you? Well there’s this little thing called gut instinct which will always guide you through. If you put it on and it just looks all sorts of wrong, then it’s time to rearrange.

I have searched far and wide to track down some the best ruffled styles out there. Shop the looks pictured above and check out some of the other styles I found after the jump! [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Grandpa Cardigans post image

When it comes to vintage goodies like pretty brooches and one-of-a-kind purses, Grandma’s closet is the way to go. With this season’s shift towards the androgynous, however, it might be time to raid grandpa’s closet as well. One wardrobe staple I’m currently obsessing over the grandpa cardigans- such an un-chic name for something so fabulous but even still. I love the whole boho slouchy feel (okay, really wish I had another word for boho at this point, but whatever!) and a loose knit is the perfect way to achieve the look. I am especially a fan of pairing the sweater over a tight silhouette like skinny jeans and a tight tank; it just has this accidental sex-appeal to it which I simply adore. This style will definitely come in handy over the next few months, when fickle-weather-behavior will be at an all-time high and temperatures can go from comfortable to freezing with the snap of a finger or when its warm outside, but freezing in your office. Or even when it’s a bit nippy out but you don’t want to wear a jacket.

See 10 fabulous cardigans after the jump.

[continue reading…]


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