Trend to try: Tiny, Dainty Rings post image

Lately we’ve been totally obsessing over statement jewelry, and while I LOVE this look, sometimes it’s nice to lighten up and rock some pretty, dainty little things.  One look I’ve always been a big fan of are tiny bands and rings that add just enough pop to your hand without being completely in your face.  The look is chic and sleek and something anyone can pull off.

Here are some of my favorite pieces you can rock right now and little tips and tricks to make them stand out.

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Trend to Rediscover: Friendship Bracelets post image

The go-to accessory of our tween years has resurfaced as the accessory dujour for all ages. I’m talking about friendship bracelets! Even though this one is filed under ‘trend I never ever thought I’d see again,’ I have to say I’ve taken a strong liking to the interpretations of this childhood staple.

Today’s friendship bracelets are cool and quirky with a bit of a bohemian edge. Wear one to give your look an understated touch of the unexpected or layer on a bunch to make more of a statement. You can be generous and share the love with your girlfriends or keep this look all your own!

There are so many rad styles out there to complement your look. You can invest in a high-end style or buy a bunch of cheaper options. As is the case with real life friendships, the choice between quality vs. quantity is up to you!

Read on for our favorite styles. BFFAEAE!

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Trend to Try: Boho Feathers post image

Trend to Try: Boho Feathers

Yankee Doodle was definitely onto something when he stuck that feather in his hat (and called is macaroni), and gets credit for being the first to discover how fashionable feathers can be!

It may have taken us a while to catch on, but feathers are officially the ultimate way to spruce up your summer style. And there are all sorts of feathered confections to choose from: from feather hair extensions, necklaces and earrings to feather flourishes on handbags and, of course, hats!

Whether you choose something statement-making or more subdued, feathers are totally on par with this seasons ’70s trend and radiate that cool, laid-back, effortlessness that is so totally boho.

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A Worthy Investment: A Work-of-Art Necklace post image

I am a complete and total jewelry junkie. Accessories, for the most part, can not only make the outfit, they can alter it dramatically. Something subdued and minimal can become instantly avant-garde with the right jewelry piece and no piece has a greater impact than the work-of-art necklace.

A work-of-art necklace is like any other piece of art, only you get more mileage out of it because you wear it around your neck for all the world to see. It is the kind of piece that can radically transform an outfit- you can use it to complete a relatively subdued ensemble like Jessica Alba, or to add more wow to an already standout-look like Olivia Palermo. It is also highly versatile and can be worn with your fancy cocktail frocks, funky party dresses, or $5 tee-shirts.

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ANM Event Calendar: Brooklyn Indie Market post image

Who: Emerging designers such as Kimmchi (silk screened women’s clothing and lingerie); Rebecca Shepherd (romantic adornments and floral design); Elements For Inspired Living (handcrafted decorative items for the home); Off The Matt (sensual yoga inspired bath and beauty products), and more.

What: The grand reopening of the Brooklyn Indie Market (BIM), a weekly weekend market showcasing some of the freshest names in jewelry, clothing, handbags, kidswear, bath, silk screened men’s t-shirts and product design.

When: April 3rd and 4th, Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 11-6

Where: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (under the red and white striped tent on Smith and Union Street)

For more info on the market, directions, and offerings visit or call 718-753-2180

A Worthy Investment: Mixed Chain Necklaces post image

As I’m sure you know by know, statement accessories are all the rage right now. When it comes to necklaces, I am currently loving all things multi-chained. This standout piece is a can’t-miss when it comes to injecting a bit of an edge into your look and can toughen up even the sweetest, most subdued styles. Just look at Jessica Alba, who updated a simple white-tee and black blazer combo with a stunning Gemma Redux mixed-chain necklace.

In order for something to be deemed a worthy investment in my book, it must have unlimited potential. Something that can be worn anywhere, with anything. The type of piece that can transform even the simplest of outfits. An amazing item with the inherent fabulous-ness capable of transcending the confines of a ‘trend’ or ‘fad.’

Multi-chain necklaces are definitely on par with my high standards and fortunately, there are tons of options to choose from to fit your personal style.

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A Worthy Investment: Statement Rings post image

I absolutely adore jewelry in all forms- necklaces, bracelets, earrings– my collections of all of the following are quite extensive. However, the one accessory I very rarely leave home without is a stand-out statement ring.

From beautiful stones, pretty pearls, diamonds, mixed metals, there are so many incredible styles that, while small in size, can have a big impact on your overall style by injecting a fantastic fashion-forward edge in one fell swoop.

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A Worthy Investment: Statement Earrings post image

I finally got around to seeing the Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl this past weekend and as expected, I was totally inspired by the amazing fashion (in the midst of being really saddened by her doomed life, of course). The film totally re-acquainted with the utter fabulousness of statement earrings- one of Edie’s signature style staples- an accessory I had shelved for quite some time in favor of statement necklaces and bracelets.

Oversized earrings are such an easy way to glam up your look, not to mention, enhance your natural beauty. Statement earrings also bring the focus to the face and are perfect for days when you’re feeling a bit insecure about your bod.

Oversized earrings were also major players on the Spring runways, from old Hollywood glamour styles at Tracy Reese, to artsy styles at Marni, to tribal inspired at Louis Vuitton, to the show-stopping chunky coin styles at Zac Posen (designed by Erickson Beamon).

After watching the movie, I decided to whip out my earring collection and am now all about the statement earrings, they honestly elevate any look to new heights! With this season’s heavy emphasis on accessories, feel free to wear them with some of your other favorite pieces, just make sure you maintain some sort of a balance and always stay true to your personal style. You can use your earrings t complement a look or create one, like Edie who used massive-sized earrings to glam up even the most basic ensembles, like her signature leotard, tights, and sweater combos. There really is no way to get it wrong.

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A Worthy Investment: Statement Bracelets post image

Behold the statement bracelet. It is easier to pull off than its counterpart, the statement necklace, yet still packs a juicy punch. For starters, when the mercury rises, the last thing you need is an ornate necklace sticking to yourself. Statement arm candy is also easier to wear since it’s away from your face. With just one piece, you can add impact to last year’s wardrobe – how very recessionista of you!

Invest in a major, knockout, stop ’em dead cuff to wear with everything in your closet. It should become your signature piece. Another option is to stack bangles of assorted shapes and sizes à la Emilio Pucci and Louis Vuitton for a similar eye-catching effect. Mix and match to create a unique combination all your own. Go over-the-top and have fun!

Statement bracelets really work with anything (okay, maybe except flouncy or ruffled sleeves). I love the look of a blazer with pushed up sleeves and a bejeweled bracelet. Or a chunky cuff with an ethnic print dress. Or a truly spectacular piece with a worn-in tee and jeans. For a bohemian vibe, wear a gilded adjustable cuff on your upper arm. You really have no excuse for letting your arms go bare.

While oversized jewelry is great for dressing up simple outfits, don’t shy away from pairing with the bold prints and graphics dominating spring collections. Nothing should be too matchy-matchy. Juxtapose retro and modern; earthy and glam; wild and demure. It’s the one time it’s okay to contradict yourself.

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Get Constricted in Python post image

Get Constricted in Python

In this economic climate it’s hard to limit yourself to those special finds you know will last through fad and trend. One you can be sure not to pass up is python. The pattern or skins are statement makers all on their own. In any form- bag, shoe, jewelry, real or fake- this print is dramatic enough to give a little hiss to even your most pared down, jeans-and-tee outfits.

Python was a major trend on the spring runways- from stunning Dior halter tops and cutting edge Prada skirts to statement making python handbags at Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Matthew Willamson, and more!

Rock a pair of python pumps to give your look a sexy twist like Lindsay Lohan, pictured above wearing Louboutins; pair a python clutch with a retro style like Nicole Richie (wearing a dress by Issa London) for a modern edge , or go all out in a python frock like Sarah Jessica Parker, who rocked a style from L’Wren Scott. From the red carpet to real life, python pieces are always a definite do.

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A Worthy Investment: Edgy Jewelry post image

I am a huge accessories fiend, an obsession that has piqued recently on account of a resolution to stop making unnecessary purchases and work with what I already have. Accessories are a fantastic way to spice up even the most basic pieces and can help you create the exact vibe you’re going for- edgy, boho, preppy, no matter what look you crave, there’s an accessory to help you get there.

The edgy/femme contrast was a huge trend for spring as seen on the runways of Louis Vuitton, Thakoon, Matthew Williamson, Julie Haus, and more. I love mixing edgy pieces into my daily looks, even the most seemingly quiet and subdued, to achieve this look- it really is amazing to consider the significant impact something as simple as a leather cuff or a rock-inspired cocktail ring can yield on an outfit. With a major glamour goth trend on the horizon for Fall 2009, I think it’s definitely time to start investing in some edgy pieces.

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A Worthy Investment: Statement Necklaces post image

One of the quickest – and chicest – ways to update your wardrobe is by accessorizing. And the accessory du jour is the statement necklace. I, for one, can’t wait to pair them with everything and anything.

For spring 2009, designers are completely enamored with the exaggerated necklace. It made countless appearances on runways – Lanvin, Marni, and Marc, oh my! They came in all different shapes and styles (bib, collar, choker, ribbon, layered, twisted), but only one size: huge. The mantra seems to be go big or go home.

The amazing thing about the necklace is that it hits all the current trends yet is surprisingly pretty democratic. Invest in one gorgeous stunner or dabble in all the trends with wallet-happy picks from Target, Forever 21 or Banana Republic.

Luckily, there’s no wrong way to wear the piece of jewelry this season. Perk up solid tops and shift dresses with a dramatic, colorful neckpiece. For a more casual and unexpected take, try with jeans, the perfect white tee, and major heels. Voila, instant glamour. Despite the traditional school of thought that ornate jewelry should not be worn with busy prints, I say take a risk! The brave and courageous should follow the runway’s lead and layer over polka dots or boho patterns. However, please step away from the bangles, earrings, and rings. This look does not translate in real life.

Bottom line: it’s a statement any way you dress it. But for fashion’s sake, wear the necklace; don’t let it wear you!

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