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Being a student in college, I completely understand the importance of a budget. But being a fashion-lover, I also know the importance of good quality. Fortunately, looking amazing does not always require spending a fortune.

My sorority hosts about six dressy events per semester, so that’s 12 events a year that require getting decked out. As a result, I’ve become quite savvy at finding fabulous and flattering pieces without breaking the bank.

Dressing for a summer date can be a bit tricky. You want to look cute, but at the same time stay cool and comfortable. You want to look sexy, but not in a trying-to-hard way that just doesn’t seem to fit with summer’s laid-back essence. And you want to keep it affordable because, if you live in an area with changing seasons, these summery styles don’t have a very long shelf-life.

From dinner dates to picnics in the park to a casual afternoon browsing through your local flea market, I’ve found the perfect dresses for any type of date, all under $50

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Three Outfit Ideas For Any Summer Wedding post image

Summer wedding season is in full swing and while the thought of celebrating with your bffs is totally fun and exciting, the figuring out what to wear part isn’t usually so much. With so many “rules”, different locations, and of course different wedding styles, getting dressed isn’t only tough but can also get really expensive (especially if you’ve got a heavy RSVP count).

To keep you looking great without breaking the bank, here are three dresses you’ll need to get you through wedding season and easy ways to pair them with your guy.

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10 Date Night Dresses for Spring post image

There’s nothing better than spring date nights – the beautiful weather, the gorgeous surroundings, and of course the amazing dresses that come with the season!  Spring weather always makes me want to gussy it up a little more when it comes to my date attire and I’m more often than not in the mood for a sexy, flirty or colorful dress.

This season really brings it in terms of perfect dresses and here are 10 fantastic options for a night out with your beau.

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A Worthy Investment: A Nude Cocktail Dress post image

The Little Black Dress is no longer the end-all be-all when it comes to looking polished and chic. On the other end of the spectrum is the LND (Little Nude Dress), which is just as versatile and flattering as its counterpart. Actually, the nude dress may be even more versatile than the LBD and in most cases can be casual-ified for daytime activities and corporate-ified for a day at the office- and then, of course, cocktail-ified for a night out.

A nude cocktail dress is a softer, less sultry alternative to a black on and and has a beautiful ethereal quality that contains a different, more muted, sort of sex-appeal which is more fresh and modern.

So get in touch with the nudist in you and check out my top finds! [continue reading…]

30 Summer Fashion Finds Under $30 post image

It’s hard to believe we’re in the summer home stretch with only one month of summer left and maybe an additional month of warm weather if we’re lucky. At this stage in the game, you may be getting sick of your summer wardrobe and craving a few new pieces to carry you through. Or you may have some special events lined up for August- music festivals, trips, parties, etc. Now is the time to squeeze in every last bit of fun in the sun.

Splurging on summer clothing would be silly at this stage in the game. And fortunately, there are plenty of cute summer pieces out there at amazing prices which will help anchor your wardrobe.

Read on for 30 amazing fashion finds under $30!

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Shade To Crave: Citrus Orange post image

Shade To Crave: Citrus Orange

From summer through fall, bold, vibrant, optimistic shades are all the rage. The one that is really starting to grow on me is orange- which can serve as an fun, and slightly edgy, alternative to powerhouse pink.

I used to hesitate when it came to orange for fear that I would look like a pumpkin. However, with more experimentation, and the right pieces, I totally warmed up to all forms of this citrus shade and learned that when done right, it can be a serious statement maker.

Blaze a trail in an electrifying neon shade- which conveys an unmatched sort of confidence. Rock a bold orange dress at a black tie affair to really stand out from the crowd- like Ashley Olsen who wore a striking vintage gown to this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards. Try a softer shade, like Vanessa Hudens who wore a Max Azria gown to the Kid’s Choice Awards, which allows for piled on accessories. I especially love the rich orange shade of the Bottega Veneta dress worn by Ginnifer Goodwin, which is fashion-forward but still classic and sophisticated.

You can keep it color-specific with a single orange piece, or merge in some other neon colors for a free-spirited sixties-feel. The most important thing to remember is to select a shade that makes you feel as good as you look!

Check out some of my favorite orange pieces after the jump! [continue reading…]

Designer Dresses At Discount Prices post image

As temperatures continue to soar, the summer dress increasingly becomes the most essential item a gal can own. There are so many fantastic styles out there, from printed maxi’s to gauzy white dresses to flirty floral styles- some at reasonable prices and others not to much.

For the purposes of this article, however, I’ve selected five of my favorite styles from some of the top designers at seriously slashed prices!

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Designer Finds at Discount Prices post image

Spring has officially sprung. The sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and heavy winter clothes are being pushed to the side in favor of warm weather wears. Dresses, from short and airy to long and flowing, are absolute musts for spring and summer which is why I’ve rounded up 5 gorgeous picks at incredibly reduced price points for this edition of Designer Finds at Discount prices!

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