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Why You’re Still Single

Whenever I engage in conversations with single men and women about dating and relationships, all I hear is whining and complaining directed at the behavior of the opposite sex.

Many women in today’s society will say, “I don’t need a man; I am fine just by myself.” To them I say: No, you are not. We were not given the opportunity to experience life on earth to be happy at home by ourselves. Men in today’s society will say, “I am never getting married. Marriage is for losers.”  But no, marriage is not for losers. I know many winners who love being married and have been married for many years.

So, why is there so much animosity and resentment among singles today?  Click over to YourTango to find out the answer plus the main reason you’re still single.

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Your articles are very informative . I actually enjoy reading them all. It does however appear ( for me) from a personal standpoint that I’m still not doing something right. All this hard work and I still continue to bump into toads . I have thrown my hands up, admit defeat. I give up for now ;-)
Dating is truly hard work and exhausting!
Thank you however for all the great advice and keep up the good work!


Reply July 22, 2014, 5:40 pm

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