ANM Beauty Review: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal post image

Every so often a beauty product will come along that blows you away and has you wondering how you ever could have lived without it. Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal was that product for me and if gorgeous, flawless skin is what you’re after, it will be for you too.

I was ecstatic when I received a sample of this wonder product since I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews from the beauty sphere for some time but was too lazy to go out and give it a try on my own! I tore the package open and applied just a tab to some blemishes on my chin and on the persistent half moons under my eyes. I was blown away. All traces of imperfection were GONE. My face literally looked like it had been airbrushed.

Pre-Miracle Skin Transformer, I would have to commit about 15 minutes of applying primer then foundation then concealer, then powder to set, then more concealer for greater coverage. And even still, my skin never looked as naturally flawless as it did with just a teeny smidge of this product, and it got the job done in under 30 seconds to boot! [Click here to keep reading…]

Easy Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Natural Beauty post image

A little while back, I went to an event sponsored by My Fashion Plate and Lancome where I received a complimentary makeover.  They allowed me to chose exactly what I wanted and I decided to keep it clean and simple, not wanting to leave looking like I had a full face of makeup on since I had a bunch of appointments that day.

The finished product was amazing. My skin was clear, even, and luminous. My face looked defined and a little more sensuous. And my lashes were simply to die for, like supersized doesn’t even scratch the surface (no falsies involved!). For the rest of the day, people couldn’t stop gushing about how great I looked (especially my to-die-for lashes!).

I have gotten my makeup done before and every time was left with the same question: “why can’t I ever do my makeup like this?!” Well this time I was prepared and asked tons of questions and diligently watched every single thing that was done. I also followed up with Dotty, the fabulous makeup artist who worked on me and got a list of every product she used.

Rather than hoarding all of these trips and tricks, I’ve decided to share. [Click here to keep reading…]

ANM Beauty Review: Uplight from MAKE UP FOR EVER post image

Is there anything us galls crave more in this world than gorgeous skin? I think not!

We all know the tried and true secrets for a naturally radiant complexion: drink lots of water, get eight hours of sleep, stay out of the sun, blah blah blah. And while all that definitely helps, sometimes you just want a quick and easy fix to help you fake it ‘ til you make it. Is glowing skin on-the-go too much for ask for?

Turns out it isn’t! I was tickled when I received a sample of Uplight from MAKE UP FOR EVER ($29)—firstly because it’s always fun to try out new beauty products but more importantly because it gave my lackluster complexion the pick-me-up of a lifetime!

[Click here to keep reading…]

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ANM Beauty Diary: My First Chemical Peel post image

When Orchid Aesthetics Spa in NYC extended the offer to have me try out a few treatments on the house, I jumped at the chance (what girl wouldn’t?). I was a bit alarmed when I arrived for my first treatment and they recommended I get a chemical peel. I mean, who can forget that infamous episode of Sex and the City when Samantha Jones gets a peel before Carrie’s book party and ends up looking like a burn victim and is so horrifying a sight to behold she has to be sent home.

In my mind, Chemical Peels were as severe as botox- an extreme, last-resort measure to try and turn back the clock. While the aging-reversal benefits are vast, it turns out there are many other amazing benefits that women of all ages can enjoy. Chemical peels remove the outer layers of skin, prompting the body to generate a new layer of skin cells to replace the old one which works to heal sun damaged skin, acne, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems.

While I had my hesitations at first, as soon as the specialist at Orchid told me a peel would unclog and shrink my pores, fade old acne scars, and treat and prevent new breakouts, I was sold! [Click here to keep reading…]

Introducing Kairos Acne Care For Clear Skin and Gorgeous Hair post image

I rarely dedicate entire posts to a single brand or product. If I do, it’s because the product is so innovative and incredible, it simply can’t be lumped in with anything else.

In this case, I’m talking about Kairos– the first ever hair care line designed to treat and prevent acne. Not only that, it leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and smelling delicious.

I was seriously skeptical when I first heard about this product, I mean, hair products to treat acne? But then I met with founders Catherine Parker and Doreen Campbell who have been treating acne patients for twenty years and pointed out the obvious fact that the skin is essentially one organ and the products used on the scalp can have a major effect on the face, chest, and back- all of which are susceptible to breakouts.

While that made a great deal of sense, my skepticism was far more deeply rooted. About a year ago, my skin inexplicably lashed out and I developed severe acne seemingly out of the blue. As a beauty editor, I had tons of resources at my disposal and I contacted every PR rep I knew and asked for the best acne treatments they had. Everything sounded amazing, but nothing worked. Not only that, my acne got worse and worse. [Click here to keep reading…]

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