Am I cheating?

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    Al Bundy

    I’ve been married for 14 years, been with my wife for 5 years before that. We have 2 kids and I have 1 older kid from a previous relationship.
    My wife takes our 2 kids and travels in the summer. Some times she’ll take the kids out of school a week before school ends and return home a week before school starts. They will tour Europe, Asia, N. America, this year was Australia.
    During the summer I’ll usually try to meet women. I really enjoy my summer flings. I’ll have escorts come to my place or go to their’s. I don’t consider this cheating because my wife is gone for months at a time. We’ve never discussed it but I don’t think it’s realistic for me to be celibate for that entire time. I don’t know what she’s doing when she’s traveling.
    My oldest saw me in a restaurant being affectionate with my last friend last weekend. She confronted us and introduced them. Now my daughter is upset and considering telling her step mother. They are very close.
    Does it sound like I’m cheating as my daughter is accusing me of?

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    This has to be a joke.

    You know those vows you took when you got married which included “forsaking all others”? That means you don’t go have sex with other women. Unless you’re in an open relationship, meaning you’ve both agreed it’s OK to go and have sex with others. Doesn’t sound like your wife agreed you could go f&&& anyone you wanted all summer.

    You’re busted for your s*** behavior. I hope your daughter tells your wife. You’re exposing her to diseases that can’t be cured… condoms aren’t 100% protection against disease. Assuming you use them.

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    Al Bundy

    I’m not a religious fanatic, vows at a wedding is just for show. The papers filled in cityhall are what’s important. So I guess you think it’s cheating too.
    I always get tested before my family comes home.

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    This reeks of a troll/fake post in various ways.

    And even if you are real, you’re not worth responding to seriously as you’re coherent enough to understand the folly of your ways.

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    Come on Stephen, come up with something realistic—

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    oh this made me laugh this morning

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    So you’re out fu@king other women the entire summer, including prostitues etc, and you’re wondering if you’re cheating? You must be some special kind of stupid

    Tell me, does these flings of yours know that you’re married and are simply using them for sex till the wife comes home? Or are you meeting them online, pretending to date them, deceive them, use them and discard them?

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    Of course this is cheating. Your wife has not consented to this, she has no idea. Assuming she might be cheating as well is simply not fair on her. Most like she is not. She is travelling with YOUR kids, taking care of them, making sure they are exploring and having the time of their lives whilst you are just having casual sex with random people. Put yourself in her shoes if she knew – how would that feel if she did that to YOU?

    There you have your answer..

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    Haha. She’s gonna find out and you’re gonna lose everythign and play victim.

    You’re a cheater and a very s×tty selfish self-absorbed father.

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    I have known some people that don’t take ownership of their infidelity so the OP isn’t that unusual. People can convince themselves if almost anything. Just look at Trump as an example. I know a guy who thinks it’s perfectly alright to get a hand job in a massage place and that’s not cheating.

    This mentally isn’t unique to Al here, I’ve seen it in other men. The idea is, if the guy’s SO is in another city, country, continent, etc… Then they get to do what they want. Vegas has a whole advertising campaign built on this premise! Being busted by your daughter sort of cosmic karma. Although it seems like you’ve put your daughter in a terrible position.

    Al is acting like he’s single while his family is traveling. You’re probably a narcissist.

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    @Omg – you’re totally WRONG about “not a good catch” if he’s paying for sex.

    Men use escorts because it’s a simple business deal. They pay, the woman does exactly what they want and goes away and doesn’t bother them and doesn’t tell anyone. Tinder or bar pick-ups are too risky.

    Look at all the high class call girl services. Elliott Spitzer, Charlie Sheen and countless other high powered men patronize them. Hell, Spitzer and plenty of other men were paying 5 grand an hour for those girls.

    These guys are highly “good catches.” They are attractive, successful and wealthy. They have wives and they don’t want their nice pretty lives disturbed, they don’t need the muss and fuss of trying to keep a GF on the side, so they just pay.

    And @Warasen makes great points about how people can brainwash themselves into believing anything. The OP has explained his marriage vows away in a sentence.

    Hey OP – go ask your wife if you’re cheating. You’ll find out the answer real quick.

    If this is even a real post and I’m not convinced. But hey, stranger things have happened.

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    I feel this is fiction written just to rile up all the ladies in here

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    Totally agree. It’s a Stephen post. He loves to do that. Big bad wife leaves hubby all summer.. lmao

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    Al Bundy

    I’m not Stephen but some might not believe it and I can’t change that. I don’t resent my wife, I don’t see other women when she is home because she is more than enough for me. OMG all men pay for sex in 1 way or another. I have women I date because I enjoy the chase but I also like an escort once in awhile because of the anonymity. As the saying goes I don’t pay an escort for sex I pay her to leave after I’m done with her body. I haven’t asked my wife if she thinks it’s cheating. I guess most of the people here think as my daughter does. That’s surprising, none of my friends thinks that way but they’re all guys.

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    Al Bundy

    Some times I tell the women I’m married other times I just never mention it. I don’t think anyone ever asked me if I’m married.

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    So all your other guy friends are out doing this behind their wives’ back?

    And you all think this is OK because you’re not going to leave your wife, you love her and all that jazz? You just want some tail here and there?

    How did you happen to find this site?

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    And if you found out your wife were sleeping with escorts and random men while you were away with your children, would that be OK with you?

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    A wife can get pregnant by another man and say to her husband that he is the father.

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    Better off single

    @Warasen that type of mentality is what is infecting the world.

    Also why you have so many crazy b×tches out there too.

    Then men wonder where have all the good women gone? They’ve been brainwashed by men to act like whores.

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    Al Bundy

    Not all of my friends get sex when they are in a different city from their SO. A lot of us do it when we’re on business trips, usually with escorts. We arrange this for our clients and get some action for ourselves too. It’s a part of business like going to strip joints or golfing.
    I don’t know if my wife is doing it too. I also don’t know what my raccoon would be until confronted with it. The most important thing would be that there is no rush to our kids.
    My assistant suggested I ask here to get opinions from people outside my group of friends. She knows what’s going on but we never discuss it. She sees the expenses I file and makes reservations for me at restaurants or hotels. I told her what happened with my daughter and to pick out a gift to get her to calm down.

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    Al, come on, grow up and be a man and not a little boy who lets his penis run his life. You know damn well this is cheating and you know that your wife isn’t out sleeping with other men when she’s on holiday with your children.

    What are you going to do when your daughter tells your wife? Because she probably will.

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    Better Off Single, I agree with your initial sentiment that Al’s sentiment is prevalent in many cultures. This kind of thing has been happening for longer than I’ve been alive.

    If Al’s telling the truth, his thinking is really disturbing. Al do you really think bribing your daughter will really work? Keep in mind you aren’t even picking out the bribe!

    “All men pay for sex” is almost as disturbing. Narcissistic with a misogynistic kicker. The really frightening thing is I bet women find you charming. You’re like a con man you don’t reveal your married unless a lady asks? You have your female assistant process paperwork for strippers and escorts? I’ve had vendors take me to topless bars too, not in over a decade. I’ve never considered how the expenses are handled, I’m going to have to ask someone.

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    Do y’all really think this is a real post?
    No wonder you have relationship woes…

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    Ginger bread

    Still an interesting subject. Not like it will change anything anyway.

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