Five Tips for Getting through Valentine’s Day When You Don’t Have a Valentine post image

Just when you feel like you survived being single through the holiday season, Valentine’s Day shows up. Hearing peers and colleagues speak about their Valentine’s Day plans and being asked about your own can trigger all sorts of feelings. For some, it can feel like February 14th is Prom Night for grown-ups, and there you are without a date. Sure, you’re looking better now than you did back in your high school days of awkward braces and shoulder pads, but adolescence doesn’t have a monopoly on the experience of feeling inadequate and excluded.

In the movies the leading lady ends up with a prom date at the last minute (and somehow has the perfect dress and a gorgeous updo done in minutes, but I digress), but hoping for that fantasy to be your reality may set you up for disappointment. So here are some helpful tips for getting through Valentine’s Day…sans Ben & Jerry’s.

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Link Love post image

Link Love

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Valentine’s Day Treat: Our Favorite Love Quotes post image

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know this day can be a sore subject for some ladies, namely those getting over a guy or those who feel a bit lonely. There really is no need to bash all the happy couples out there. Instead, use this day to appreciate the love you have in your life, there has to be some.

As you may know, I’m an avid quote collector. In honor of this lovely day to celebrate love, here are my favorite quotes on matters of the heart.

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Link Love post image

Link Love

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Link Love post image

Link Love

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Valentine’s Day Beauty: Tips to Get Gorgeous Quick post image

Valentine’s day is around the corner and I am trying to figure my strategy to recreate myself in the Valentine’s spirit after a long day at work. It is not unusual for me to come home not looking like anything you would want to take out on the town. But I have a plan to transform myself in less than an hour from half-extinct mortal to supernatural goddess.

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Food, Fitness, & Fetishes: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide post image

Single? Engaged? A fan of V-day? Indifferent? Here’s the ULTIMATE guide to Valentine’s Day, from chocolate, to Cupid’s marathons, to sex moves that scorch calories. You don’t have to love fitness to love this guide. [continue reading…]

Spotlight On Ampere: A Revolutionary New Lingerie Line Just in Time for Valentine’s Day post image

No matter what your relationship status, Valentine’s day is a great excuse to treat yourself to some pretty new underthings. And this is why I highly recommend you check out Ampere, a new lingerie line co-founded by my friend Jiabei Chen.

Jiabei took a very interesting turn in life, trading in a career as a lawyer for that of a lingerie designer. And judging by her stunning pieces, she made the right call! [continue reading…]

Featured Articles from the Fashion Blogosphere post image

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5 Sweet V-Day Vintage Finds For You post image

I love everything about Valentine’s Day.

No, I don’t love it because I have a boyfriend who wines and dines me on the 14th (although, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?) I love it because it gives me an excuse to buy myself something pretty and shiny and new in honor of this Hallmark holiday. How could you not love that?

Except, since I’m a vintage lover, I don’t often buy myself something new, per say – I lean more toward the pretty and shiny! Sure, vintage is technically old, but that also means it’s unique and one-of-a-kind. What’s the best gift you can give yourself? Something that no one else has!

So no matter what your relationship status is this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that V-day is a day of love – especially for yourself! In preparation for my own day of self indulgence, I checked out some of my favorite online vintage sellers  to see what sweet and shiny pieces they had for sale. What I found: five different options perfect for five different engagements. Date or not, I’ve got something worth buying for a little love this Valentine’s Day.

Read on for my top 5 sweet vintage finds! [continue reading…]

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