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Fitness Myths Vs. Facts

Working out is difficult! And I’m not talking about digging deep and finding the strength to get your butt to the gym. No, I’m talking about all the complexities that lie after you’ve taken that first pivotal step.

There are so many considerations that need to be taken in order to get the results you want. Does eating on an empty stomach burn more fat?  Do you work out hard for short periods of time, medium for long periods, or at intervals? And what’s the deal with this whole ‘you don’t burn fat unless you workout for more than 30 minutes’ business? So if I work out for 25 minutes it won’t mean anything?? And what happens if I stop working out? Will all those muscles just turn to flab?

Fortunately, your head won’t have to spin for much longer thanks to Jenny Evans, stress/exercise physiologist and founder of PowerHouse Performance Coaching, who has graciously revealed everything you need to know about working out in order to get the results you want!

Read on for her breakdown of fitness myths and facts!

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Lose Weight Without Dieting Tip #4: Set Yourself up for Success post image

Now that you’re getting more sleep and consuming less sugar (right?), it’s important to take a closer look at how you are setting yourself up to succeed in your weight loss efforts. Are your choices helping you or making it harderfor you to reach your goals? Because really, healthy eating is not about willpower—it’s about making conscious decisions that help make it easier for you to make good decisions. Chew on this: [Click here to keep reading…]

Lose Weight Without Dieting—Rule #1: Attitude is Everything post image

For the better part of my adult life, I was a Monday through Thursday calorie-counter. Once Friday hit, I’d loosen my belt juuuust a little…and then a little more, and then…by Sunday night, I’d find myself sitting on my couch in baggy sweats staring at the bottom of yet another empty pint of ice cream declaring, “I’m going to be good on Monday!” For me, this cycle was normal. In fact, at the time I assumed that everyone ate their body weight in junk food on Sunday night!

When I diagnosed myself as an emotional eater last year, a sense of self-awareness came over me. I have always prided myself as being an optimistic, resilient person, but I realized that when it came to food, I was quite resentful and angry. Why can’t I just eat a freakin’ cupcake and not have to think about it?! How can she polish off a burger and fries and stay so skinny? (Sound familiar?) Simply put, I was pissed off that making consistently healthy choices always seemed like such a chore.

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Weight-Loss Testimonial: How I Lost 30 Pounds on Weight Watchers post image

EDITORS NOTE: A little while back, I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in months and was stunned by what I saw. In a few short months, my petite friend lost an enormous amount of weight.  Naturally, my first question was how she did it and I have to say, I was even more stunned by her response: Weight Watchers. I knew she had been struggling with her weight for quite some time and had tried everything to get rid of the excess baggage on her small frame to no avail. Not only was she able to surpass her weight loss goal by following the Weight Watchers system, she did it without depriving herself and while still eating all the foods she enjoys (in moderation, of course). I know many women face the same struggles as my friend,  so I asked her to write about her experience with the program.

I have been trying to get back my old body since my sudden 30-pound college weight gain. I am very short and it used to be that I was always small, so when I gained all that weight it was a shock to my system, as well as my family and friends.

I gained that weight five years ago, and though I was able to lose some of it after college, most of it decided to stay with me. During these years I was always trying to lose weight but never actually losing or keeping off a substantial amount. I constantly worried about what I was eating and my need for exercise. When I did exercise or diet, I could not stick to a routine and did not see motivating results. [Click here to keep reading…]

5 New Year’s Resolutions Gone Wrong (And How to Fix Them) post image

By now, you’re probably on New Year’s resolution overload. Everywhere you look you see ads, magazines, and busses telling you how to be the “new you in the new year.” The pressure is on and many of us crack.

Don’t get me wrong, having a goal and trying to stick to it is quite a feat in itself because you’re hopeful, while some drown in self-deprecation . However, what’s the point of aiming for an end result when: 1. It will make you miserable in the process 2. You’re not 100 percent committed to it 3. It just won’t last? Isn’t the point of having a resolution in the first place because you want to improve who you are to be happier and healthier?

My motto for resolutions: Think big, start small and stick with it. Here are 5 resolutions that you may have already broken and what you can do to fix it—it’s never too late! [Click here to keep reading…]

How to Feel Great Even Though You’ve Gained Weight post image

I am currently struggling with something that I’m sure more than a few of you can relate to: I gained a bunch of weight over the holidays and am still trying my darnedest to get rid of it.

I don’t even really know how it happened, it was like I woke up one day and all of a sudden the jeans I used to be able to wear so comfortably became suffocating torture devices and I found myself going head-to-head with the stubborn zippers on my favorite dresses, the ones that used to glide right up so easily. I’m taking all the right steps, eating less, exercising more, but it’s been an agonizingly unfruitful process and the pounds aren’t melting away as quickly as they implanted themselves.

Now this isn’t gonna be an article about how I lost the weight, or about my valiant efforts to get back where I was. I was inspired to write this because I realized that this slight change on the outside caused some major changes on the inside and in the past month,  I’ve barely been able to recognize myself. All of a sudden I was insecure, introverted, and riddled with self-doubt. I also became someone who constantly berated herself which was disappointing because that is something I always speak out against. I was traveling down a very detrimental path, one that would have caused the Sabrina who started ANM a year ago to smack me right across the head, and justly so: I let myself get caught up in the idea that my weight meant everything.

So what happened exactly? Well I lost perspective and veered off course. Now I’m back and while I’m still working to get myself back to where I was, I have learned to accept where I am now and to feel great even though I’ve put on some weight.

Read on for my tips! [Click here to keep reading…]

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