A Worthy Investment: Sexy Lingerie post image

Spring is the time when everything’s blooming – flowers, love, and even your steamy sex life.  I chalk it up to the warm weather, desire to be in minimal clothing, and the upwards mood swing due to not freezing your buns off in those chilling winter months.  Whether your love is new or your re-sparking that old flame, adding some sexy lingerie is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Since spring is all about blooms and re-birth, add some new life to your lingerie collection with these six sexy spring styles! [continue reading…]

Spotlight On Ampere: A Revolutionary New Lingerie Line Just in Time for Valentine’s Day post image

No matter what your relationship status, Valentine’s day is a great excuse to treat yourself to some pretty new underthings. And this is why I highly recommend you check out Ampere, a new lingerie line co-founded by my friend Jiabei Chen.

Jiabei took a very interesting turn in life, trading in a career as a lawyer for that of a lingerie designer. And judging by her stunning pieces, she made the right call! [continue reading…]

Essential Underpinnings post image

Essential Underpinnings

When it comes to looking great, the little things can have the biggest impact. It’s not always about what you wear, it’s what you wear underneath. Oftentimes, an exposed bra strap, a bunched up cardigan, a strapless bra that won’t stay up, or an exposed panty-line can be the difference between looking sleek verse sloppy.

I am all about the functional undergarments these days- from shape-wear to customizable bras- these things do matter and can greatly impact the way your clothes look. On the red carpet, the right underpinnings are almost as important as the right dress (something that anyone who watches the Rachel Zoe Project is familiar with).

Read on for my most essential underpinnings. [continue reading…]

5 Sweet V-Day Vintage Finds For You post image

I love everything about Valentine’s Day.

No, I don’t love it because I have a boyfriend who wines and dines me on the 14th (although, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?) I love it because it gives me an excuse to buy myself something pretty and shiny and new in honor of this Hallmark holiday. How could you not love that?

Except, since I’m a vintage lover, I don’t often buy myself something new, per say – I lean more toward the pretty and shiny! Sure, vintage is technically old, but that also means it’s unique and one-of-a-kind. What’s the best gift you can give yourself? Something that no one else has!

So no matter what your relationship status is this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that V-day is a day of love – especially for yourself! In preparation for my own day of self indulgence, I checked out some of my favorite online vintage sellers  to see what sweet and shiny pieces they had for sale. What I found: five different options perfect for five different engagements. Date or not, I’ve got something worth buying for a little love this Valentine’s Day.

Read on for my top 5 sweet vintage finds! [continue reading…]

Look Slimmer With Tips For Finding A Bra That Fits! post image

There are plenty of ways to instantly shave off a few pounds without dieting or going to the gym- you just need to be aware of the shapes and styles that can create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Now this doesn’t only apply to clothing on the outside, what you wear underneath also plays a huge role!

Many women- myself included until recently- don’t realize how much of a difference the right bra can make which is why I’ve solicited the help of Natori bra expert Desiree Larson to teach us all a few valuable lessons on the importance of what’s underneath.

Desiree explains: “A great fitting bra can make you look taller, will define your waist, and even make you look slimmer by giving you the lift and support you need!” Unfortunately, many women aren’t reaping these benefits, and according to Desiree “Almost 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. If you’re experiencing discomfort, spillage over your cups, tight straps, or a gap between your cups, you are most likely wearing the wrong size.”

There are different bras for different body types and for different needs.

Check out Desiree’s recommendations after the jump! [continue reading…]

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