Wardrobe Must: A Sexy LRD (Little Red Dress) post image

Bill Blass once said: “When in doubt, wear red,” a sentiment which I fully stand behind! Red definitely has a leg up on black, everyone’s favorite go-to, when it comes to the standout sex appeal and the va va voom factor. I really believe that it’s impossible for anyone not to look, and feel, sexy in red. It’s definitely one of those shades guaranteed to get heads turning but it can also be a little intimidating to wear.

Since red is such an inherently sexy shade, it’s important to look for styles that are slightly more on the conservative side. Anything too short or low-cut and you run the risk of looking cheap, definitely something to avoid at all costs! A perfect example is Emmy Rossum, pictured above wearing Donna Karan. The slouchy silhouette of the dress offset the striking-ness of the color for a style that was sexy, but still fuss-free and relaxed. Diane Kruger’s sheer red Calvin Klein dress was definitely a head-turner, but the knee-length cut of the dress kept it from being too vampy (not that she could look anything less than perfect!). The point is, this color is one that should be embraced and not feared because it looks spectacular when done right.
Every gal needs at least one LRD in her closet and I’ve rounded up 10 fabulous ones to choose from! [continue reading…]

Spring Ahead: Transitional Shoes post image

The countdown to spring has officially begun. When you can’t take another day of wearing thick socks and boots, go ahead…pull out your favorite warm weather shoes. Luckily, these days, practically every shoe is transitional with the help of hosiery. However, there are styles that are particularly agreeable for the in-between season.

A peep-toe bootie is the epitome of easy transitional footwear. A cross between a shoe and a boot, they can be worn with or without opaques in the cold weather. Its sister, the cutout bootie, is another chic and of-the-moment option. Spring will be all about the cage shoe so feel free to sport them a few months early. Wedges are also back in a big way. Embrace them while you can as they’re both stylish and comfy.

Come spring, shed the tights and let the shoes enjoy the weather. [continue reading…]

Wardrobe Must: Not-So-Basic LBDs post image

I believe that a closet should contain multiple LBDs (aka Little Black Dresses). I mean, things like shape and silhouette make a difference when in comes to creating a look and I have yet to find a single LBD that can suit all my needs.

This season marked a major LBD comeback and our favorite closet staple now comes in a variety of styles- the micro mini, the backless, the plunging neck, the long sleeved, the cut-out, the leather, the lace. While this style staple was once synonymous with simplicity and considered the perfect foundation for statement-accessories, the new LBDs do all the talking and don’t require additional flourishes.

A not-so-basic LBD puts a definate end to the ubiquitous closet-full-of-clothes-and-nothing-to-wear predicament and can serve as your fool-proof go-to time and time again.

Check out  my top picks after the jump! [continue reading…]

Fall Must Have: Thigh-High Boots post image

We’ve all the seen the bootie “rockin’ everywhere,” but the over-the-knee boot is giving our favorite ankle-hugger a run for its money. A slew of these sky-high stunners were seen on the Fall 2009 runways of top designers including Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Rodarte, Pucci, and the list goes on and on.

If you’re a 70’s boho flower child, look to Marc Jacobs’ regal plum number in suede for inspiration. Are you channeling Lady Gaga these days? Then head over to Louis Vuitton for a flirty futuristic version that would make the reigning Queen of Pop oh-so-proud. In any case, be very conscious of how you style the racy footwear to, ahem, preserve your reputation. Think Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and stay clear of Pretty Woman references unless they’re from Vivienne Westwood. (Sorry Julia! We love this film beyond words, but we’ll leave the “working girl” attire on set.)

Thigh-highs will give you more wiggle room as they can double as the new leggings under fall frocks and classic trenches. Stella McCartney paired her vegan designs with an oversized sweater for an insta-hit combination. The rule of thumb: when in doubt, cover up! Wearing your over-the-knee boots atop skinny jeans or tights will steer you clear of a fashion mess and turn you into a fashion success.

Read on to see my favorite thigh-high styles!

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Fall’s Newest Fetish: Luxe Leather post image

Leather is back in a big way. No longer exclusive to the biker babe, the new shapes are sleek and stylish, yet still maintain an edge. On the runway, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Phi showed the most memorable pieces, while a bevy of other designers did amazing looks too. For everyday wear, follow these tips.

Let the leather piece take center stage. Everything else should serve as a complement. If you go with leather bottoms, temper it with a floaty chiffon blouse or slouchy cashmere sweater and punctuate the look with a thick cuff. Though playing up the rocker vibe is a natural choice, I say it’s all about the unexpected pairings this season.

Of course, every girl needs a go-to motorcycle jacket in her repertoire. A leather blazer is a great option as well. A vest is also a great transitional item to wear over summer pieces now and heavier knits later. Throw these toppers over everything you own, from jeans to dresses, for instant street cred. It’s so chic when it almost seems like an afterthought.

Leather can cost you a week’s paycheck (or more), but if you find one must-have stunner, it’ll last forever and get better with age. The fit should be flawless. Find form-fitting pieces that aren’t skintight. It’s also crucial that the material does not look like cheap poly blend – even if it is. Don’t risk looking trashy (there, I said it). Luckily, there are great faux options out there; just scour Zara or Urban Outfitters.

Takeaway lesson: despite it’s intimidating looks, leather is pretty versatile when you’ve got a few stylish tricks up your sleeve. Any way you wear it, it’s got attitude. Motorcycle optional.

Read on for some of my top leather finds!

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A Worthy Investment: Grandpa Cardigans post image

When it comes to vintage goodies like pretty brooches and one-of-a-kind purses, Grandma’s closet is the way to go. With this season’s shift towards the androgynous, however, it might be time to raid grandpa’s closet as well. One wardrobe staple I’m currently obsessing over the grandpa cardigans- such an un-chic name for something so fabulous but even still. I love the whole boho slouchy feel (okay, really wish I had another word for boho at this point, but whatever!) and a loose knit is the perfect way to achieve the look. I am especially a fan of pairing the sweater over a tight silhouette like skinny jeans and a tight tank; it just has this accidental sex-appeal to it which I simply adore. This style will definitely come in handy over the next few months, when fickle-weather-behavior will be at an all-time high and temperatures can go from comfortable to freezing with the snap of a finger or when its warm outside, but freezing in your office. Or even when it’s a bit nippy out but you don’t want to wear a jacket.

See 10 fabulous cardigans after the jump.

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