I Went Shopping with a Personal Stylist and It Was the Best Decision Ever post image

I was once the queen of the classic closet-full-of-clothes-and-nothing-to-wear predicament that every girl knows all too well. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I spent all of my preteen and teen years organizing and reorganizing my overstuffed closet and dresser. I had so many clothes that I couldn’t seem to find space to fit them all, yet it always felt like I had absolutely nothing to wear. This followed me into adulthood, and the solution always seemed to be shopping. So I would go out, buy a few new things, and have a few new outfits for a while, but then the cycle would begin again—I would get bored of everything and never seemed to have anything to wear!

Lately this problem hit an all-time high, I think in part because I lost a significant amount of weight over the last year. That, combined with the fact that I entered my 30s this year and am getting married very soon, has caused my style to change, and the items I used to love aren’t appealing to me anymore.

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A Worthy Investment: Asymmetrical Hem Skirt post image

If you’re looking to update your date night wardrobe, there’s only one piece you need this season to get your guy’s head turning – the asymmetrical hem skirt.  The modern mini, and even some midi, has gotten a sexy update it’s a look you don’t want to pass up.

This style skirt comes in a multitude of lengths and styles so there’s one out there for everyone. If you’ve been looking for a way to amp up your skirt collection then take a look at these amazing options of one of the season’s hottest trends.

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10 Fabulous Winter Jackets Under $150 post image

Love it or hate it, winter weather is upon us and it’s definitely the time to invest in this season’s go-to cold weather must have – the coat.  With so many options it’s hard to pick just one so I’ve compiled a list of 10 different coats, all no more than $150, to help you choose that perfect cover-up to keep you warm and stylish all winter long.

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Link Love post image

Link Love

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10 Spring Pieces That Will Take You from the Office to Happy Hour post image

We’ve all had those days when you’re sitting in your office and your bff calls asking you to meet her for a drink after work, or you’ve had such a crappy day that a nearby happy hour with the girls sounds like just the fix or sometimes you have plans to meet up with your significant other for a weeknight date night.  Whether it’s scheduled or on a whim, it’s always great to be prepared with a stylish outfit that can take you from work to the bar.

Spring has sprung and after work get-togethers are going to be picking up (come on patio weather!), so here are 10 awesome pieces that will have you looking stellar during and after work hours.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Style: Festive (and Functional!) Must-Have Pieces post image

Ah, St. Patrick’s day.  The one day where boozing and sporting a green dyed mouth is completely acceptable and incredibly fun.  There’s nothing more fun than rounding up your favorite people and embarking on a bar crawl in your town while sporting ridiculous amount of green.  However, if you’re anything like me the idea of dressing up can be a little daunting.  But just because you’re not rocking a crazy boa, a fluffy green tutu, or some shamrock printed frock (more power to you if you do rock out!) doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the spirit of the day!  So with that being said, here are 10 awesome pieces that will help you get down with the luck of the Irish but that you can easily wear again!

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Best Boots for Bad Weather post image

Best Boots for Bad Weather

We’ve been pretty lucky this year when it comes to our winter, but there are still the occasional snow storms and I’m sure we’ve got plenty more on the way before those warm wonderful days of spring.  My biggest concern during the winter is finding great boots that will look fab while keeping my feet dry and warm.  Whether you walk to work, you brush off your car in the a.m., or you rarely step outside when the white stuff is on the ground, a great boot for any snowy occasion is necessary to any girl’s wardrobe.

Here are 10 (+ 1 just had to add!) styles to get you through the rest of winter. [continue reading…]

Muse-Worthy: 5 Street Style Looks to Emulate post image

I admit that I love looking at street style pics.  Not only do I love looking at pretty fashion, but I also find some great inspiration from these pictures, too.  Street style is a great way to get the creative juices flowing to help inspire you to create new looks with what you already have in your closet or to help you achieve that certain look when shopping for new items to add to your wardrobe.  Or maybe you have that impulse buy – the one that you feel instantly in love with but still hangs in your closet with the tags on – another reason to check out some great street style.

So here are 5 fabulous winter looks to copy now or to put your own fashionista twist on: [continue reading…]

10 Ways To Boost Your Wardrobe for 2013 post image

Well here we are – already a few weeks into 2013!  One thing that I love to do in the new year is to boost my wardrobe.  Now is the perfect time to invest in some great new wardrobe staples (great sales are still going on!) or bring in some new versions to add to the ones you already have.  Doing this will help freshen up your closet, spices up your looks and it’s a great way to start the year off on a stylish foot.

Here are 10 easy ways to boost your wardrobe for 2013. [continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Tartan post image

Trend to Try: Tartan

It girls are rocking it, runways were strutting it – tartan print is definitely a new trend to try.  The perfect blend of prep, edge, and Scottish-class, this trend is super fun to incorporate into your current winter wardrobes.  Coming in everything from flirty skirts to playful tights to amazing accessories, adding tartan to any wardrobe is completely doable, regardless of your style.

Here are 10 of my favorite tartan pieces for winter: [continue reading…]

Don’t Follow the Trends, Start Them: Tips To Become More Fashion-Forward post image

My mission when starting ANM wasn’t just to talk about style, but to encourage all of your to come into your own style-wise and to cultivate your own signature style, one that puts your creativity to the test and makes you feel truly amazing from the inside out.

I am not a fan of ‘trends’ in the conventional sense. I believe that mindlessly hopping onto any trend band-wagon negates what fashion is all about- expressing yourself and showcasing your individuality. Now if you legit love something, notwithstanding its ‘trend’ status, then I am all for wearing it. However, I will never advocate buying and wearing something just because it’s hot and then sending it to the back of your closet when it’s not.

Look at Chloe Sevigny, Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, and Rihanna– all ladies who don’t ever follow the trends, they dictate them. These gals don’t seem to care what other people are doing or what other people will think of what they are wearing. They wear what they love, they take risks, they break rules, and they OWN it. While all of them have very different and distinct styles, all are widely renowned and emulated for their unique styles.

So what separates the fashion-forwards from the fashion-victims? I have thought long and hard on the subject throughout my career in fashion and have uncovered some tips that will help you on your trend-setting way.

Read on to check them out! [continue reading…]

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