Ask Dr. Jen:  Should I Do a Sugar Detox? post image

Question: Hello Dr. Jen, I heard that doing a sugar detox is great for losing weight, increasing energy, and burning fat. Is that true, and if so how would I go about it? Because I crave sugar all the time!

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The Clean Gut Diet: I Tried It! post image

I came home one day to a stack of books, tons of fruits and veggies, and a new Vitamix on my kitchen counter. My mother had decided to become fully immersed in this new “clean gut diet.” Now if you knew her like I do, you wouldn’t be surprised. She’s tried every diet under the sun, each time encouraging me to do them with her.

The diets are usually meant for fast weight loss and are either impossible to keep up with, or just involve some crazy concoction that doesn’t seem fit for consumption. After questioning–and a little mocking–I realized this diet sounded different. It wasn’t about about a quick fix, it was about a cleanse. And it wasn’t the kind of cleanse that comes in all the pretty bottles (and leaves you completely starving for the week) it was genuinely about cleaning out your body and getting your digestive system to work optimally.

My skepticism soon gave way to curiosity (and the chocolate flavored morning shake looked pretty tasty!) and I decided not to dismiss this one so quickly. I skimmed through the book, learned a lot about Doctor Alejandro Junger M.D., and realized this guy knows his stuff. He studied internal medicine at NYU, completed a fellowship in cardiology at Lenox Hill, and after he was done with all the medical training, he went to study Eastern Medicine in India. Feeling incredibly intrigued (and a bit smitten by this incredibly intelligent, green-eyed doctor) I embarked on a  journey to a spotless gut.

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ANM Review: Kaeng Raeng’s Detox Cleanse post image

Juice fasts have been a big trend for years now, thanks in large part to celebrities who tout juice fasts as the ultimate way to drop tons of weight really quickly. I have a lot of friends who have done juice fasts and while I was always curious to try, I could never quite summon the motivation.

I had been in the initial phases of re-vamping my diet and eliminating processed foods to shift to a more plant-based diet when I got a press release asking if I’d want to try Kaeng Raeng, a vegan, gluten-free, all-natural detox cleanse.

Created by certified personal trainer Lindsay Reinsmith, Kaeng Raeng means “be healthy, be strong” in Thai. Each Kaeng Raeng pouch is a full meal replacement and contains more than a full serving of fruit and fiber, 15g of lean non-GMO protein, probiotics, essential amino acids and vitamins, so you can detox without depriving yourself of important nutrients —or of flavor. Celebrity fans include Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Silverstone, and Lauren Conrad are all fans.

I think the convenience factor is what really drew me in. There was no mess, no shopping fruits and vegetables, just a pouch you mix with water, or put into a blender with ice for a yummy smoothie.

Since I’m a newbie, I decided to do the three-day cleanse at the beginner level. Here’s how it went: [continue reading…]

7 Tips to Detox Your Body (No Fasting Necessary!) post image

Winter is a rough time when it comes to fitness and healthy eating. It’s cold, it’s dark, and there’s not much motivation to hit the gym since you can hide behind layers of cozy clothing. While most people get an dose of motivation around New Year’s, according to Time Magazine, “60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.”

So how do you kick off the new year after a holiday fueled with “one more bite”? How do you create the right environment for your body to keep up with your resolutions all year long?

The answer: Detox. (And no we are not talking about a juice cleanse!)

See below as fitness and nutrition expert Amanda Obregon gives us 7 tips on how to refresh and cleanse our bodies both through fitness and healthy eating.

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Link Roundup post image

Link Roundup

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Summer Slim-Down Series:  Detox post image

Summer Slim-Down Series: Detox

It’s not too late to meet that summer goal of yours! When you feel that diet and exercise just aren’t enough, detoxing is a great way to boost your efforts and reset your body. While there are hundreds of different ways to go about detoxing, the below two options are especially helpful, and fairly easy to follow. So whether you want to jump start a new diet, cleanse yourself of all the toxins you acquired over the summer, or just feel better all around – detoxing is the way to go.

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Tips from Dr. Oz Garcia for a Red-Carpet Worthy Body post image

‘Tis the season for us regular folks to have our red-carpet moments- proms, weddings, graduation parties, a big event is the greatest motivation to get into shape and look and feel your best. And even if you don’t have a big party coming up, swimsuit season is right around the bend.

Oz Garcia is a world renowned nutritionist who has attracted a loyal celebrity following for one major reason: he knows exactly he knows exactly how to get and keep the perfect body.

To help you prep properly for your big day, whatever the occasion may be, he has provided some amazing diet tips as well as a step-by-step breakdown of what  to do the night before and day of a big event to ensure you look and feel your best.

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