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The whole point of makeup – or at least one of its major points – is to make us look younger. At times it may seem like an impossible task… Still, there are ways to take years off your face in a short time before breakfast. Do you find it hard to believe? Don’t be in a hurry… before you try these tips that can make you 10 years younger in just as many minutes!

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My 7 Secret Weapons for Gorgeous Skin post image

It doesn’t matter how perfectly you’ve mastered the art of winged liner, highlighting and contouring, or any other fancy beauty technique, a clear, radiant complexion trumps everything when it comes to looking amazing. Your complexion is the first thing people notice about you, it is the difference between looking young and healthy, or ragged and run down.

Me and my skin have had a complicated relationship over the years. I struggled with minor breakouts as a teen, which evolved to full-blown acne as an adult (the fact that such a thing is actually quite common didn’t make it any better!). And it wasn’t just the acne. My skin also alternated between being super dry or ultra oily and my skin tone was always dull and uneven.

Fortunately, things have dramatically improved in recent years. My acne days are long gone (and people don’t even believe me when I tell them I used to have it because all the evidence has disappeared as well!). And my complexion looks more radiant and youthful now than it did a decade ago. In the past, people would always tell me I looked tired or pale, now no one believes me if I say I’m tired (but you look for refreshed and luminous!). In fact, I get complimented on my skin and asked about my skincare regimen almost on a daily basis!

A beautiful complexion comes down to two things: the right diet and the right products.

It took a lot of trial and error but I’ve finally found a selection of secret-weapon products that keep my skin in top shape. And here they are: [continue reading…]

Skin Care Rehab: Products to Rejuvenate Your Skin for Spring post image

With the weather finally warming up, it’s a perfect opportunity to do some hard-core skin repair and rejuvenation. Like a snake, we need to shed our old dried-up winter skin that was abused through three months of harsh temperature extremes of freezing outside temperatures and over heated interiors.

Dr. Debra Jaliman, a nationally renowned dermatologist and author of “Skin Rules,” recommends exfoliating at the beginning of spring in order to shed our skin’s winter coat. She recommends pads impregnated with Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid or an exfoliator with Hyaluronic Acid to exfoliate the dead layers of our winter skin and bring out the new fresher layers. Hyaluronic Acid revitalizes damaged tissue and increases the skin’s viscosity and elasticity.

Here are some other products to help get your skin into tip top shape this season:

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Link Love

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Beauty Review: Diamond Facials, a Girl’s New Best Friend post image

For those of you that love their skin to look awesome, I mean- all-out -stunning like a fresh opened  petal in exquisite morning dew… but instantly.. without delay ( because do we really want to wait for anything in this digital age of tweet and instant posting) I recommend experiencing a Diamond Dust facial at the Vince Smith Hair Experience Salon.

Vince Smith, a hair stylist who has graced many runway shows in his 20+ year career, is a beauty maven unlike any other. You would love hanging out at his salon among his team of experienced stylists in a real family atmosphere of beauty conspirators.

Have you ever seen what a 24 karat gold or diamond dust facial can do to your face? Well at the Vince Smith Hair Experience, it is a possibility .. “I wanted to offer the best facials on the market and after months of testing, I discovered the Mica Beauty Jewels Line that blew me away. It was the only one that delivered great results quickly .”

The Jewels by Mica Beauty line allows your skin to be mended looking fresh, young-looking, restored in just one visit . Something about the power of the rare and expensive minerals of Pearl, Gold, and Diamond has been proven to be really good for the skin. It is based on the advanced method of microdermabrasion of Diamond Dust that exfoliates the skin with extremely effective results.

Without radical removal of dead skin cells such as these rare minerals allow, you hold up the production of new skin cells. Complexion problems can also be triggered by bad or insufficient exfoliation. New skin cells bring out fresher and healthier skin and allow you to look your best.

So I went in to find out for my self. [continue reading…]

Link Roundup post image

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Link Roundup

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Winter Beauty Essentials post image

Winter Beauty Essentials

As the winter months are in full swing and the air is getting colder by the hour, our skin begs to be rescued from the brisk, dry air. To help you put your best face forward during these highly unpleasant months, we’ve tested countless products and rounded up our favorites.

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ANM Beauty Diary: My First Chemical Peel post image

When Orchid Aesthetics Spa in NYC extended the offer to have me try out a few treatments on the house, I jumped at the chance (what girl wouldn’t?). I was a bit alarmed when I arrived for my first treatment and they recommended I get a chemical peel. I mean, who can forget that infamous episode of Sex and the City when Samantha Jones gets a peel before Carrie’s book party and ends up looking like a burn victim and is so horrifying a sight to behold she has to be sent home.

In my mind, Chemical Peels were as severe as botox- an extreme, last-resort measure to try and turn back the clock. While the aging-reversal benefits are vast, it turns out there are many other amazing benefits that women of all ages can enjoy. Chemical peels remove the outer layers of skin, prompting the body to generate a new layer of skin cells to replace the old one which works to heal sun damaged skin, acne, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems.

While I had my hesitations at first, as soon as the specialist at Orchid told me a peel would unclog and shrink my pores, fade old acne scars, and treat and prevent new breakouts, I was sold! [continue reading…]

I Scream for Eye Cream post image

I Scream for Eye Cream

I may be young but I still have an intense fear of crow’s feet. Sunglasses are constantly plastered to my face, and well, I’ve tried every conceivable eye cream I can get my hands on. It’s a well-known fact you do the most damage to your skin in your teens and 20s, so why not start with the anti-aging eye creams now?

Here are some picks for favorites. But as you also know, everyone’s skin is different so be sure to include your lucky finds in the comments below! [continue reading…]

The Truth About Anti-Aging Treatments post image

You can’t turn on a TV or flip through a magazine without seeing ads for products and treatments that promise to turn back the clock and deliver unprecedented anti-aging results. Some of the most touted products and procedures can cost quite a bundle and how can anyone really be sure they will be getting what they paid for?

According to Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Naficy, patients are often unaware of what at-home anti-aging treatments actually work, and end up trying products after being swayed by the marketing hype.

Read on for his assessments on some of the latest anti-aging treatments. [continue reading…]

Free To Be Young: Look Youthful Without Speding A Dime post image

There are thousands of products on the market – some of which work and some which don’t – for combating wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and all the unsightly tell-tale signs of aging. There are innovative procedures such as injections for just about every body part – lips, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, neck, hands – even feet. There are surgeries to correct just about any flaw you can think up.

I am not against opting for procedures that can safely make me look and feel younger, but I just thought I’d remind you that there are plenty of things you can do to start Aging Backwards that won’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, they’re free.

Find out what they are after the jump!

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Stop Grinding: Sleep Better and Look Younger post image

A few months ago, I received some unsettling news from my dentist: I was grinding my teeth in my sleep, something I had apparently been doing for quite some time (the condition is formally known as Bruxism). The grinding had gotten so bad that I had actually started wearing away at the surface of my teeth!

The news was a bit unsettling but also somewhat of a relief as it elucidated why I was experiencing some strange symptoms- trouble sleeping, headaches, jaw tension, and aching gums. However, it wasn’t much of a relief when I asked my dentist what could be done to rectify my little predicament. His solution was to fit me for a mouth guard, which would cost me over a grand! The alternative? Settle for life as a tooth grinder, or bruxist, and continue to deal with the many detrimental side effects. Not wanting to shell out that much money to correct a problem I never really knew I had, I decided to hold off, figuring I would find a better way to solve this issue.

I had put this problem on the back-burner, convincing myself it really wasn’t that big of a deal. In a fortuitous twist, Eric, who knew nothing about the problem that I was pretending not to have, mentioned that a friend of his had actually invented a new product designed to cure my condition! While a mouth guard would stop tooth grinding itself, this new design, the SleepGuard, would actually solve the problem for good at its root.

Naturally, I decided to give it a try and the results were so great, I just had to share it with all of you, especially since I’m sure more than a few of you are amongst the millions who suffer from this condition

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