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55 Signs a Guy Likes You (For Sure!)

You will find tons of content on how to tell if a guy likes you here on A New Mode. The reason? It’s probably the number 1 question women have when it comes to dating and relationships.

We’ve all been hurt in the past, many of us have experienced the pain of wanting someone who doesn’t like us back. And it hurts. It’s hard not to take it personally.

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Sometimes it’s clear as day when a guy likes you, other times it’s a little hard to tell. He seems like he’s interested, but it’s hard to be totally sure, and you don’t want to come right out and ask him and risk embarrassment or rejection.

That’s why we’ve created this handy list which includes every sign that a guy definitely likes you. You have to take the full picture into account. If he’s showing maybe 1-2 signs then he probably doesn’t have strong feelings for you, he may be somewhat interested. If you find yourself checking yes to most of these, then he definitely likes you.

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How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You:

  1. He stares at you, a lot.
  2. He brightens up every time he sees you.
  3. He “accidentally” touches you a lot.
  4. He leans in when talking to you and angles his body toward you.
  5. He preens a bit when he sees you. He may fix his hair, adjust his tie,  smooth his shirt, etc.
  6. He gets fidgety around you, it almost looks like he forgot how to use his hands.
  7. He makes eye contact. His eyes may also wander to your mouth and then back up to your eyes.
  8. He treats you differently than everyone else.
  9. He mirrors your movements.
  10. He pays attention to your social media. You may notice he likes and comments on your posts, or maybe brings up things you’ve posted in conversation.
  11. He initiates contact with you often via phone or text.
  12. He gives you cute nicknames, or maybe even has inside jokes with you.
  13. He wants to know all about you. He asks tons of questions and pays attention to your answers.
  14. He shows interest in your interests.
  15. He teases you in a playful way.
  16. He talks to his friends about you … and has probably introduced you to them.
  17. He compliments your appearance. He makes it clear that he finds you attractive.
  18. He compliments things about you- your personality, the way you carry yourself, the way you interact with the world.
  19. He talks himself up in order to try and impress you.
  20. He finds excuses to talk to you or be around you. He always seems to find his way towards you in a crowded room.
  21. He tries to figure out your relationship status. He might ask you directly, ask you indirectly, or ask your friends.
  22. He gets jealous when you to talk to other guys or talk about other guys.
  23. He doesn’t talk to you about other girls.
  24. He doesn’t want the conversation to ever end- he actively tries to keep it going.
  25.  He opens up to you about things.
  26. He goes out of his way for you. If you need a favor, he’s the first person to volunteer.
  27. He gives you thoughtful little gifts.
  28. He is on his best behavior when he’s with you. He may be a barbarian with everyone else, but with you he’s Prince Charming.
  29. He stands up for you. He won’t allow anyone to insult you in front of him.
  30. He tries to make you laugh.
  31. He always looks to see your reaction. If you’re in a group and he tells a story, he looks at you to see how you react.
  32. He comes up with any excuse to talk to you. He asks you things he doesn’t necessarily need to ask and could ask anyone else.
  33. He is totally focused when he’s with you.
  34. His pupils dilate. This is a natural reaction when we see something we like.
  35. He doesn’t check his phone when he’s with you.
  36. He’s relaxed when you touch him, he doesn’t tense up or flinch away.
  37. He blushes easily around you.
  38. His voice gets deeper. This is a subconscious thing that can happen.
  39. You make him laugh … even if you’re not that funny. He just seems elated when he’s around you.
  40. He doesn’t flirt with other girls in front of you.
  41. He can’t stop smiling around you.
  42. Things are always reminding him of you. He may text you images or articles or something funny that happened because it made him think of you.
  43. He matches your pace when you walk next to each other.
  44. He values your opinion. He respects you and what you have to say, he may also seek out your advice.
  45. He enjoys hanging out with you … and wants to hang out with you a lot!
  46. He pursues you. He’s not satisfied just being friends, he makes it clear he wants something more.
  47. He really listens to what you have to say.
  48. He cares about your needs and tries to meet them.
  49. He makes future plans with you. Maybe a concert next week or a vacation next year.
  50. He likes a lot of things about you, things beyond your physical appearance.
  51. He wants to be there for important events- birthdays, graduation, etc.
  52. It is clear to everyone in your life and his that he likes you
  53. He shows you he cares about you through his actions, not just his words.
  54. He tells you he really likes you.
  55. You don’t wonder how he feels. It’s just so clear and obvious.

I hope after reading this article you’re totally clear on the signs a man likes you. But there is more you need to know if you want a healthy, loving relationship that lasts. At some point, he’s going to ask himself: Is this the woman I want to commit to? That answer will shape everything. Do you know what inspires a man to commit, and what men look for in a long-term partner? If not you need to read this next: The #1 Things Men Desire in a Woman

The second problem is extremely common … he starts pulling away and seems to be losing interest. He isn’t as responsive, he isn’t as excited by you, he just isn’t as present and you’re afraid he’s going to leave. Do you know what to do when this happens? If not you run the risk of making a major mistake that could push him further away so read this now so you don’t risk losing him If He’s Pulling Away, Do This...

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Hans Angelin

Again this is Hans……I’m 72 year’s old and my Lady friend is 63 years old. We started a relationship in our first week in much passion and sexual activity then it came to a total stop and her reasons are that she has various health issues which we discussed and I’m very supportive in being there. One of the biggest issues is the intimacy for that is haunting her of event’s in her past as child and having gone through three marriages…..she was telling and sharing about me with all her family and friends how great I am and a hard worker and gentlemen….she still feels all this but expresses that my numerous attempts in some kind of physical contact is all what I have on my mind is so far from the truth…I mean how is a guy supposed to behave when his Lady parades practical naked around him in privacy in the bedroom. Yes I asked her to sleep with me in the nude and she willingly so did and we cuddled up the entire night…..to only come back four day’s later that it was wrong and she needs time to heal her body from al the stress she is going through……yes I’m hurting my heart has been severely damaged and yet I want to be there in helping her in all my capacity which she is totally aware…telling me she rather be poor and in love then live in comfort and besides anyone can have sex but real love is rare……..what can you guide me in this understanding.

Reply December 19, 2020, 3:26 pm

Hans Angelin

This is Hans……you talk about mostly what men may be the cause of issues, do you have any articles that give a man’s point of view like ( like my lady friend really loves me ” she says” but has given me more and more the cold shoulder ) even thou she has given me signal’s and I acts on them she turns around and says ” I’m not ready right now…give me time to heal my body”……so I step back to only renew three weeks later similar advances…..do you have clarity on such matter’s.

Reply December 19, 2020, 3:08 pm


Hi, I wanted to ask a few questions, First I have to tell you the back story. I am a college student in my senior year and I was taking this class. I started to notice a few weeks into the class that the professor would stare at me quite a lot but at first I didn’t think much of it. as time went one, I began to attend his office hours and he would ask me questions about myself that really no one noticed before. He would also say things like ” if your answers on the exam are close to the actual answer ill give you the points”. One day during class he was giving an example and he picked on me and this other guy. He was talking about molecules and how they interact and he said something along these lines ” shara is surrounded by the avengers, I mean why wouldn’t she, and the guy is now sad that he will always be alone and he lost his chance with shara”. After he finished his whole example, he came up to me and apologized for picking on me and told me that he didn’t mean to make things awkward. As we entered remote learning, during the online lectures he would be shy to mention my name during class zoom lecture. During office hours via zoom, also began to notice my dedication and calmness and how i was hard working for his class. He also emailed me a few days after office hours and asked me how my studying went over the weekend. I am wondering if these are signs that he likes me or maybe he just knows that I’m a good student? Also he is much older than I am by a slight age gap. My friends think that he likes me but I’m not quite sure. Should I let go of the possibility this can become something more? I really felt the attraction during class since it was in person but now that the class was online and that the semester is almost over I am not sure…. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you.

Reply April 12, 2020, 1:47 am

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