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Kate Middleton’s Royal Style Must-Haves post image

Seriously, given the spectacle surrounding the royal wedding, the only people who have not heard that there is a new princess in town must literally be living under a rock! Whether we’re discussing the details of Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, the identity of her wedding dress designer, the size of her ring, the amount of her weight she’s lost, or the frequency of her shopping trips, the public has salivated over every last detail of what has become a wedding for the ages.

The world has literally gone gaga over the royal wedding; even Lady Gaga who threw a  royal themed party to celebrate the end of her concert tour.  While Lady Gaga may be the reigning Queen of Pop, Princess Kate has gotten the attention of the world– and she didn’t even have to wear a meat dress!

While Kate’s fashion sense has already been both panned and praised so many times it can make your head spin, there’s no denying that she is having a major impact on the fashion world and is style icon on the rise. Kate’s aesthetic is simple, yet classic and elegant.  While many have deemed her style outdated and dowdy for a 29 year old, I think it fits that of a princess to perfection. [Click here to keep reading…]


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