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    omg okay good, I was about to freak out LOL



    Well. ..I took the Initiative and messaged a guy on pof. he’s good looking and his name is. …Frank !

    will see if he replies .



    Good luck Harls!
    Good weekend.. but am tired as crap. J had store party.. we cooked or 3 hrs Saturday.. another 2 yesterday and started setting up at 3.. wound down at 10 and ahh the cleanup. I went to bed at 12, have a tiny hangover and am sore as crap. Stood in heels for 6 hours! Dragging heiny today. Short week though woo hoo!



    Hope you feeling better Celeste.

    I’m sure J is very grateful.

    I’m tired too. It’s the season.



    FB: We have sent you a registration email.
    Me: No, you haven’t.
    Me: Pressing the re send email button. 6 times. (They said we have technical problems, please try again).

    FB: You’re abusing this function. You have been blocked.
    Me: WTF. Fuk you.

    Im sure they will come to their senses…

    Girls… I love you… you know that, right!!? 2015 is gonna be AWESOME for all of us, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind… I can’t wait for all the amazing things that are about to happen…




    I need a solution. my son has mild adhd. He can’t do rules or realise the consequences of his actions. my family and his dad have had enough and all kicked him out..mainly for giving cheek and driving them crazy. my sister has now had enough and wants him out for Xmas.

    I have nowhere for him to go. He gets money each week from the govt but it’s not enough to rent an appt…pay bills and eat food.

    He left school at 15 so has no qualifications. He can’t hold down a course to get a qualification. The state won’t help him get housing. I enquired. He has to go into a homeless hostel for 6 mths to qualify and i don’t want to see him reduced to that… hanging out with drunks and druggies.

    The new house I bought has no heating and is damp and i have no money to renovate it. I applied for a small loan…which I won’t know about till mid year and I’m expecting a feck off on that anyway. I don’t really have the money to hep him out with renting or for both of us to rent.

    The only solution I can think of is to pack him off to New house and make the best of it…it’s better than being homeless. and try to renovate house bit by bit.I stay with my sister…If I can stick her… and pray a job transfer comes along quick. super quick. ha ha ha. I go over to new house each weekend and make sure he is alive. meanwhile.. He IS learning how to be self sufficient. He will just have to live like a tramp for a while.

    He honestly hasn’t the sense god gave him to cope on his own.

    or…I suppose we can try to get an appt for him and I contribute to paying for it. If I got approved for the loan. ..I could get some of the house up and running over the next few months…it’s coming into summer weather soon.

    Any other bright ideas are much appreciated.



    How old is he?
    What medications have you tried?



    He’s 20. We are Waaaay backward here compared to the USA for meds and treatments. he’s on anxiety stuff at the moment. appears to be working as he’s a lot calmer and rational. I’ve spent thousands on counselling….A waste of money. I do see improvements in him as he matures.

    anyway.. looks like I may have gotten approved for loan so it’s a start. I can get heating fixed..roof done. ..and a meter for the eye trinity so he can bloody well pay his own way.



    Harley you are a wonderful mother. Mental illness, such as anxiety, which you all know I have been diagnosed with the disorder is very challenging and grueling. Here in the USA they are quick to give out medication, such as benzos, which I take. Well one benzo, Xanax. And the anti-anxiety medication is so addicting, and the psychiatrists here keep bumping up the mg’s, so soon you become immune to the dosage and want to dose up. It is a horrible system, but they get paid by the big Pharmaceutical companies.

    On the other hand you find good psychiatrists that don’t do that stuff, but all of mine have had me on so much medication it isn’t even funny. But, your son is still young and you giving him that ultimatum to pay his own way will get him going, I know I would start becoming more motivated to make money if my parents did the same thing.



    Hi all.

    Cleo.. thanks a lot for that. Made me feel HEAPS better.

    I’ll be fine.. so will he.

    I had a good Xmas, working on my house and with family.

    I made contacts for workmen on my house, one of hem I have yet to meet.. He’s german. Typical. !

    I’m destined never to get away from them these days !

    HOPE you all having a good festive season.



    So update:

    I spent the day before New Years eve, New Years eve, and New Years with P. We had a great time, except for when I got sick on New Years day. I came down with some bug, and I was throwing up non-stop. He cuddled me, and made sure I was okay. He would bring up fluids, and even went out to get my dinner. I finally feel better and my car is at his house, so I will pick up that tomorrow.

    I was just wondering your input on why a guy would want to deal with a sick girl who is throwing up and looks disgusting and smells a mess even though I did take two showers.



    Update: 37 year old is in the hospital. his baby mama is in labour and the baby could be born tonight or tomorrow morning …… giving him space to bond with the baby and see if anything is there. I guess if he wants to date me after that he will ask me out right? at this time i am really not sure what i want. but if he asks me out i think i will go. sigh ….. why r guys so difficult to understand.

    Cleo – last year a guy came and spent the day with me when i was sick and brought some movies just to cheer me up. we were not even dating. guys r a mystery to me. dont know why they do what they do.



    Cleo’s all good honey.

    Sherri…37 yr old baby mama sounds a mess. you are wasting your time with him imo..he’ll fall in love with the baby and want to try to work it out with baby mama. even if he doesn’t. ..he will gave things to sort out with her for the next foreseeable future.

    pick a guy with less problems.



    So..This builder guy Kevin on my new house is flirting away. It’s good to have attention. I shall see him this Saturday and let you all know if I feel more for him . It’s fun flirting ….as long as no one gets hurt.



    Oh wow….found this thread…..I absolutely love it. You guys Rock…..


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