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    The reason I’m not on FB is because I had (have) a crazy stalker and without going into details things got really nasty about 2 years ago. Since then I have “orders” not to go back on FB. I’m not sure if I’m “aloud” to be o Twitter either, but it def seems safer to me, since you can use a username instead of your real name… I think joining a private FB group should be OK/safe though…



    I’ll ask/request/demand/bully/bribe Raven to look into it so.

    Hope you all having a good day.

    Top of the morning to you !



    You do a private group chat on Facebook, but I am only friends with you and Raven on there at the moment. I never use my twitter either, a great journalist I am LOL. I just can’t stand it because everything that is trending is stuff I honestly don’t care about, A.K.A Niki Minaj lol.

    I hope everything is going good with you ladies! I have been sick all week, but I feel better today. I didn’t shower for 3 days I couldn’t even get out of bed, eww I was so gross. This winter weather is killing me even though Chicago’s was worse.

    Hey atleast my anxiety has been good this week. After my one post I haven’t been freaking out about P, and I just let him text me first everyday to check in while he is away on his trip. He comes back tomorrow.



    You’d need a Facebook account to be a member of a group page maria.

    You can open accounts in fake names though. I have done a couple times. Some friends use nick names instead of real names too.



    Harls – glad to hear about your house? I’m sure you posted about getting one right? I’m sorry I’m a bit out of it. I’m on a deadline at work to launch a project before the holidays which officially start at noon on the 24th. Eeekkkk.

    I’m sorry that Frank is still on your mind. I would think it’s better that he doesn’t live in the same country…I like to think of it as out of site/ out of mind? It really helps. I’m over dude that I initially posted about when I started coming on here. He tried to remain in contact and be friends and to be honest I thought that would have been ok because he doesn’t live here. To be honest every text convo ended in us fighting and you know what I finally have just come to the realization I don’t owe him anything. I was being nice but next time he even sends a text saying hello I’m ignoring it for me own sanity and well-being. He in around about way expressed getting things back on track and being together. I was having none of it. Especially since he was dancing around it. Waste of bloody time. So Harls, Frank is a waste of your bloody time. Move on out and up bec you deserve so much more than him.

    Maria (Lisbeth) ;) – I remember the name of that place it’s in the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo book. I’m sure you do miss the company. It’s good that you’re back out there dating or at least checking things out. You don’t know what’s out there unless you try.

    On a side note…I noticed things haven’t settled here.

    if I don’t get a chance to post again in the next week or so…hope you all have a lovely holiday wherever you may be.




    So what goes on here? I’ve never posted here.



    Girls this was hilarious. Me n fwb were having an amazing session n my phone kept ringing alerts beck of the FB chat rofl. Fwb was what is that n I was like stars exploding in the sky hahahaha



    Hey Serena. glad you over dude. and yeas…fwb. ..friends only.

    yea…I need to get a life re Frank.i know this !

    Sherri….glad we could help with your make out session.

    Stefanie….We talk about anything and everything here. day to day life…but problem too as it’s mainly the regulars that post here.



    Cleo…All will be fine. Sorry to hear you were sick
    it will be love to have a back. …no fights…not much drinking and don’t go all mushy on him.

    Sexy. ..confident and flirty is my order of the day to you ! lol.



    Hey Harls, I’m not sure about having Pandi in the group. She was another one who didn’t take good advise well n got offended n then wondered why it was not working. How about Mandy?



    I added Mandy this morning and RED and another UK girl.. wee Sara and wee Olive..I think dome of the others may have added Pandi. I thought perhaps she would take the advice on board.

    raven is administrator anyway.



    Lol.. I woke up to 46 alerts this a.m. ans crap I was only asleep 5.5 hours :) Love the private group!!!!
    Raven and Harls.. fantabulous idea.
    Feeling bright and chipper today.. up its Friday
    Puffy face getting better
    Nice dinner with oldest boy and breakfast out before school with #2
    Work holiday lunch (new boss invited J to come :)and then off for the day
    Girls night at by BFFs!
    Gotta start breaking rocks though.. lots to do before 1 pm!
    Have a super day all!



    I’m with Sherri on leaving Pandi out. She was the first one on here that had me going absolutely insane and bashing my head. It was never ending………
    Bless her heart, but please, no. xoxoxo



    I think Pandi was added… I’m ok with that, she’s a hoot!



    Alrighty then…….lol….



    Yeah, I know buttercup likes Pandi so add her, and Mandy too of course…

    I’m thinking of creating an account using my nick name and my mother’s maiden name. That’s not too scammy is it?

    Harl, when I have decided what name to use and opened the account I’ll email you the info and you can add me to the group.

    Should the group have a name?… perhaps we shouldn’t mention it in here though… no need to inform the trolls… regardless, I have a couple of suggestions… and I’ll email those too to you Harley…



    Oh god girls such a tiring day. My doc finally agreed to check me for arthritis thru some blood tests. Is that possible?? Its just 6 pm but I’m wiped. Kids R with me till Monday evening. Getting the 7 year old to make cards for family members.

    We usually do not exchange gifts as it becomes too expensive. Family members 40+ n counting. We only give gifts to the wee ones and then everyone brings 1 gift of around $10. We then play a game and at the end of the game everyone has 1 gift. That way U R not buying for a person but generally n everyone gets something.



    Sherri, the blood test will determind what type of arthritis you have (/if you have it at all). The test will show levels of antibodies and inflammation in your body.

    I want Serena in the group too. Serena darling, please set up a scam or real FB account and join us… and I sure hope LA and Gib is already in there!!?



    Hi.. yes do that Maria, We have a name for it already.,

    Lagirl and Gibson are on Fb but I was not sure if they would wish to join.

    ARE WE able to send and invite. NOT just add them ???

    I’m good. mixed weekend. STILL thinking him.. which is annoying me at this stage ! Sister wreaking my head, wants my son out of the house, So I bailed Over to new house to do some work.

    Oh well. 2015 will be our year everyone.



    I’ll join! Harley I ink you have my fb through gibs.. Just send me an invite



    OK LAGirl,
    I just sent you a FB friend RQ…
    Once you accept, I can add you…



    This is all cool ! so much better. I think I just got Carrie. will add her later. my phone acting the maggot. . playing up..not doing what it should.



    Yes get Gibson to join. I miss her! And I often wonder how she’s doing.



    It doesn’t show up on others newsfeed’s that we commented in the private group right? Because if it does I am one embarrassed chick.



    No.. you are safe. I had to ask Buttercup this as well. I had no idea and was worried sick. Just us regular in the group see it.

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