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    Oh ok then yes dump him … booty call really??

    I was talking chatting to a guy online and he gave me his number and I called him. I never type my number on the messages. So we spoke for about 2 minutes and he was about to step into the subway and got cut off. So he started texting on Sunday and I told him that I prefer to talk than text and to call me when he is able. He never called so he is definitely out!!!



    Btw girls here’s something to laugh about:

    My 3 year old starts my morning by singing “My mama told me don’t worry about the size … its all about the base.” LOL



    It’s all good…so far ! got more invites back to Germany for next summer…girlie mates. will take them up on it as I will get to go to a wine fest and see more of the country….only 28 weeks or so…..isn’t it mad when you break time down like that !



    I forgot. …A 30 yr old I know asked me out last night…but I declined. He hinted about going for drinks for his birthday a few weeks ago..he’s a nice wee chap but not my type and into weed and drink and unemployed I think.
    .I’m flattered but he’s far too young. he’s had a crush on me for years I think
    it was AWESOME for my ego !



    This is an email I got this morning (paying members can see who has checked out their profiles, and unfortunately must have checked out his):

    From: Alphadog
    Subject: HEY!!! ENOUGH OF THAT

    HA!!! Caught ya peekin! (That’s bad girl) ;-)

    Look… I know I’m irresistible, and you can’t wait to get me alone, but try and control yourself around the guests, OK??? LOL! ;-) Just teasin.

    What’s your name???


    Note to self – stop looking at profiles… OK, I’m joking, I’m not quite there yet, but since this has happened at least ten times, from now on I’ll def study the profile pic really well before I click on it…



    Ha ha ha….priceless unreal the assholes.



    I found this on the Internet. True or false? Opinions please.

    5 deadly terms used by a woman:

    1. FINE. This is the word women use to end an arguement when she knows she is right and you need to shut up.

    2. NOTHING. Means something and you need to be worried.

    3. GO AHEAD. This is a dare, not a permission, do not do it.

    4. WHATEVER. A womans way of saying screw you.

    5. THAT’S OKAY. She is thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistake.

    Bonus word: WOW! This is not a compliment. She’s amazed that one person could be so stupid.

    PS. Sherri, it could be worse, she could be singing “Anaconda”…



    I learnt to stop peeking at profiles as some men automatically assume you are interested because you looked!

    Don’t know what site you’re on but on pof you can actually hide who you’ve viewed so then you’re free to check out all the hot men, and if you’re like me I like to check out the really ugly ones too, just to see if the full size picture is really as bad as the thumbnail appeared!

    I actually quite like the guys email to you. It has humor in it and is more thought out than a ‘hi, how is your day going’. Is he nice? Are you replying? Sometimes the not so hot guys can actually be really good fun just to pass an evening or two of messaging! I replied to a guys funny but rather disgusting message to me once, and we went on to onto be pof pals for about 18 months. We had the most bizarre conversations, and some nights my sides would literally ache from laughing so much, and he was the same. I actually printed off the conversations to keep as they were so funny. I never would have met him. He was married and I want attracted anyway and id have been mortified if I’d ever bumped into him in town due to the content of some of our chats. That said he entertained and gave me some of the funniest nights in on my own in front of a pc!

    Last time we chatted, just after I met fuk face, he had a cancer scare. Couldn’t find him on there when I rejoined in September and often wonder what happened to him.



    Aww. . that’s sad buttercup. .I read that article too’s funny and true and reminded me to stop replying to men like this. be more direct and honest.

    hope you all good today. I’m good. hard to believe it’s the run up to xmas. I am having a very quiet one….no cash left in the bank after buying house.. my sister has been an antichrist for weeks now. . oh the joys. my son us cool….so thanks for small mercies. We had a great topical discussion about Nazi last night. .It always comes back to bloody Germans !



    So today I plan to put up the manger with my kids or how much we can manage. I got a small cardboard box and trying to see if I can build it into a stable. I am not very “c r a f t y” though and don’t know how that will turn out.

    Was supposed to meet one of my FWNBs yesterday for dinner but he contacted me earlier in the day saying he was not feeling so good and to cancel and reschedule.

    I met M later in the evening. We have spoken on the phone a bit since the “incident” but not really met due to our schedules. Had a nice kissing session with him which he was quite careful to not take anywhere I didn’t want him to. I was talking to him about some things at home which are falling apart and I didn’t know how to fix. I try to fix whatever I can. So he came home with me and fixed the stuff (cabinet door & a vent) and then left. That was sweet of him as he lives more than an hour away and he must have definitely reached home much later than he usually does.



    So the guy who never called texted me today morning. Saying “still interested in talking?”

    I replied saying “I am not looking for a text buddy and looks like you are not looking to call or meet. So I will pass.”

    He replied saying “I tried calling you many times that day but it was not getting connected. I am still interested.”

    I told him that right now I am at work and he could call me tonight after 8 pm.

    He replied saying “still interested?”

    I said “Idk right now.”

    I don’t really think if he will call. This is my last chance to him. I was thinking because sometimes my friends call my phone and don’t get connected and then leave a message or send me a text. I have to get a new phone. So that could have been the issue with this guy too. So lets see if he steps up. Right now he is on probation.



    Well done Maria on the other thread. I’ve been wanting to call her out for ages but did not want another fight on forum…..hope I have not started one now !
    She loves to start a fight and keep stirring the shit. A few of us here are fed up of it. Can’t take criticism and hates me for giving it to her.

    You. . are my heroine.

    A great news all round Sherri.



    So.. here is my general update that I posed in wrong thread.. just call me Jon Merrick
    Hope all are well. I have been very busy with work and had a rough health day yesterday. Had a pretty sever allergic reaction to a new $60 face cream. Woke up with splitting headache, stuffed nosed, scratchy throat and by noon.. looked like I had been wrestling bees and lost.
    So… the cream I bought to improve appearance backfired and I had to get prednisone shot.. uggh. Was able to cover up enough not scare away coworkers
    Other than that.. all is good. J told me to wear Jackie O sunglasses tonight and he would pretend I was a movie star… he’s so good at making me laugh!



    I never understood why she couldn’t let go in some instances. People have different opinions … accept it and let go. You don’t need to put in your energy to convince someone if you are right or wrong. As long as you believe you are right, that is all that should matter. If you are wrong then change. Again its up to you and no one else. But I was wondering if that is the 20s mind set? To fight your point to prove you are right? Not sure Maria, is that the 20s mindset? I am not in my 20s so not sure.

    I remember a thread in the Mark M a n s o n website too where she and this one guy were arguing for pages and pages. I had stated my opinion once and that was the end for me. But she couldn’t let go and was trying to convince him how wrong he was. Why was his opinion (he was a douche) so important to her I never understood.



    Hugs Celeste. ..I’ve had days like that…allergic reaction to hair dye. I get all swollen in the face and look like Quasimodo….fat chance of it being Esmeralda !!!! Jackie.o….was shit hot.



    Harls a hot shit he is :)
    Makes me laugh daily.
    Swelling is creeping back and feeling yucky.
    Also feeling a bit sad about the obtuseness I have seen exhibited today. Good thingis that the total lack of self-awareness will not translate to running to teacher.
    Over and out chicas!



    I was quite shocked by what I read on the other thread. There was no need for it. I have a fondness for maria and I didn’t like seeing her attacked like that.

    Not seen Ann here for a while?? I hope she’s ok?



    All this arguing is sooo ridiculous. Unreal. Ann sent hugs on Fb… she’s hanging in there.



    Ohh juicy, Who exactly are we talking about, and where is this forum where Maria is getting attacked, or at least the title. Some girls on these forums… Maria I know would have told them off in a very educational tone.



    Aww… I just wanna hug and kiss you all…

    Thank you so much for supporting me my darlings, it means a LOT to me <3<3<3

    I’ll write more later…



    I noticed how none of the old regulars are participating in the drama thread….



    Yeah, we’re wiser than that…

    I have a question… Are you guys on Twitter? I’m asking cause there’s this guy that I’m… drawn to, and he’s really active on Twitter and I kind of wanna “interact” with him. What do you think? Is that a good or bad idea?



    Maria…you are welcome.

    BC….We are ALL fed up. This forum has gone to shite since the last fight erupted with the non regulars..I have no interest in talking to bitches or idiots anymore. ..I’ll just be honest.

    some of the advice given out now is woeful I think and leading posters to have perhaps unrealistic hopes.



    I do have a twitter account but never use it. I can’t seem to get my head around it!! Much prefer Facebook to be honest. Can see us girls here just communicating over there before too long…



    I never use twitter either. yep. …can see us all going to fb. raven says we should start a private group account…I don’t know how to do all this stuff !!!! as I am flat out replying to you all on fb. I love it…but it’s a full time job ! and…Maria is not on fb ! so….we’ll have to stay here !

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