Ask a Guy: Long Distance Relationship… Exactly How To Make It Work? post image

I’ve been with my boyfriend for the past year and nine months. We have been in a long distance relationship for the last three months.

Prior to being in a LDR, we did everything together – we would see each other almost every day and talk all the time. We were always comfortable together and the relationship was always very loving.

Recently, I have started to fear that he’s slipping away. I can’t tell if it’s just me being crazy or if this is my instincts picking up on him losing interest… Can you please tell me how to make a long distance relationship work?

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Ask a Guy: Turning a Longtime Friend With Benefits Into Something More? post image

This guy and I have  had a huge history over the last 5 years. Although we’ve never dated, we’ve been friends with benefits.  We’ve both admitted to liking each other, but it hasn’t lead to an actual relationship.

When we’re together, it’s like we’re “dating” (he acts all boyfriendy), but other than that, we’re just friends.  We don’t live in the same city and can go months without seeing or even talking each other.

He’s generally terrible at returning phone calls and texts (even to his closest friends and family), but lately he’s been answering my texts every time, he carries on a conversation and he seems to be a more open than he used to.  Do I even make an effort to care about this guy anymore? What’s his deal?

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