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I was once the queen of the classic closet-full-of-clothes-and-nothing-to-wear predicament that every girl knows all too well. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I spent all of my preteen and teen years organizing and reorganizing my overstuffed closet and dresser. I had so many clothes that I couldn’t seem to find space to fit them all, yet it always felt like I had absolutely nothing to wear. This followed me into adulthood, and the solution always seemed to be shopping. So I would go out, buy a few new things, and have a few new outfits for a while, but then the cycle would begin again—I would get bored of everything and never seemed to have anything to wear!

Lately this problem hit an all-time high, I think in part because I lost a significant amount of weight over the last year. That, combined with the fact that I entered my 30s this year and am getting married very soon, has caused my style to change, and the items I used to love aren’t appealing to me anymore.

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ANM Must-Have: Resort Pieces For Now And Later post image

Right around this time of the season is when vacations are on the agenda, last minute warm weather getaways are booked, and thoughts of basking in the sun takes your mind far away from the bitter cold you’re living in now.  And nothing is more fun than shopping for new items to wear on this vaca because that means putting away those bulky winter layers and trading up for flowy, lightweight pieces in fun, bold prints and colors.

One downfall – buying these pieces and not being able to wear them until the weather changes.  But don’t fret – you can totally rock these looks when you step back into reality and work them well into your current cold weather wardrobe.

Here are 10 resort pieces to buy now, wear on the beach, and back at home: [continue reading…]

Look We Love: Leather Sleeves post image

Look We Love: Leather Sleeves

One celeb trend that I’m totally digging is the leather sleeve coat.  Seen on everyone from Jessica Alba to Elizabeth Olsen, it’s such a fabulous style that anyone can pull off.  It’s the perfect combo of chic and rock star and it really adds some punch to your look.

Read on for 10 ways to rock the look.

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ANM Video: How to Shop What You’ve Already Got post image

The whole ‘closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’ dilemma is one I’m intimately familiar with. As of late, my solution has been to go out and buy more clothes to fill the supposed void. However, that doesn’t solve anything and day after day I find myself staring into the depths of my overstuffed closet and bemoaning my lack of choices. Another problem I have is that I have some seriously stellar vintage pieces that I couldn’t pass up even though I have no freakin’ clue how to wear them.

To solve wardrobe issues,  I solicited the help of my good friend and go-t0 vintage guru, Sammy Davis. Sammy’s sense of style and ability to take the most retro pieces and make them modern and impossibly hip is a skill seldom seen- this girl is without a doubt the most stylish person I know. In the video above, Sammy and I go rifling through my closet to find new ways to wear some tricky pieces.

For more of Sammy’s amazing style advice and inspirational words of wisdom, visit her website- sammydvintage.com and check out her YouTube Channel.

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Look We Love: Schoolgirl-Chic post image

Look We Love: Schoolgirl-Chic

School is back in session. Whether you’ve been hitting the books this fall or not, you can still incorporate a little schoolgirl chic into your look. Classic schoolgirl staples (pleated skirts, button down cardigans, knee-socks, blazers, etc) make excellent additions to any fall wardrobe and add a bit of sophistication with a playful spirit, depending on how you style the look (you definitely do NOT want to look like you’re channeling Britney Spears circa …Baby One More Time).

If you’re dubious about the concept of borrowing from the schoolgirls, just look at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2010 collection which demonstrated that smart staples like pinstriped separates, thigh-highs and backpacks can be sexy, avant-garde and grown-up.  And then there’s fashion muse extraordinary Alexa Chung who is renowned for her preppy style that blends school-girl sweetness with and edgy street-chic sensibility.

Yes, school-girl staples can be both sophisticated, sexy and sharp, so why not invest in a few this fall?

Read on for my favorite schoolgirl finds. [continue reading…]

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Featured Articles from the Fashion Blogosphere post image

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Celeb Style Inspiration: Kate Bosworth post image

It can be difficult to look put-together during the sweltering summer months. If I had to pick one summer style muse, it would be Kate Bosworth. Kate’s style is effortless, airy, and laid-back. Rather than selecting statement-making pieces, she prefers to mix and match simple summer basics for a signature style that is always on point but still accessible.

Kate’s summer wardrobe is made up of lots of neutrals, soft prints, ethereal dresses, boho tops, and relaxed-fitting cargos and cut-offs, all of which are highly versatile pieces that can be used to create endless summer ensembles.

Rather than recreating her exact outfits, like we often do in our celeb style inspiration posts, I decided to round up a selection of pieces that could easily fit right into Kate’s wardrobe, if they don’t already.

Read on for our Kate-inspired finds! [continue reading…]

Exposed Lingerie: Sexy or Skanky? post image

In this sweltering heat, going out wearing a bra as a top can be quite tempting. And you wouldn’t be totally nuts for doing so- exposed lingerie is quite the trend right now. There have been several occasions where I almost left the house wearing nothing but a bra under some of my sheer tops but i always chicken out when my hand hits the door-knob, run back to my room, and layer a cami under said top. I mean I loved the way the exposed-lingerie trend looked on the Spring/Summer 2010 runways and think that style mavens like Leighton Meester, Chloe Sevigny, and Zoe Saldana all rocked the look in classy ways, but I still have my hesitations.

What do you all think about exposed underpinnings: Is it sexy or skanky?

Trend to Rediscover: Tie Dye post image

Trend to Rediscover: Tie Dye

Nothing captures the spirit of summer quite like tie-dye. It’s fun, carefree, playful, and fortunately, no longer embarassingly retro. That’s right, tie-dye is back in all its boho glory summoning that familiar hippie peace and love spirit with a modern twist.

From dresses to shorts to skirts to tanks, a touch of tie-dye makes any piece just a bit cooler. Read on for my top tie-dye finds! [continue reading…]

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ANM Event Calendar: Sammy Davis Vintage Style + Purpose Sale post image

WHO: Sammy Davis Vintage and Pink Brick House Media Agency

WHAT The Sammy Davis Vintage summer collection sale featuring the most flattering and contemporary styles in summer vintage fashion trends and accessories.

WHERE: 156 2nd Avenue Apt 6B (entrance on 10th Street)

WHEN: Saturday June 19th, 2pm-7pm

WHY: There will be wine, cupcakes, amazing women, and incredible fashion.

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Trend to Try: Peek-A-Boo Flesh post image

Trend to Try: Peek-A-Boo Flesh

Everyones favorite childhood game has grown up and been reinterpreted into one majorly sexy fashion trend: Peek-a-boo flesh. Flashes of skin was a recurring theme on the Spring 2010 runways- cut-outs, lace and mesh insets, slits, shredding, holes- designers pulled out all the stops this season to give a little peak at what’s underneath. This style can be a little intimidating, so only expose as much as you’re comfortable with. My rule of thumb: enough to entice, not enough to appall.

A bit of peek-a-boo can update anything from a basic LBD to a simple tank and infuses a fun, unexpected, fashion-forward edge. Of course, make sure to offset the sexiness of extra exposure by lowering the volume on the rest of your ensemble. Think simple shoes, less flashy accessories, minimal makeup. Removing the excess glitz will keep your look classy, but still sexy, a winning combo if there ever was one!

Read on for my top peek-a-boo picks! [continue reading…]

Wardrobe Must: A Sexy LRD (Little Red Dress) post image

Bill Blass once said: “When in doubt, wear red,” a sentiment which I fully stand behind! Red definitely has a leg up on black, everyone’s favorite go-to, when it comes to the standout sex appeal and the va va voom factor. I really believe that it’s impossible for anyone not to look, and feel, sexy in red. It’s definitely one of those shades guaranteed to get heads turning but it can also be a little intimidating to wear.

Since red is such an inherently sexy shade, it’s important to look for styles that are slightly more on the conservative side. Anything too short or low-cut and you run the risk of looking cheap, definitely something to avoid at all costs! A perfect example is Emmy Rossum, pictured above wearing Donna Karan. The slouchy silhouette of the dress offset the striking-ness of the color for a style that was sexy, but still fuss-free and relaxed. Diane Kruger’s sheer red Calvin Klein dress was definitely a head-turner, but the knee-length cut of the dress kept it from being too vampy (not that she could look anything less than perfect!). The point is, this color is one that should be embraced and not feared because it looks spectacular when done right.
Every gal needs at least one LRD in her closet and I’ve rounded up 10 fabulous ones to choose from! [continue reading…]

Top 5 Springtime Must-Haves post image

Top 5 Springtime Must-Haves

Spring is in full swing. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and angry cold-weather induced scowls have softened into smiles for all. The only thing missing? Some new pieces to go with this new season.

I like to invest in a few key pieces when the seasons change. The emphasis here is on the word key and it’s important to chose items that you will get the most mileage out of it. Ones that will work with that you’ve already got and enhance your wardrobe.

Read on for my top 5 springtime must-haves! [continue reading…]

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Shade to Crave: Yellow post image

Shade to Crave: Yellow

Spring releases a fun and exuberant vibe into the air and no shade will get you in the swing or spring like yellow. I’ll admit that I only recently became a yellow-proponent; it really coincided with my new-found sense of color adventurousness. There is something unexpected about yellow for some reason.  It’s definitely not a shade you will run into all that often while walking down the street, but that’s what makes it fun, so why not go for it!

Yellow can be anything from classy to whimsical, feminine to funky, and everything in between. Just look at the celebrities pictured above- all of whom are sporting shades of yellow interpreted differently for styles that range from ultra-femme like Lauren Conrad wearing a Plastic Island coat, to boho like Molly Sims in Calvin Klein, to sexy, like Leighton Meester, who teamed a yellow ruffled Nina Ricci dress with killer lace up booties by Derek Lam.

So what are the do’s and don’ts of wearing yellow? Well first I would advise against pairing yellow, especially bright yellow, with black, that’s just way too bumble bee. There are some exceptions, but overall this is a rule.Yellow will always work with jeans- any wash, really. Yellow, especially neon, also looks amazing when set against nude and neutral shades.

Read on for some yellow pieces guaranteed to spruce up your wardrobe! [continue reading…]

How to Look Good in Photographs– StyleList

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ANM Obsession: IM-HM.com, Our New Favorite Online Shopping Destination post image

Major shopping sites can be majorly overwhelming. Sure there are tons of amazing pieces, but it can take forever to click through page after page of merchandise in order to find what you want, I mean, who has that kind of time?

This is one reason I favor small e-boutiques when I need something fabulous. My newest go to is IM-HM.com (I Am High Maintenance), a small online boutique with a well-edited selection of pieces from premium designers such as Twenty8Twelve, Sass & Bide, Crispin & Basilio, Richard Nicoll, Joe’s Jeans and more.

While the selection is small, it’s still diverse and features everything from basic staples to avant-garde wow-inducers and I honestly love, and would wear, each and every item. Having a targeted selection also makes for a much more enjoyable, much less overwhelming and time-consuming shopping experience.

I could go on and on, but the proof is really in the pudding, or rather, the merchandise.

Read on for my top 10 favorite pieces and for an exclusive discount code for ANM readers. [continue reading…]

Must-Have Hats post image

Must-Have Hats

Hats are often the forgotten accessory and even though they can have such a big impact on your look. While notas significant now as they were way back when,  hats are still  key components to any wardrobe. What’s amazing to me is how persevering hats are and the fact that the same styles have been reinterpreted from one generation to the next. I mean, something like the fedora is associated with anything from middle-class working men in the early 1900’s to gangsters and detectives of the 40’s to Michael Jackson to modern day hipsters.

Hats allow you to go in all sorts of directions with your look and the same outfit can go from sweet and sophisticated to rebellious and edgy with the simple switch of hat. Top off your look with a cute cloche when you want to summon the roaring 20’s, with a beret for a dose of Parisian-chic, with a slouchy beanie for laid-back look, and so on. Use a hat to tone down an amped up style or add that little something extra to a subdued one. The point is, hats can help take your look in whichever direction you chose- just check out the celebs pictured above for hat-inspiration galore!

Now that we’ve learned what hats can do, let’s check out some of the must-have styles. [continue reading…]

Weekend Links: This Week’s Top Fashion Stories post image

The Jersey Shore Cast May Attend and Model in Fashion Week– nymag.com
Chances are high that we’ll be seeing the cast of Jersey Shore either sitting front-row at Fashion Week or modeling in a show.

The Kardashian Sisters Give the Inside Scoop on Their ‘Feminine and Sexy’ Line for bebe– people.com
Their much-anticipated fashion collection for bebe might not be hitting stores until next week, but the Kardashian sisters gave People a sneak peek.

Random Questions for…Tavi G– thefashioninformer.com
A look at Tavi’s incredible rise to fame and random questions for the fashion-obsesed wunderkind

The Trials of a Former Wonder Boy– nytimes.com
Zac Posen is in “survival mode” as a rough economy softens his brashness.

The All-Denim Trend: How Much Is Too Much?– wsj.com
Denim apparel is making a comeback in shops and fashion magazines. But some of the new designs—from denim leggings for women and jean shorts for men to head-to-toe denim outfits for both sexes—risk pushing the revived trend too far.

Style Muse: Leigh Lezark post image

Style Muse: Leigh Lezark

I first learned of Leigh Lezark last September during fashion week. The first time I saw her i just had to ask ‘who is that girl?’ Obviously she was someone: she sat front row at everything, she had a flock of photogs following her, her sense of style was just on a whole other level, and she just radiated attitude in that cool, not bitchy, sort of way. To my delight, I learned that Leigh wasn’t just another famous for being famous socialite, but actually one-third of the popular New York City-based DJ trio the Misshapes, and, due to her unique looks, now a model as well.

Over the past few months, Leigh has emerged as fashion’s newest darling. She’s edgy, daring, rebellious, and goes against the grain without being too outrageous. While she does have a tough-as-nails aesthetic, her style still has a sexy, feminine sensibility. Leigh has quickly become one of my top sources for style inspiration.

Read on for 5 tips to bring a little Leigh into your wardrobe!

[continue reading…]

Happy Birthday A New Mode! post image

Happy Birthday A New Mode!

Happy Birthday A New Mode!

One year… I almost can’t believe it. It all started about a year and a half ago. Eric and I were on the phone and I was telling him how badly I wanted to start my own site. I had been talking about it for a while and Eric gave me the courage and motivation to stop talking and start doing. Once the seed was planted, we started brainstorming on ways to create a site that would bring something new and different to a world so heavily saturated with blogs. Exactly one year ago, I told you about our vision for ANM and from then until now, we’ve worked tirelessly to make the site everything we promised it would be. [continue reading…]


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