Best Handbags for Any Date post image

Best Handbags for Any Date

Every girl knows the importance of a quality handbag. A handbag isn’t just a means to carry around our essentials, it can enhance and define our personal style and say a lot about who we are. Do you prefer practicality or style? Do you need to carry around an assortment of “just in case” essentials or just stick to the basic essentials? Do you invest in timeless bags by known designers or do you like to keep up with the trends and buy the latest “It Bag” by the latest up-and-coming brand? People, guys included, can learn a lot about a girl through her handbag.

Choosing the right bag for a date can be tricky. You want something roomy enough to fit your essentials, but not so bulky that it will weigh you down and be a nuisance. Also, think about what guys find sexy – a girl who is attractive, confident, classy, and together. The opposite of sexy? A girl who’s not properly put-together, wearing the wrong outfit to the wrong date, fumbling with her accessories, and not paying attention to the man beside her.

Read on to avoid the biggest purse pairing no-nos when it comes to your outfit, and learn how to use your bag to your advantage when it comes to dating. Here are 10 of the most common dates, each with their own purse-marching hack. [Click here to keep reading…]

Must-Have Summer Date Dresses Under $50 post image

Being a student in college, I completely understand the importance of a budget. But being a fashion-lover, I also know the importance of good quality. Fortunately, looking amazing does not always require spending a fortune.

My sorority hosts about six dressy events per semester, so that’s 12 events a year that require getting decked out. As a result, I’ve become quite savvy at finding fabulous and flattering pieces without breaking the bank.

Dressing for a summer date can be a bit tricky. You want to look cute, but at the same time stay cool and comfortable. You want to look sexy, but not in a trying-to-hard way that just doesn’t seem to fit with summer’s laid-back essence. And you want to keep it affordable because, if you live in an area with changing seasons, these summery styles don’t have a very long shelf-life.

From dinner dates to picnics in the park to a casual afternoon browsing through your local flea market, I’ve found the perfect dresses for any type of date, all under $50

[Click here to keep reading…]

Date Night Inspiration: Jessica Alba’s Flirty Floral Look post image

A few months ago I came across a picture of Jessica Alba in a gorgeous look on her way to Ralph Lauren’s S/S 14 show at NYFW.  Why I loved it?  Because she incorporated warm weather flowing pastels with her cold weather chunky dark neutrals to create a refreshing take on fall dressing.  This instantly inspired, what I consider to be, the perfect winter date night look.

Jessica’s look will set you back big bucks, but there are easy ways to achieve her look on any budget.  Some tips for perfectly achieving her look include keeping the sweater cropped.  This will keep the sweater from overpowering the skirt and will make your overall look appear slim and clean.  Another tip is to keep the skirt airy by choosing a light, flowing fabric.  Heavier textures will, you guessed it, make the overall look feel heavy so stick to silks and chiffons.

Another skirt tip is to keep the length to a midi or slightly higher.  A full on maxi will also create a heavy illusion but it also really covers you up – it is date night so keep it fun and flirty (and feel free to rock a mini if you’re ready to brave the cold)!  Lastly, if you live in a place where strappy sandals aren’t a fall/winter option, don’t be afraid to try a pointy-toe pump or a classic ankle bootie.  Either shoe option would work great with this look.

[Click here to keep reading…]

10 Fabulous Winter Jackets Under $150 post image

Love it or hate it, winter weather is upon us and it’s definitely the time to invest in this season’s go-to cold weather must have – the coat.  With so many options it’s hard to pick just one so I’ve compiled a list of 10 different coats, all no more than $150, to help you choose that perfect cover-up to keep you warm and stylish all winter long.

[Click here to keep reading…]

5 Looks Guys Love (Told by Real Guys) post image

When it comes to dressing, us women more often than not want to impress the guys and sometimes that’s not as easy as it seems.  Men’s ideas of sexy and what we perceive it to be doesn’t always correlate, but after doing some research (by talking to real guys) I’ve found 5 killer outfits that we not only love but they love, too.

I asked some of my trusted and most stylish guy friends what looks they find sexiest and took their ideas and created 5 amazing outfits that will catch any guy’s eye. [Click here to keep reading…]

Style Guide: 7 Sexy Ways to Wear the “Boyfriend” Look post image

Pleated pants, striped cardigans, crisp button-ups, oversized watches, bow ties, and suspenders, there’s something sexy and sensual about a woman in her boyfriend’s clothing. The quirky trend is hardly over with the latest fall fashions featuring menswear-inspired clothing and accessories.

To help you channel your inner tomboy, we put together our top picks that are sure to charm their way into your closet and jewelry box this season. These understatedly feminine pieces accentuate the female form minus the girly frills. So whether you’re dating a dashing schoolboy, banker boyfriend, metro-chic geek, or a rockstar, we promise these looks are good enough for your dude but made for you.

[Click here to keep reading…]

Three Outfit Ideas For Any Summer Wedding post image

Summer wedding season is in full swing and while the thought of celebrating with your bffs is totally fun and exciting, the figuring out what to wear part isn’t usually so much. With so many “rules”, different locations, and of course different wedding styles, getting dressed isn’t only tough but can also get really expensive (especially if you’ve got a heavy RSVP count).

To keep you looking great without breaking the bank, here are three dresses you’ll need to get you through wedding season and easy ways to pair them with your guy.

[Click here to keep reading…]

5 Outfit Ideas for Meeting His Parents post image

You’ve been on dates, you’ve made if official, and now it’s time for the next big relationship step – meeting the parents.  It’s always such a great feeling when your guy takes you to meet his ‘rents because it shows that he’s serious about you!  But it’s also incredibly nerve wracking because you want to make the right impression and leave knowing that they approve of you, their son’s amazing girlfriend.

When it comes to making that impression, you definitely want to make sure you look the part, too.  But just because you want to make that stellar impression doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your style and fashion savvy either.

So if you’re fretting about what to wear, here are 5 really great spring outfits for situation:

[Click here to keep reading…]

Style Muse: Rihanna post image

Style Muse: Rihanna

I love Rihanna.  She’s a super talented singer, she’s a bad ass and doesn’t apologize for it, and let’s face it – the girl can dress.  Rihanna has some serious fashion chops and loves to take risks and some of her looks can be a little over the top, BUT just because Rihanna likes to amp up her style doesn’t mean all of her looks aren’t uninspiring or wearable.  By switching up a few things you can totally rock your own Rihanna-like style.

Here are 5 recent Rihanna looks made more approachable: [Click here to keep reading…]

Trend to Try: The Short Suit post image

Spring is officially upon us, which means warmer weather and, inevitably, shorter bottoms!  And what do you know – one of spring’s hottest trends embraces those short bottoms and turns it into a chic staples.  Yes, ladies, the short suit is here and everywhere!  Bold prints, bright colors, chic neutrals – so many styles and options to get your hands on to embrace one of the season’s biggest looks.

Here are 5 fantastic options to get you started:

[Click here to keep reading…]

10 Spring Pieces That Will Take You from the Office to Happy Hour post image

We’ve all had those days when you’re sitting in your office and your bff calls asking you to meet her for a drink after work, or you’ve had such a crappy day that a nearby happy hour with the girls sounds like just the fix or sometimes you have plans to meet up with your significant other for a weeknight date night.  Whether it’s scheduled or on a whim, it’s always great to be prepared with a stylish outfit that can take you from work to the bar.

Spring has sprung and after work get-togethers are going to be picking up (come on patio weather!), so here are 10 awesome pieces that will have you looking stellar during and after work hours.

[Click here to keep reading…]

Look We Love: Monochrome post image

Look We Love: Monochrome

Single color looks are everywhere right now and its currently one of my favorite trends.  At first it sounds a little tacky or TOO MUCH, but trust me ladies this look is a keeper.  Rocking a monochrome look can be done by anyone and is a great way to wear a really chic and clean look.

Here are 5 examples and some tips and tricks to helping you on your way to that unified look. [Click here to keep reading…]

Saint Patrick’s Day Style: Festive (and Functional!) Must-Have Pieces post image

Ah, St. Patrick’s day.  The one day where boozing and sporting a green dyed mouth is completely acceptable and incredibly fun.  There’s nothing more fun than rounding up your favorite people and embarking on a bar crawl in your town while sporting ridiculous amount of green.  However, if you’re anything like me the idea of dressing up can be a little daunting.  But just because you’re not rocking a crazy boa, a fluffy green tutu, or some shamrock printed frock (more power to you if you do rock out!) doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the spirit of the day!  So with that being said, here are 10 awesome pieces that will help you get down with the luck of the Irish but that you can easily wear again!

[Click here to keep reading…]

Shade to Crave: Pretty Pastels post image

Shade to Crave: Pretty Pastels

Pretty pastels are showing they have some serious staying power this spring, popping up just about everywhere you turn.  I was a huge fan of this look last year, and still am, so I’m excited to see these pretty hues back in full force. This year’s looks are just as feminine as last, but look out for some edgier twists on this girly look, too.

Here are 10 awesome pieces to get you looking like a pastel pro:

[Click here to keep reading…]

Muse-Worthy: 5 Amazing NYFW Street Style Looks To Emulate post image

NYFW isn’t just about watching what struts down the runway – it’s also about watching what struts down the street.  One of my favorite parts of fashion week is checking out the amazing street style because it really inspires me to amp up my looks or try new things.

You won’t find any better than Fashion Week style, so that that said here are 5 incredible looks to pull off now!

[Click here to keep reading…]

Trend to try: Tiny, Dainty Rings post image

Lately we’ve been totally obsessing over statement jewelry, and while I LOVE this look, sometimes it’s nice to lighten up and rock some pretty, dainty little things.  One look I’ve always been a big fan of are tiny bands and rings that add just enough pop to your hand without being completely in your face.  The look is chic and sleek and something anyone can pull off.

Here are some of my favorite pieces you can rock right now and little tips and tricks to make them stand out.

[Click here to keep reading…]

ANM Must-Have: Resort Pieces For Now And Later post image

Right around this time of the season is when vacations are on the agenda, last minute warm weather getaways are booked, and thoughts of basking in the sun takes your mind far away from the bitter cold you’re living in now.  And nothing is more fun than shopping for new items to wear on this vaca because that means putting away those bulky winter layers and trading up for flowy, lightweight pieces in fun, bold prints and colors.

One downfall – buying these pieces and not being able to wear them until the weather changes.  But don’t fret – you can totally rock these looks when you step back into reality and work them well into your current cold weather wardrobe.

Here are 10 resort pieces to buy now, wear on the beach, and back at home: [Click here to keep reading…]

Muse-Worthy: 5 Street Style Looks to Emulate post image

I admit that I love looking at street style pics.  Not only do I love looking at pretty fashion, but I also find some great inspiration from these pictures, too.  Street style is a great way to get the creative juices flowing to help inspire you to create new looks with what you already have in your closet or to help you achieve that certain look when shopping for new items to add to your wardrobe.  Or maybe you have that impulse buy – the one that you feel instantly in love with but still hangs in your closet with the tags on – another reason to check out some great street style.

So here are 5 fabulous winter looks to copy now or to put your own fashionista twist on: [Click here to keep reading…]

Trend to Try: Tartan post image

Trend to Try: Tartan

It girls are rocking it, runways were strutting it – tartan print is definitely a new trend to try.  The perfect blend of prep, edge, and Scottish-class, this trend is super fun to incorporate into your current winter wardrobes.  Coming in everything from flirty skirts to playful tights to amazing accessories, adding tartan to any wardrobe is completely doable, regardless of your style.

Here are 10 of my favorite tartan pieces for winter: [Click here to keep reading…]

Style Guide: 3 Last Minute Holiday Outfit Ideas post image

Can you believe that we’re already way past the half point of December?!  I feel like this year, and especially this month, have flown by and with all of the gift shopping and holiday party planning, my outfit choices for the big days have been pushed aside.

There are so many different ways to celebrate the holidays, but looking fabulous is always a must, so here are some last minute outfit ideas to help you prep your look for any style occasion! [Click here to keep reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Funky Winter Knits post image

Winter is slowly creeping up and that only means one thing: serious sweater season.  This year has me the most excited because there are so many awesome and interesting styles to liven up your sweater wardrobe.  Crazy embellishments, sheer styles, one-sleeved, graphic – you name it, it’s out there. And there’s no better way to give your winter wardrobe a boost than to invest in a funky version of your cold weather staple.

So here are 10 interesting and eye catching sweater styles to get you through the season. [Click here to keep reading…]

Celeb Style Muse: Elizabeth Olsen post image

Just when we thought the Olsen fashion powerhouse couldn’t get any better, we were introduced to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s younger sister Elizabeth. As soon as she burst on the scene, it was style love at first sight. It’s not a big surprise that she has killer style like her older twin sisters, but Elizabeth herself is becoming quite the style icon.

What I love most about E.O. is her incredibly strong sense of style and her ability to take on any trend or look without losing that sense.

Read on for three style rules to follow if you want to incorporate some of Elizabeth’s style-savvy into your wardrobe. [Click here to keep reading…]

3 New Ways to Wear A Classic White Button Down post image

Most of us have at least one white button up shirt in our wardrobe. While it is a pretty universal closet staple, most of us don’t rock this classic, and highly versatile piece as much as we should, keeping it on the back-burner only to be worn on job interviews and other events that call for corporate attire.Well, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore!

Check out three totally new and fresh ways to wear your favorite white button down. [Click here to keep reading…]

One Shoe, Three Looks: How to Wear Biker Boots post image

I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends the other day and she mentioned how she loves motorcycle boots, but has no idea how to incorporate them into her current wardrobe.  I’ve heard this a lot in the past couple months, so I figured I’d share with you the easy ways you can incorporate this awesome flat boot into a variety of your looks.

Motorcycle boots have a tendency to come off a bit tough (think Rooney Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), but they’re really much more versatile and easy to wear.

Want proof? Check out these three totally different ways to rock this “hardcore” style using  Steve Madden’s Tarnney Boots.

[Click here to keep reading…]

Summer Pieces You Can Wear For Fall post image

Fall is just around the corner and with that comes the looming realization that it’s time to start making some new wardrobe purchases.  Yes, it’s exciting to go shopping for new trends, but don’t you feel like you’re abandoning last season’s investments or that you never got enough use out of them?  Well, feel that way no longer!  It’s all about transitioning those summer purchases into fall while still looking like you’re dressing for the right season.

Here are some easy ways you can include your summer pieces into your fall wardrobe: [Click here to keep reading…]

How to Go Sheer and Stay Classy post image

Sheer is all the rage right now for spring and I’m totally loving it. The reason? It’s the perfect way to cover up a little while still showing some skin and also keeping cool in the warming weather. Harper’s Bazaar termed it “sheer glory” in their “Street Style Trend Report: Spring 2012” online article and if done right you’ll look nothing but glorious rocking your sheer numbers. Here are some of my fave picks and tips to help you get your spring sheer on. [Click here to keep reading…]

Get the Perfect Summer Look post image

Get the Perfect Summer Look

Summer’s nearly here. Your calendar will be filling up with important dates that all require an outfit. Whether you’re heading to a day at the races, enjoying summer days out with the girls, or you’ve got a couple of weddings on the horizon, it’s time to start giving the all important outfit some thought.

To stay up in the style stakes this year, it’s all about bright block colors, floral designs and bold eye-catching prints. But you can’t just get it right with one piece, it’s all about coordinating that whole outfit. [Click here to keep reading…]

Spotlight On Style United: A Personalized Fashion and Beauty Experience post image

One of the perks of working in the fashion and beauty industry is learning about the latest websites that provide truly unique, personalized experience. My latest obsession is Style United, the latest venture from P&G Beauty, which provides women with a one-stop destination for head-to-toe fashion and beauty consultations, recommendations and news.

The site features exclusive articles, slideshows, blog posts and how-to videos from P&G industry experts includes influential stylists, bloggers and online editors. The Style United team tailors content based on results from Style 360, a diagnostic tool to understand a user’s unique skincare, haircare, cosmetics and fashion needs. What that means is each time you visit the site you’ll receive recommendations base don what works best for you, kinda cool, right? [Click here to keep reading…]

Style Guide: Winter to Spring Transition post image

Time for Spring… well maybe not outside, but certainly in my closet!

With Spring around the corner, or in about three weeks according to Mr. Groundhog (although I highly doubt it), I can’t stop obsessing about my new Spring wardrobe. My only problem is that every time I steal a look at my new Spring purchases, I get a pang of longing, a premature desire to parade around wearing my Spring purchases way before it would be temporally appropriate to do so. The very thought caused me to consider postponing any further additions to my Spring clothing portfolio until — heaven’s no — Spring!!

Not!!! Rather than declare a cease fire on shopping — something which is frankly against my religion — why not bring some Spring into my Winter wardrobe? The key to wearing Spring items in the Winter is layering—cardigans, blazers, stockings, and socks are your best friends! Add more and more till you have that Winter clothing warmth with that new Spring style! But be mindful that you don’t layer to the point that you appear larger than you are!

So how do you get a Spr-inter (Spring + Winter = Spr-inter, if you need to ask) wardrobe? Check below for some awesome Spring fashions and learn how you can wear them now!

[Click here to keep reading…]

ANM Video: How to Shop What You’ve Already Got post image

The whole ‘closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’ dilemma is one I’m intimately familiar with. As of late, my solution has been to go out and buy more clothes to fill the supposed void. However, that doesn’t solve anything and day after day I find myself staring into the depths of my overstuffed closet and bemoaning my lack of choices. Another problem I have is that I have some seriously stellar vintage pieces that I couldn’t pass up even though I have no freakin’ clue how to wear them.

To solve wardrobe issues,  I solicited the help of my good friend and go-t0 vintage guru, Sammy Davis. Sammy’s sense of style and ability to take the most retro pieces and make them modern and impossibly hip is a skill seldom seen- this girl is without a doubt the most stylish person I know. In the video above, Sammy and I go rifling through my closet to find new ways to wear some tricky pieces.

For more of Sammy’s amazing style advice and inspirational words of wisdom, visit her website- and check out her YouTube Channel.


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