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For lack of stating the obvious: The headband craze is everywhere, thanks to the success of certain racy, teen television show set on the Upper East Side. But among the giant frou-frou headpieces and bows, bows, bows, are some pretty glam headbands for those of us no longer in high school (think Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Mary Kate Olsen).

As a headband lover myself, here are some of my wish list accessories: [Click here to keep reading…]

From day to night, the red carpet to real life, the black jumpsuit is proving itself to be a major must-have. A black jumpsuit is a fresh alternative to your go-to LBD (especially in the winter) and is also massively versatile.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to all the ways you can wear this slip-it-on-and-you’re-done piece. Wear it with loads of accessories, a few key pieces, or none at all. Try it with pumps, flats, or even a pair of converse kicks. Top it off with a blazer, bomber jacket, or cardigan for day and on its own for a night out. Just look at the ladies pictured above- all are wearing jumpsuits and all rocked it totally differently to showcase their personal styles.

In addition to being versatile, a black jumpsuit it is also extremely flattering, especially when worn with black platforms, and creates the illusion of a long and lean silhouette. What more can a girl ask for?

No matter what, the black jumpsuit definitely eliminates the whole ‘closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’ predicament from your life which is why we’ve deemed it a worthy investment.

Read on for my top picks! [Click here to keep reading…]

Don’t Follow the Trends, Start Them: Tips To Become More Fashion-Forward post image

My mission when starting ANM wasn’t just to talk about style, but to encourage all of your to come into your own style-wise and to cultivate your own signature style, one that puts your creativity to the test and makes you feel truly amazing from the inside out.

I am not a fan of ‘trends’ in the conventional sense. I believe that mindlessly hopping onto any trend band-wagon negates what fashion is all about- expressing yourself and showcasing your individuality. Now if you legit love something, notwithstanding its ‘trend’ status, then I am all for wearing it. However, I will never advocate buying and wearing something just because it’s hot and then sending it to the back of your closet when it’s not.

Look at Chloe Sevigny, Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, and Rihanna– all ladies who don’t ever follow the trends, they dictate them. These gals don’t seem to care what other people are doing or what other people will think of what they are wearing. They wear what they love, they take risks, they break rules, and they OWN it. While all of them have very different and distinct styles, all are widely renowned and emulated for their unique styles.

So what separates the fashion-forwards from the fashion-victims? I have thought long and hard on the subject throughout my career in fashion and have uncovered some tips that will help you on your trend-setting way.

Read on to check them out! [Click here to keep reading…]

Wardrobe Must: Transitional Floral Frocks post image

One of my favorite year-round closet staples is the transitional floral dress. An airy floral dress is an obvious go-to for summer, but I especially love this style when teamed with edgy extras for fall. It’s always an essential piece right now with the weather feeling like summer one day and winter the next!

A transitional floral frock is one that looks amazing with sandals in the spring and summer and equally, if not more amazing, with tights, boots or booties, and a blazer or bomber jacket in the fall. Incorporating florals into your winter wardrobe is also a great way to add fun and vibrancy to a very all around drab and dreary time.

In these economic times, versatility is key and there’s nothing more versatile than an item that can go from day to night and from one season to the next!

Read on for some of my favorite floral finds and to shop some of the looks pictured above! [Click here to keep reading…]

Rock On With Studded Accessories post image

Rock ‘n’ roll and fashion have always been inextricably linked, with the former being a consistent source of inspiration for the latter. A great way to add a touch of rock to your look with a studded accessories, a major trend right now that I have been a fan of for quite some time.

Studded accessories, be it bags, shoes, or jewelry, can inject the right dose of attitude into any look, adding that undeniable cool-factor. Offset the sweetness of an ultra-femme dress with a studded cuff or clutch like Nikki Reed (pictured above in Miu Miu). Update a classic LBD with studded pumps like Nicky Hilton or rock a pair of studded booties with just about any dress in your closet for an instant fashion-forward look à la Sienna Miller.

Now this trend definitely isn’t for everyone. I have been a fan of incorporating a bit of rock into my look for quite some time but I could never imagine some of friends sporting the heavy chains, leather cuffs (often embellished with studs or spikes), and all the other forms of edgy jewelry that I’m so fond of.

If you love the look and it speaks to you, than go for it. If it makes you uncomfortable or just looks wrong on you, then take a pass. Always remember, staying true to your personal sense of style will never be passé.

Read on for 10 ways to add a bit of rock into your look! [Click here to keep reading…]

80’s Revival: Cross Body Bags post image

Cross-body bags were once reserved for moms and mailmen. But as with other ‘80s staples that are reappearing for the fall, savvy designers have given it a glamorous makeover. The new cross-bodies are made of buttery soft leathers, redone in contemporary shapes, and adorned in hardware.

What’s so appealing about the cross-body bag? The hands-free factor is liberating. I particularly opt for these styles when running errands or going out at night. I also love how they can instantly lend an outfit a relaxed vibe. Of course, as a fan of contrast, I prefer wearing these casual bags with girly things – frocks, florals and frills. Few things are chicer than a fabulous dress with a long chain bag draped on your shoulder.

To keep the silhouette polished and not juvenile, it’s key to choose a size that doesn’t overwhelm you. Look for shapes that lie effortlessly against your body, whether it be saddle, pouch, or bucket. Don’t wear it too long or it looks sloppy.
Convertible bags earn extra points for its versatility and multi-use purpose. You get two or more styles out of one great bag. Hey, it’s a recession. Shop smart and get more bang for your hard-earned buck.

Read on for my top 10 picks!
[Click here to keep reading…]

Wardrobe Must: Chic Vests post image

Wardrobe Must: Chic Vests

I have a serious obsession with vests. No lie, I have about 10! Some are vintage (I LOVE vintage menswear styles- such a great way to go androgyny-chic), some are high-end, others are ultra cheap.

A vest is such a quick and easy way to update your look and is a piece that injects a certain fashion-forward flair, especially when worn over something unexpected like a hyper-feminine frock for instance. I have styles that help be add a bit of an edge to my look, some that are perfect for adding some sophistication, others that have a retro sensibility, and some classics that allow for loads of accessories.

Wear an edgy, embellished to update a basic look like Nicky Hilton. Team it with a sleek secretary blouse like Blake Lively for an updated interpretation of preppy-chic. Layer a denim vest over a floaty dress to channel the 70’s like boho-queen Sienna Miller. Use it polish up a sweetly slouchy style like Rachel Bilson. Or, belt it and wear it as a top like Whitney Port. There are countess ways to make this style staple work for you.

Read on for some of my favorite styles! [Click here to keep reading…]

Shade to Crave: Gorgeous Green post image

Shade to Crave: Gorgeous Green

Going green in the eco-sense has been a trend for quite some time. Going green in the wardrobe sense is a bit newer to the scene and this shade was a prominent color fixture on this season’s runways. We saw army green at Chloé, mossy green at Louis Vuitton, glitzy green at Balmain, bright green at Lanvin, pale green at Malandrino, pretty green prints at Anna Sui, and many more fantastic interpretations of how to work this shade into your wardrobe.

Greens are more carefree and subdued than some of the other standout colors of this season- like powerhouse pink which is a bit more blatant- and can be tamed for a sleek, minimal style, or taken up a notch for a standout one.

The green trend goes beyond clothing, extending its fabulousness to shoes, bags, accessories, even makeup.

Check out some of my favorite green picks after the jump! [Click here to keep reading…]

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Sienna Miller post image

British beauty Sienna Miller is definitely better known for her cutting-edge sense of style than her work as an actress. Sienna is renowned for putting boho back on the map and her knack for effortless-style has rendered her a major fashion muse for ladies around the globe!

Sienna has mastered the art of mixing and matching and can throw anything together and make it look incredible. She doesn’t limit herself to trends or themes and loves to throw a bunch of elements together which is what makes her style so utterly unique.

For this celebrity style inspiration edition, I’ve rounded up four fabulous styles recently sported by Sienna. Get the looks pictured above after the jump! [Click here to keep reading…]

Spring Must-Have: Lightweight Scarves post image

I firmly abide by the mantra ‘you’re never fully dressed without a lightweight scarf to complete your look’- a smile is always nice too. Lightweight scarves are an obvious year-round staple and are such great ways to instantly spruce up your look. With the recession and money-woes running rampant, fabulous items you can get maximum use out of are key.

A lightweight scarf is a great alternative to a basic cardigan for spring- it’s portable and so much more versatile. Drape a scarf around your neck to spruce up a basic jeans-and-tee look, loop it through your handbag for a unique touch, wrap it around your head for a funky boho look, tie it around your waist to wear it as a belt, you get the idea!

Check out 10 gorgeous lightweight scarves after the jump! [Click here to keep reading…]

Get Gorgeous Beachy Waves post image

Get Gorgeous Beachy Waves

Easy, breezy beachy waves have been all the rage for quite some time. And why shouldn’t they be? This style is low-maintenance, super sexy and, of course, there’s the whole laid back, bohemian-cool aspect. Getting this effortless style for your hair does require just a little bit of effort and when done wrong, you can end up making a big frizzy mess (believe me, I’ve been there!). To help you get the waves you crave, be it loose tousled waves like Blake Lively, frizz-free beachy waves like Gisele Bundchen, unkempt bed-head waves like Mary-Kate Olsen, and so on, I’ve created the ultimate beachy wave guide with 3 amazing, easy-to-follow techniques straight from the experts.

Learn easy steps to get this gorgeous look after the jump! [Click here to keep reading…]

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