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As a guy, I can admit that we can be pretty tricky to shop for. In the past, I have felt really bad for the girlfriends who got me gifts that I didn’t really like, or had no need for, and felt really impressed by the ones who got it right.

Back in November, Sabrina asked me to start thinking about a list of great gifts for guys and told me that she had done gift guides for guys during previous holiday seasons but never really felt like she knew what she was talking about. When it comes to the holidays and gift-giving, I really don’t need much. Most of the time I would prefer that the girl I’m going out with doesn’t even get me a gift – I’d rather she just save her money than blow it on something I don’t need (that I would have to pretend to like).

As I started to think about gifts for guys, I realized how hard it is to shop for something I would actually appreciate and want if it were given to me. After several weeks of deliberation (right up to the deadline), I finally came up with my picks for great gifts that virtually every guy would appreciate.

Read on to see my full list. [continue reading…]

Harem Pants: Love Or Loathe?

Every so often a trend will come along that will divide the fashion community in two- the lovers and the loathers. This season, that trend is undeniably harem pants (AKA MC Hammer pants). We saw harem pants- best described as a hybrid between a skirt and cigarette pants- saunter down the runways of some of the biggest trend-makers, like Chloe and Alexander McQueen. Some fashion sites and magazines will encourage you to go out and rock them while others have been advising strongly against it. We wanna know what YOU think though, so share your thoughts!


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