Celeb Style Steal: Rachel Bilson in A.L.C post image

When it comes to effortlessly polished style with a funky fashion-forward twist, Rachel Bilson is in a class of her own. Rachel’s looks always strike the perfect balance of classic and cutting edge. Exhibit A of her flawless style savvy: the perfectly on-point look she rocked while hosting a brunch at Laurel Hardware.

What better way to kick off our weekly celeb style steal series than with this on-point ensemble?

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A Guy’s Take on Female Fashion: Street Chic Edition post image

Sabrina sent me over some pics to review and give my straight guy opinion on “Street Chic Fashion.”

Street chic fashion, as I understand it, is when a girl spends tons of time and money on trying to look like she just threw something on without giving it any thought. Guys have their own version of this when we spend half an hour in front of a mirror trying to make our hair look like we have “bed head”.  Life is funny.

I’ve said it before: I am not a fashion writer and I have no desire to be. But I can look at a picture and give you my male opinion on it, and that’s just what I’m about to do…

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Look We Love: Military Inspired post image

Military-inspired fashion has been around for quite some time and the fact that it continues to re-emerge has caused this look to transcend beyond the boundaries of a ‘trend.’ On the Spring 2010 runways, military-inspired pieces proved to be more versatile than ever and were used to create a broad spectrum of looks: classic, avant-garde, feminine, androgynous boho, edgy- there are just so many amazing directions to take.

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A Guy’s Take On Female Fashion, Red Carpet Edition post image

Welcome to another edition of “A Guy’s Take On Female Fashion”. This is my third installment in the series and it’s a very special edition since we’re going to cover red carpet fashion!

Now, in case you haven’t read any of my previous articles on female fashion, I care about red carpet fashion as much as I care about the latest female fashion trends in general (that is, I couldn’t care less).  Still, since Sabrina and I run this site together, we think it’s fitting that we keep things balanced by providing perspectives on female fashion from both of our points of view.

If you love red carpet fashion, then you will probably hate my opinion.  Let’s get into it.

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Celebrity Style Inspiration: Rachel Bilson post image

Whether she’s decked out in gorgeous designer duds or dressed down to run errands, Rachel Bilson’s innate knack for style always shines through. For this ‘Celebrity Inspiration’ edition, I’m focusing on her daytime-style which is always practical, wearable, and totally mode. The one aspect of her personal style that I am consistently impressed by is her ability to infuse even the most basic pieces with a fashion-forward flair. Rachel has a strong affinity for investing in high-quality key-items- be it, bags, shoes, and so on- and using them to enliven basic jeans-and-tee looks and she is the master of mixing and matching, paring different silhouettes and styles and balancing the bold with the basic.

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