A Worthy Investment: A New Bag for the New Year and New You post image

Handbags are very personal items for women. It does more than just hold our belongings. It’s a symbol of identity, status and style so it’s important you find something that accurately reflects who you are. Why else do women spend a small fortune on an accessory?

To ring in the new decade, treat yourself to a fabulous new piece of arm candy. Pick something that conveys who you want to be in 2010. Aiming to be a better multi-tasker? There’s a convertible bag out there with your name on it. Trying to toughen up? Think hardware. Need motivation to use that gym membership? A chic new nylon tote should do the trick. Dying for a promotion at work? A gorgeous structured bag screams power and “I’m so on top of it!”

And for you high-achieving gals who want it all, there’s only one way…get all these bags! [Click here to keep reading…]

Winter Must: Cozy Accessories post image

Winter Must: Cozy Accessories

It can be tough to look fashionable during the brutal winter months- a time when we are forced to live inside heavy coats. As soon as the cold hits, I immediately reach for my cozy accessories (I have a whole drawer full!). In addition to providing added warmth, these key pieces can also up the chic-quotient of even the simplest styles. Cozy accessories also have a longer shelf-life than  heavy coats and chunky knits, cozy accessories and are ideal for those transitional months before and after winter when it’s chilly, but still far from unbearably freezing.

Read on for a fabulous selection of winter accessories! [Click here to keep reading…]

A Worthy Investment: The Boyfriend Watch post image

These days, the greatest perk of having a boyfriend is having access to his wardrobe. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers, boyfriend shirts- taking the BF route is really where it’s at (when it comes to fashion at least!).

I have been on the prowl for the perfect boyfriend watch for a while now. The whole androgyny-chic trend has been going strong for a few seasons now and there is no greater way to inject your look with a bit of masculinity than with this must-have accessory. Whether you’re wearing a sweet ultra-femme frock, a sizzling cocktail dress, or jeans and a basic tee, an oversized man’s watch injects that perfect dose of irreverence that ups the cool quotient of any look.

I have searched far and wide for the best boyfriend styles out there. Read on to see what made my list! [Click here to keep reading…]

Spring Must Have: Trench Coats post image

Spring Must Have: Trench Coats

A classic trench-coat is one of those year-round must-have items that can always be counted on to up the chic-quotient of your look. A well-cut trench will never be outdated and is a wardrobe staple for current trend-setters such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Victoria Beckham, to name a few, and was one for fashion icons of the past like Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

If you’re a celeb, you can afford a classic Burberry trench (all the ladies above are wearing styles from the iconic fashion house), but don’t despair if you don’t have that much cash lying around because there are tons of fantastic trench styles out there at all price points!

When buying a trench, look got a style that allows for layering underneath so you can get mileage out of this item in the winter months, but still sleek and fitted so it doesn’t add bulk to your figure.

Check out 10 terrific trenches at all price points after the jump! [Click here to keep reading…]

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