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Valentine’s Day Beauty: Tips to Get Gorgeous Quick post image

Valentine’s day is around the corner and I am trying to figure my strategy to recreate myself in the Valentine’s spirit after a long day at work. It is not unusual for me to come home not looking like anything you would want to take out on the town. But I have a plan to transform myself in less than an hour from half-extinct mortal to supernatural goddess.

Follow my instructions carefully: [continue reading…]

Head-to-Toe Beauty Essentials post image

Head-to-Toe Beauty Essentials

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed in the beauty aisle. With endless options to choose from, shopping for something as simple as mascara can prove itself to be quite a challenge. It can also be challenging to figure out what you need to get the look you want.

Well fear not. To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up the top products to make your beauty shopping experience a little more pleasant and help you create the exact look you’re going for.

From tousled waves to clear skin to gorgeous nails, these essentials will keep you gorgeous from head to toe. [continue reading…]

ANM Beauty Review: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal post image

Every so often a beauty product will come along that blows you away and has you wondering how you ever could have lived without it. Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal was that product for me and if gorgeous, flawless skin is what you’re after, it will be for you too.

I was ecstatic when I received a sample of this wonder product since I’d been hearing nothing but rave reviews from the beauty sphere for some time but was too lazy to go out and give it a try on my own! I tore the package open and applied just a tab to some blemishes on my chin and on the persistent half moons under my eyes. I was blown away. All traces of imperfection were GONE. My face literally looked like it had been airbrushed.

Pre-Miracle Skin Transformer, I would have to commit about 15 minutes of applying primer then foundation then concealer, then powder to set, then more concealer for greater coverage. And even still, my skin never looked as naturally flawless as it did with just a teeny smidge of this product, and it got the job done in under 30 seconds to boot! [continue reading…]

Head to Toe Summer Beauty Essentials post image

I love the summer months but it can be really tough to look good in the face of the sweltering heat. First, you’re makeup doesn’t stay put, you’re all shiny, your hair gets dry, your skin can be uneven from too much tanning. And it’s not only hard to look good during the summer, the damaging effects it can have on your appearance will cause you years of not looking good after- think damaged hair, age spots, wrinkles.

Right now we’re deep in the summer trenches and you may have found yourself in need of a beauty overhaul. To keep you protected and beautiful all summer long, and thereafter, I’ve rounded up the absolute best summer beauty essentials. [continue reading…]

ANM Event Calandar: Complimentary Makeovers from Pur Minerals post image

Who: Pur Minerals

What: Complimentary makeovers by Pur Minerals national makeup artists Joe Dinello, free samples, and special gifts for every purchase of a Pur Minerals product

When: Tuesday, January 12th 12pm-6pm

Where: Duane Reade 1350 Broadway New York, NY

Model Search: Be a Purple Lab Star on HSN post image

Ever dream of becoming a model? Well here’s your chance! Purple Lab, the company known for their famous Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip glosses, is launching on the Home Shopping Network with a whole array of fabulous new products including mascara, foundation, cream blush (infused with collagen!), lip stain, and concealer (all available for pre-order at

The only thing they still need is the perfect model to show everything off which is why they’re doing an online model search! [continue reading…]

Gift Guide: Best Beauty Gifts post image

Gift Guide: Best Beauty Gifts

Gift-getting is awesome. Gift-giving, on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult. When it comes to the ladies in your life- friends, sisters, moms, grandmas, aunts, etc., you really can’t go wrong with something from the beauty department, because really, you can never have enough!

From makeup that bring on the glam to pampering products that replenish the skin as well as the soul, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for the ladies in your life.

Read on to see our top 10! [continue reading…]

Erickson Beamon Creates the “Glenda Party Bag” Exclusively For post image, one of our favorite online beauty shops, is famous for their amazing designer collaborations. Just in time for the holidays they’ve teamed up with Erickson Beamon designers Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon to create a gorgeous “Glenda Party Bag” which comes packed with an amazing assortment of 13 deluxe and full-sized must-have beauty products.
The bag can be used as a cosmetic case or a chic clutch and features whimsically printed duchess satin, a bijoux zipper pull, embossed gold logo tassel, and lace and pearl embellishments.

“The Erickson Beamon collaboration offers an accessible splurge for customers,” says Kathleen McNeill, president of “Whether you’re replenishing beauty must-haves or shopping for holiday gifts, the ‘Glenda Party Bag’ is an affordable luxury.”

The entire set is valued at over $150 but will be your free with any purchase of $100 or more at

So what beauty products can you expect to find in this stunning tote? Read on to find out! [continue reading…]

Beauty Review: Best Blush post image

Beauty Review: Best Blush

The colder months can leave your complexion dull, drab, and lifeless. Bronzers just look silly when worn in the winter, I mean, who are you fooling? A great way to combat your winter complexion blues is with a beautiful cheek-shade that will restore life and vitality onto your frozen visage. I am a huge fan of cheek-colors, from creamy versions to shimmery powders. A flirty flush adds the right pop of color to your face and is way more believable than a ‘sun-kissed’ glow.

It’s important to work according to your complexion with all makeup products. However, soft, pinky-hues are pretty much a safe bet and are ultra-flattering for all.

Read on for the best blush to get a gorgeous, healthy flush! [continue reading…]

ANM Obsession: Purple Lab Lip Gloss post image

As you all may know by now, I rarely devote posts to single brands unless they are extremely special and unique. Well beauty company Purple Lab more than meets my standards. The brand, created by the beyond-words amazing Karen Robinovitz, is known for their revolutionary ‘huge lips skinny hips’ lip gloss.

What does that mean exactly? Well these glosses are designed to plump your pout (without the sting!) while curbing your appetite. They are formulated with vitamin E for soft, nourished lips, vitamin B3 which stimulates blood flow to the lips creating fullness, orange peel extract which is a natural metabolism booster, Hoodia extract (from a cactus like plant) which has appetite suppressing qualities. [continue reading…]

Beautify to Benefit Breast Cancer post image

In this time of economic uncertainty it’s okay to be a little selfish and pinch those pennies. The caveat to this unwritten rule is the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To aid in awareness and finding a cure, many of our favorite beauty brands are giving back in big ways, providing exclusive offerings to benefit this amazing cause. From luxurious body treatments to flirty makeup shades, giving back has never been so easy!

Read on for some of our favorite offerings! [continue reading…]

Beauty Review: Mascaras That MEAN It post image

I don’t think any gal will deny that you are never fully ready to face the world without a coat or two of mascara. It truly is amazing what a difference a few swipes of a wand can make!

There is nothing sexier than long, luscious lashes- they just give you this bright eyed, subtly sensuous look that is totally irresistible. There are countless mascaras out there that claim to be the end all be all when it comes to long, full lashes. Some work while others leave you with nothing but a big heap of disappointment. One of the best perks about being a beauty writer is I get the opportunity to test out tons of products to discover first hand which ones live up to the hype.

I don’t naturally have long, thick lashes but you would never know it because I’ve discovered which mascaras really mean it!

Read on for my top 5 favorites! [continue reading…]

Summer Beauty Must-Haves post image

Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Blazing temperatures are finally upon us which means it’s time to take a less is more approach to makeup. It’s not only about minimalism, investing in the right products is key to keeping your face fresh, healthy, and beautiful. With the summer heat, comes sweating, oily skin, clogged pores, and streaky makeup- none of which are all that fun to deal with.

From smudge-proof eye makeup to lightweight foundation that goes on matte to streak-free cheek-stains- I’ve rounded up the best summer beauty picks guaranteed to help you create gorgeous looks that will stay put in the face of the smoldering heat.

Check out my top picks after the jump! [continue reading…]

Small Beauty Tricks That Make A Big Difference post image

The old adage ‘a little bit goes a long way,’ is true of many things in life, especially makeup! You don’t need to be a makeup pro to know how to make the most out of the contents in your beauty drawer. You don’t even need a face full of perfectly applied on makeup to look amazing. All you really need is to know the right tricks that will deliver maximum results with minimal effort, now who doesn’t love that? Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of liner, or the perfect shade of lipstick, to take you from blah to beautiful in 10 seconds flat.

Read on for six simple little tricks that make a huge difference! [continue reading…]

Beauty Review: The Best Concealers post image

Concealer is probably the most essential beauty product of all. It doesn’t matter how great your ensemble is, if you have an unsightly blemish or dark under-eye circles, everything can be thrown off, especially your confidence. As someone who has struggled with problematic skin, I have tried pretty much every concealer on the market which is why you can trust me when I tell you which ones really work!

Check out my top 5 product picks and some amazing expert tips after the jump! [continue reading…]

Eco-Friendly Beauty Finds post image

Eco-Friendly Beauty Finds

Pampering yourself is always a good thing. Being good to the environment is also a good thing. Doing both at the same time, well that is just a fantastic thing! In honor of Earth Day, I’m bringing you a compilation of my favorite beauty products that will not only help you look beautiful, but also help the environment at the same time.

Check out my top 10 eco-friendly beauty picks after the jump! [continue reading…]

Exclusive Celebrity Beauty Secrets! post image

What is it about celebrities that makes them look so great? Sure, some of them are naturally beautiful, but another major component is the fact that they are privy to the best beauty tips and tricks around. Whenever I interview celebs, I always make sure to get their best beauty tips and product recommendations because why should they have all the fun?

Read on for amazing beauty tips and product picks from the lovely ladies pictured above!

[continue reading…]

Best Beauty Products post image

Best Beauty Products

Being a beauty writer comes with its advantages, mainly, lots and lots of free products to try! One guarantee you can get from me is that I will never, EVER, recommend a product that I don’t swear by and will only write about those that I have tried, fallen in love with, and use religiously. I have quite the laundry list of favorite products but for this port, I have narrowed it down to my top 5 I’d-be-lost-without-you products picks.

[continue reading…]


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