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The other day, something awful happened. I was on the L-train on my way into Manhattan from Brooklyn when I realized I was missing something very, very important. It wasn’t my phone (which I have left at home before, an occurrence that I considered a blessing because I hate that thing and any time I get away from it is happy time!), or my wallet (which I shamefully forgot once, arriving on a date money-less and homeless since my keys are attached to my wallet and my roommate was gone for the night leaving me locked). No, I forgot something even more essential than those essentials, my makeup bag.

This experience taught me a very valuable lesson on the importance of a cute and compact makeup case and how valuable it can be throughout the day.  While it took some time, I think I’ve finally perfected the art of the perfect makeup case. In the past, I would either pack too much or too little, making swaps, additions and substitutions in between until I could be like Goldielocks and get it to be just right.

These days, the contents of my makeup case rarely change, whether I’m heading out for a long day of running around, going on a date, to a fashion event or out for a night of fun with my girl friends.

Read on to see the essentials that made the cut. [Click here to keep reading…]

Swap Bags…Without Losing Your Essentials post image

How many times have you left your favorite lip gloss in “your other bag?” Even if you dump the entire contents of your bag on to your bed, you’re either in a rush or suffering from the euphoric afterglow of your latest handbag purchase.

There are a few items that you need in order to make sure no one gets left behind. No cell phone, wallet, metro card, lip-gloss, pack of gum, left stranded in the infinite abyss of bagdom.

To assist you in achieving the successful bag switch every time, I’ve rounded up included some essential items that make for an easy transfer. From a coin purse to an all-in-one make up palette, this list will surely get you on the right path to becoming a bag swap expert.

Check out my roundup after the jump! [Click here to keep reading…]

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