Wardrobe Must: A Sexy LRD (Little Red Dress) post image

Bill Blass once said: “When in doubt, wear red,” a sentiment which I fully stand behind! Red definitely has a leg up on black, everyone’s favorite go-to, when it comes to the standout sex appeal and the va va voom factor. I really believe that it’s impossible for anyone not to look, and feel, sexy in red. It’s definitely one of those shades guaranteed to get heads turning but it can also be a little intimidating to wear.

Since red is such an inherently sexy shade, it’s important to look for styles that are slightly more on the conservative side. Anything too short or low-cut and you run the risk of looking cheap, definitely something to avoid at all costs! A perfect example is Emmy Rossum, pictured above wearing Donna Karan. The slouchy silhouette of the dress offset the striking-ness of the color for a style that was sexy, but still fuss-free and relaxed. Diane Kruger’s sheer red Calvin Klein dress was definitely a head-turner, but the knee-length cut of the dress kept it from being too vampy (not that she could look anything less than perfect!). The point is, this color is one that should be embraced and not feared because it looks spectacular when done right.
Every gal needs at least one LRD in her closet and I’ve rounded up 10 fabulous ones to choose from! [continue reading…]

Shade to Crave: Yellow post image

Shade to Crave: Yellow

Spring releases a fun and exuberant vibe into the air and no shade will get you in the swing or spring like yellow. I’ll admit that I only recently became a yellow-proponent; it really coincided with my new-found sense of color adventurousness. There is something unexpected about yellow for some reason.  It’s definitely not a shade you will run into all that often while walking down the street, but that’s what makes it fun, so why not go for it!

Yellow can be anything from classy to whimsical, feminine to funky, and everything in between. Just look at the celebrities pictured above- all of whom are sporting shades of yellow interpreted differently for styles that range from ultra-femme like Lauren Conrad wearing a Plastic Island coat, to boho like Molly Sims in Calvin Klein, to sexy, like Leighton Meester, who teamed a yellow ruffled Nina Ricci dress with killer lace up booties by Derek Lam.

So what are the do’s and don’ts of wearing yellow? Well first I would advise against pairing yellow, especially bright yellow, with black, that’s just way too bumble bee. There are some exceptions, but overall this is a rule.Yellow will always work with jeans- any wash, really. Yellow, especially neon, also looks amazing when set against nude and neutral shades.

Read on for some yellow pieces guaranteed to spruce up your wardrobe! [continue reading…]

Pattern to Try: Pretty Polka Dots post image

Stripes have been going strong as the pattern du jour for a while now, unjustly leaving polka dots in their stripey shadows for far too long! I for one an totally feeling the polka dots- they have an old-school sort of charm and can bring a fun, 50’s flavor to your wardrobe without looking dated. While this pattern has been around for a while,  adding a polka-dotted piece to your look still manages to add an unexpected twist.

Stand out in a polka dot dress like Olivia Wilde (wearing TopShop), give a retro polka dot top a modern spin like Cameron Diaz (pictured in a top by Michael Kors and Seven jeans), or toughen up a pretty polka dotted blouse with second skin pants like Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan (both in Rebecca Minkoff). From sophisticated and refined to daring and bold, who knew dots could be so versatile?

Polka dots are instant eye-catchers, so whether your dots are big or small, wear them with confidence! Read on for my favorite polka dotted pieces! [continue reading…]

Shade to Crave: Bold Blue post image

Shade to Crave: Bold Blue

I have been a fan of blinding shades of blue for a while now and my love is still going strong. This color is undoubtedly striking, but not in that overly loud, obnoxious, kind of way that can leave you feeling paranoid and self-conscious. Unlike most bright colors, this one is actually flattering on almost every complexion and looks phenomenal set against all hair colors.

Plus, clashing is close to impossible . Pair your bold blue with anything from basic black and subtle neutrals to other bold shades like pink, yellow, orange, or red to glittery metallics. Whether it’s an electric blue dress like the Jenni Kayne one worn by Jessica Stroup, a skirt like Lauren Conrad’s bandage style or Lily Collins’ micro mini (both by BCBG), a tank, blouse, cardigan, jacket, and so on- this color is always a standout statement-maker.

Read on for my top 10 electric blue picks! [continue reading…]

Fall’s Newest Fetish: Luxe Leather post image

Leather is back in a big way. No longer exclusive to the biker babe, the new shapes are sleek and stylish, yet still maintain an edge. On the runway, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Phi showed the most memorable pieces, while a bevy of other designers did amazing looks too. For everyday wear, follow these tips.

Let the leather piece take center stage. Everything else should serve as a complement. If you go with leather bottoms, temper it with a floaty chiffon blouse or slouchy cashmere sweater and punctuate the look with a thick cuff. Though playing up the rocker vibe is a natural choice, I say it’s all about the unexpected pairings this season.

Of course, every girl needs a go-to motorcycle jacket in her repertoire. A leather blazer is a great option as well. A vest is also a great transitional item to wear over summer pieces now and heavier knits later. Throw these toppers over everything you own, from jeans to dresses, for instant street cred. It’s so chic when it almost seems like an afterthought.

Leather can cost you a week’s paycheck (or more), but if you find one must-have stunner, it’ll last forever and get better with age. The fit should be flawless. Find form-fitting pieces that aren’t skintight. It’s also crucial that the material does not look like cheap poly blend – even if it is. Don’t risk looking trashy (there, I said it). Luckily, there are great faux options out there; just scour Zara or Urban Outfitters.

Takeaway lesson: despite it’s intimidating looks, leather is pretty versatile when you’ve got a few stylish tricks up your sleeve. Any way you wear it, it’s got attitude. Motorcycle optional.

Read on for some of my top leather finds!

[continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Shoulder Exposure post image

I have always considered the shoulder one of the sexiest, and most underrated, regions of a woman’s body which is why I’m all about the shoulder exposure trend that’s currently sweeping in.

An exposed shoulder creates that accidental sexy-effect which is super hot but not in an intimidating kind of way. I love the bohemian sensibility of this look, it just has that effortlessness to it that always looks amazing. I am also an avid fan of sweetly slouchy styles and this definitely fits the bill.

You can rock an off the shoulder slouchy dress like Lindsay Lohan wearing Rachel Pally or with a mini-skirt for a night out like Jessica Szohr. Pair a muted top with skinny pants like Lauren Conrad wearing a Vince long sleeve top; rock a Flashdance style tee like Vanessa Hudgens wearing a printed top by Free People, $29.95; or rock an oversized fashion-forward style like Ashley Greene, wearing a button-sleeve top by Prodigal Daughter.

Either way, this look always translates to hot and is a great way to rock the 80’s trend that’s trickling in while still keeping it modern.

Check out some of my favorite shoulder exposure styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

Celeb Style Inspiration: Lauren Conrad post image

As much as I hate to admit it, Lauren Conrad is a consistent course of fashion inspiration for me.  She always manages to be on-trend without being hyper-trendy, bold but still polished, and sexy, but still sophisticated. And no matter what, she always looks effortlessly put together.

Lauren’s style is rooted in a feminine and flirty sensibility with a bit of an edge. She definitely loves floaty dresses and bold prints, but always maintains a balance with her ensembles, never going too far with a motif. A sharp blazer to toughen up a flirty frock, a Chanel bag to add some high-fashion to a downtown-hipster look, subtle accessories to keep from overpowering a strong outfit- when it comes to chic minimalism, this girl is the master.

One thing I especially admire about Lauren is that she knows exactly what works for her and always stays true to herself with her choices. Her clothes always fit perfectly, the shades always compliment her complexion, and she never  looks like she’s trying to be anything. Lauren has donned tons of amazing ensembles recently, but I narrowed in my four favorites for this edition of celeb style inspiration.

Get the exact looks as pictured above after the jump! [continue reading…]

Look Thinner By Getting Dressed! post image

While your body may stay the same, the clothes you put on it can instantly add or subtract 5-10 pounds, which is why it’s important to be aware of dressing for your body and to be fully in-tune with styles that have an instant slim-down effect. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather look thinner by getting dressed over working out and dieting any day of the week!

Read on for 5 amazing instant slim down tips and for fabulous product picks to help you slim down just by getting dressed! [continue reading…]

Get these Celeb Hair Styles post image

Get these Celeb Hair Styles

Changing up your hair with fun, new styles is always a fabulous way to update your look. Lately, I’ve been totally into experimenting with new hairstyles and have rounded up some amazing tips from the pros on how to replicate some of the hottest hair trends. Whether you want to try out a bohemian updo like Lauren Conrad, a relaxed chignon like Hayden Panettiere, tousled curls like Olivia Palermo, or full, or wavy extensions like Katie Holmes, we’ve got the expert tips and product picks to help you on your way!

Find out how to get the looks pictured above after the jump! [continue reading…]

Silhouette to Try: Sweetly Slouchy post image

A slouchy posture: not hot. A slouchy silhouette: UBER hot! This season is all about the no-muss, no-fuss, effortless slouch and I am eating it up! The spring runways were filled with slouch, a silhouette we saw at Chloe, John Galliano, Burberry Prorsum, Akris, Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many other trend-setting colections. From pants to tops to jackets to dresses, almost all of the collections were marked by a return to a more relaxed sophistication and easy-chic sensibility thanks to this care-free silhouette.

I have always loved this style and make it a habit to buy clothes a few sizes too big to achieve the effect. The key here is slouchy, NOT sloppy so opt for items that loosely drape from your frame rather than those that look like they’re drowning you. Another tip for rocking this look is to balance proportions- if you’re wearing a slouchy top pair it with some skinny jeans, if you’re going for slouchy bottoms, then team them with a slimmer top or structured jacket. It’s important to always remember to wear your clothes and not let them wear you.

Check out a fantastic selection of sweetly slouchy styles after the jump! [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Hobo Bags post image

A Worthy Investment: Hobo Bags

Diamonds are great, but I would say that handbags are truly a girls best friend- they’re always by your side, they contain all your personal information, and they help you look and feel amazing! I like to invest in a new handbag every couple of seasons and this time around I put all my focus into finding the perfect hobo bag. Hobos are fabulous year-round but are especially lust-worthy for spring on account of their fun, carefree spirit and the effortless bohemian vibe they bring to any look.

Check out 12 fantastic hobos, including the styles seen on Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad, after the jump! [continue reading…]

Get Gorgeous Beachy Waves post image

Get Gorgeous Beachy Waves

Easy, breezy beachy waves have been all the rage for quite some time. And why shouldn’t they be? This style is low-maintenance, super sexy and, of course, there’s the whole laid back, bohemian-cool aspect. Getting this effortless style for your hair does require just a little bit of effort and when done wrong, you can end up making a big frizzy mess (believe me, I’ve been there!). To help you get the waves you crave, be it loose tousled waves like Blake Lively, frizz-free beachy waves like Gisele Bundchen, unkempt bed-head waves like Mary-Kate Olsen, and so on, I’ve created the ultimate beachy wave guide with 3 amazing, easy-to-follow techniques straight from the experts.

Learn easy steps to get this gorgeous look after the jump! [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: Grandpa Cardigans post image

When it comes to vintage goodies like pretty brooches and one-of-a-kind purses, Grandma’s closet is the way to go. With this season’s shift towards the androgynous, however, it might be time to raid grandpa’s closet as well. One wardrobe staple I’m currently obsessing over the grandpa cardigans- such an un-chic name for something so fabulous but even still. I love the whole boho slouchy feel (okay, really wish I had another word for boho at this point, but whatever!) and a loose knit is the perfect way to achieve the look. I am especially a fan of pairing the sweater over a tight silhouette like skinny jeans and a tight tank; it just has this accidental sex-appeal to it which I simply adore. This style will definitely come in handy over the next few months, when fickle-weather-behavior will be at an all-time high and temperatures can go from comfortable to freezing with the snap of a finger or when its warm outside, but freezing in your office. Or even when it’s a bit nippy out but you don’t want to wear a jacket.

See 10 fabulous cardigans after the jump.

[continue reading…]

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