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As a guy, I can admit that we can be pretty tricky to shop for. In the past, I have felt really bad for the girlfriends who got me gifts that I didn’t really like, or had no need for, and felt really impressed by the ones who got it right.

Back in November, Sabrina asked me to start thinking about a list of great gifts for guys and told me that she had done gift guides for guys during previous holiday seasons but never really felt like she knew what she was talking about. When it comes to the holidays and gift-giving, I really don’t need much. Most of the time I would prefer that the girl I’m going out with doesn’t even get me a gift – I’d rather she just save her money than blow it on something I don’t need (that I would have to pretend to like).

As I started to think about gifts for guys, I realized how hard it is to shop for something I would actually appreciate and want if it were given to me. After several weeks of deliberation (right up to the deadline), I finally came up with my picks for great gifts that virtually every guy would appreciate.

Read on to see my full list. [continue reading…]

Trend to Rediscover: Clogs! post image

Trend to Rediscover: Clogs!

A few months ago, I started a post about clogs but faced some serious hesitation as to whether or not to actually run it. I really should have taken my own advice, but instead I allowed the fear that all of you would think I had lost my mind for endorsing such a silly style take over and I held off. Then Mr. Karl Lagerfeld had to go and show clogs during the Chanel Spring 2010 presentation and now this silly little style is gaining crazy momentum and is being hailed as the hottest spring trend.

As much as I worship Karl, I didn’t need his seal of approval because I honestly love clogs and could not be happier that they are making a comeback (even though I’d wear them even if they maintained their passe status!). Clogs are a great substitute for flip-flops in the fall and winter and can serve as your slip it on and wear-then-with-anything-go-tos. Rock your clogs with bare feet when it’s warm and with tights or funky socks when it’s cold.

If you share my sentiments and can’t wait to clomp around in a pair of clogs, then read on for the styles I’m currently crushing on! [continue reading…]

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Bags That Dress The Part

The hot months call for lightweight American Apparel tee’s and short denim cut-offs and leave no room for dressed up sweaters and tight liquid leggings. To stay fashion-forward in the more dressed-down months, why not invest in a handbags that dress for the occasion? From feathers to sequins these bags don’t make the outfit, they ARE the outfit.

The  SS ’09 runways were filled with splurge-worthy styles- Donna Karen’s gold bauble bag, tasseled styles at Betsey Johnson,  dolly, embroidered handbags at Anna Sui, and clutches kicked up a notch with floral flourishes at Marc Jacobs. This season’s dressed-up bags can make even your most basic shorts-and-tee combo a total statement-maker.

Just look at Rachel Bilson– a big fan of the statement-bag- who dressed up a basic monochrome look with the  super funky printed pony and snake patchwork Jimmy Choo Kaja bag, $2,695. Or take a cue from fashion heavy-hitter Kate Moss, who added an updated bohemian flavor to her look with the Genevieve Jones Black Fringe Bag, $800.

With glitzy sequin clutches by Prada and zipper infested bags by Botkier it will be hard to look dressed down with bags that scream, “look at me.”

Adorn yourself with the latest in arm candy and check out my 10 favorite dressed-up bags after the jump! [continue reading…]

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A Worthy Investment: Hobo Bags

Diamonds are great, but I would say that handbags are truly a girls best friend- they’re always by your side, they contain all your personal information, and they help you look and feel amazing! I like to invest in a new handbag every couple of seasons and this time around I put all my focus into finding the perfect hobo bag. Hobos are fabulous year-round but are especially lust-worthy for spring on account of their fun, carefree spirit and the effortless bohemian vibe they bring to any look.

Check out 12 fantastic hobos, including the styles seen on Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad, after the jump! [continue reading…]

Top 5 Seasonal Splurges post image

Top 5 Seasonal Splurges

I, like many, am definitely feeling the economic pinch and have been forced to reassess the value of my purchases and discover the hidden virtues behind the concept of downsizing.

Now as an avid fashion fanatic who is constantly surrounded by amazing items and some of the best-dressed people ever, abstaining from the stores is downright TORTUROUS!

Every season I like to make a few key purchases, my anchor items if you will. In season’s past I was guilty of going beyond my rigid wishlist, but this time around I WILL show restraint by sticking to the items I know I need and forgoing the rest, because in truth, I have plenty of fabulous pieces to get me by and I know you do too. So after careful consideration, the following items are those I deemed worthy of the investment during this very woeful season.

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