Tighten Up: Top 3 Pilates Moves for a Toned Booty post image

Looking to tone up your booty for the upcoming short shorts season? There are a variety of Pilates exercises that are perfect not only for glute strength, but for hamstring, back, and ab strength as well. Many of us who spend a lot of time sitting during the day have tight hip flexors. Hip flexors are a group of large muscles that connect the front thigh to the pelvis and are in charge of flexing at the hip joint. Tight hip flexor muscles can pull your pelvis out of whack, which can lead to bad posture and low back pain. Performing exercises that focus on the glutes and hamstrings is perfect for realigning the pelvis and opening up tight hips while also shaping up that booty.

In my last article about toning your abs, I mentioned that Pilates is a full-body workout with an emphasis on the core. Meaning you never just work one muscle group; instead, you use the core to develop a deep connection through your entire body, from head to toe. Strengthening the core connection can help correct posture, heal back pain, prevent injuries, and rehabilitate.

It’s no surprise that Pilates is gaining immense popularity in the fitness world. I truly believe that if done mindfully, it is the healthiest and most efficient form of exercise.

Here are my three favorite exercises to tighten and tone your backside:

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Why Your Workouts Aren’t Working: 5 Mistakes People Make at the Gym post image

In today’s non-stop society, it’s hard to find time to workout. It’s even harder to stay motivated when your workouts aren’t producing any results.

Read below to learn how five simple (and very common) mistakes can make your workouts less effective. [Click here to keep reading…]

Three New Year’s Resolutions to Avoid this January post image

It’s time to STOP making the same impossible promises year after year and start accomplishing your goals. This article explains how to avoid these three stereotypical resolutions and provides alternatives for achieving success in 2014.

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Cook Yourself Skinny: 5 Must-Try Recipes post image

Are you tired of working out and not seeing any results? Stop spending countless hours at the gym and start focusing on your diet! Unfortunately, all the workouts in the world will not get you a flat stomach if you continue to shove garbage down your throat.

To help you reach your weight-loss goals, I’m sharing my five favorite healthy, easy to make recipes for every time of the day. And did I mention they are all delicious? [Click here to keep reading…]

Meet the Author: Who is “Bite Sized Fitness”? post image

I like to describe myself as five feet of fitness and fun! My name is Alyse Scaffidi and I am the creator of Bite Sized Fitness. I am a five-foot tall Rutgers University Doctorate of Pharmacy student that wanted to combine my passion for fitness with my desire to help others. For me, maintaining a healthy body is a fundamental aspect of a happy and satisfying life. By sharing my success story, I hope to inspire other hard-working individuals, like yourselves, to achieve the body you deserve! [Click here to keep reading…]

Exercise 101: The Clueless Girl’s Guide to the Gym post image

Today’s the day! Today, I am going to go to the gym, have a great workout, and start getting in shape! But wait, there’s just one teeny, tiny problem… “I don’t have clue what I’m doing!”

For most women, simply finding the time and motivation to workout is hard enough, so researching the most effective forms of cardio, proper lifting techniques, and nutritional requirements is simply out of the question.  Who cares if you don’t know everything about the anatomy of the body, the point is to make your body look better!

The amount of scientific research about fitness is overwhelming, but the easy tips below will have you feeling and looking like you belong at the gym:

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Curves Are Making a Comeback: How to Enhance and Embrace This Sexy Shape post image

You’re fighting the urge to bite into that cookie. You choose the fruit bowl over the croissant. You use skim milk instead of half&half. Every. Single. Day. And not because you actually dislike this kind of food.. but because society throws at you images of stick-thin models who are genetically predisposed to looking like pre-teen boys and you believe you have to look that way too.

Well according to an online poll, it’s shown that 80 percent of men ages 18 to 50 say they want a voluptuous woman.  Another 15 percent of men prefer a woman of average size, while just 5 percent opt for a super skinny chick.  Now this is not to say that you can’t be skinny & curvy together – but what it is saying is that stick-thin emaciated bodies have a slim chance of winning versus beautiful, fuller, bodies. [Click here to keep reading…]

Fitness Fits Any Lifestyle: The Busy Girl’s Guide to Health post image

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had the time to workout and eat healthier?” Most of us already have work, kids, school, and a packed social life keeping us busy, so who wants to worry about being healthy?  One, if not all, of the following scenarios probably describes your current routine. The good news is this means you can have a healthy lifestyle! And you won’t have to make any drastic changes either! [Click here to keep reading…]

Fitness Myths Vs. Facts post image

Fitness Myths Vs. Facts

Working out is difficult! And I’m not talking about digging deep and finding the strength to get your butt to the gym. No, I’m talking about all the complexities that lie after you’ve taken that first pivotal step.

There are so many considerations that need to be taken in order to get the results you want. Does eating on an empty stomach burn more fat?  Do you work out hard for short periods of time, medium for long periods, or at intervals? And what’s the deal with this whole ‘you don’t burn fat unless you workout for more than 30 minutes’ business? So if I work out for 25 minutes it won’t mean anything?? And what happens if I stop working out? Will all those muscles just turn to flab?

Fortunately, your head won’t have to spin for much longer thanks to Jenny Evans, stress/exercise physiologist and founder of PowerHouse Performance Coaching, who has graciously revealed everything you need to know about working out in order to get the results you want!

Read on for her breakdown of fitness myths and facts!

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Food, Fitness, & Fetishes: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide post image

Single? Engaged? A fan of V-day? Indifferent? Here’s the ULTIMATE guide to Valentine’s Day, from chocolate, to Cupid’s marathons, to sex moves that scorch calories. You don’t have to love fitness to love this guide. [Click here to keep reading…]

7 Tips to Detox Your Body (No Fasting Necessary!) post image

Winter is a rough time when it comes to fitness and healthy eating. It’s cold, it’s dark, and there’s not much motivation to hit the gym since you can hide behind layers of cozy clothing. While most people get an dose of motivation around New Year’s, according to Time Magazine, “60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.”

So how do you kick off the new year after a holiday fueled with “one more bite”? How do you create the right environment for your body to keep up with your resolutions all year long?

The answer: Detox. (And no we are not talking about a juice cleanse!)

See below as fitness and nutrition expert Amanda Obregon gives us 7 tips on how to refresh and cleanse our bodies both through fitness and healthy eating.

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Workout Review: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs DVD post image

I would venture to guess that the motivation that comes with setting New Year’s resolutions is already starting to wane ever so slightly. (It is Blue Monday after all.) Am I right? It’s cold…you’re carrying five extra post-holiday pounds…your skinny jeans are tight. And did I mention it’s coooold out?! I hear ya — but don’t surrender to your environment and get stuck in a slump!

I think it’s always a good idea to have a few workout DVDs on hand this time of year. I’m all for making my life easier, and friends, we still need to sweat this season. A lot. That’s exactly what you’ll do with the Jillian Michaels Buns & Thighs DVD. I chose to try this one because well, my flat-as-a-pancake posterior has much to be desired, and I knew that the Tough Love Queen would push me harder than I could on my own. Want to get your butt kicked? This workout will do it…literally.

I’m a pretty fit gal who enjoys the types of plyometric circuit workouts that Jillian promotes. Burpees? Love ‘em. Pushups? Bring ‘em on. The varying movements never get boring and I love being challenged in multiple ways at once. In this video, an exercise that works your core will also likely challenge your upper body strength and balancing abilities.

So as you can see, I’m not a beginner, but I will try to write this review in a way that can be beneficial for everyone. [Click here to keep reading…]

7 Tips to Stay Fit this Winter post image

7 Tips to Stay Fit this Winter

The most common statement I hear during the winter months is: “I’ve never successfully gotten through a winter. I always gain weight.” It’s painstakingly true: Once the cold weather starts creeping in, so do the pounds.. and quite frankly, at this time of year, it’s much easier to hop into sweats than it is to hop on the treadmill.

But it’s permissible because nobody can see what you look like under layers of sweaters, right? WRONG! You see yourself everyday and that’s the only person you really have to answer to at the end of the day. So why not answer to a fit, healthy, happy self?
This winter, don’t put your health and fitness goals on ice, and DON’T claim to “start tomorrow” or “make it your new year’s resolution” (as we’ve all infamously exclaimed before).

Instead, replace the words “diet” with “lifestyle” and follow these 7 tips below to ensure your success. [Click here to keep reading…]

Exercises to Enhance Your Sex Life post image

Exercises to Enhance Your Sex Life

Sex and sports: what do they two have in common?  For starters, both require good performance in order to succeed.

You’ve seen the TV advertisements, you’ve browsed the vitamin/pill aisle for a quick fix, and you’ve been subscribing to Cosmo for years. But there still seems to be something missing from your sex life. The answer: exercise.

I think we can all agree on one thing: sex is great. But what if it could be better? What if a few pelvic-thrusts on the MAT could really improve your pelvic-thrusts on the MATress? Well, they can.

Below are a few exercises that will enhance your sexual performance, and more. [Click here to keep reading…]

Recipes for Healthy Super Bowl Snacks from David Kirsch post image

Super Bowl  Sunday is a day for commercials you actually want to watch, over-hyped halftime performances and unhealthy snacks galore– oh yeah, and football! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re body doesn’t care if it’s the Super Bowl and those calories will count just as much as they would on any other day.

Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy delicious appetizers without the guilt with the help of celebrity personal trainer and wellness guru David Kirsch. David has committed himself to helping others achieve a balance of mind, body and spirit and is the author of three best-selling books filled with yummy recipes and invigorating workouts.

To help you stay on track this year, David has provided six delicious and nutritious recipes that can seamlessly replace those old Super Bowl standbys. [Click here to keep reading…]

Yoga Solutions For Body Aches and Pains post image

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives. We all know that stress can cause countless health issues and have all been advised to reduce our stress-levels, but as with most things, this is way easier said than done. I am a huge yoga-proponent for many reasons, especially the fact that it drastically helped reduce my level of stress and anxiety and all the body aches and pains associated with the two. Yoga isn’t just about increasing strength and flexibility, as you learned last week, simple yoga poses can be done at any time to combat daily aches, pains and frustrations. To help your days become better and brighter, I’m sharing 5 more poses to try, straight from YogaWorks instructor Irina Oviannikov.

Read on to find out how you can alleviate pain and tension in your wrists, hips, back, and shoulders and for an amazing technique to overcome your mid-day slump without a trip to Starbucks.

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