Date Night Inspiration: Jessica Alba’s Flirty Floral Look post image

A few months ago I came across a picture of Jessica Alba in a gorgeous look on her way to Ralph Lauren’s S/S 14 show at NYFW.  Why I loved it?  Because she incorporated warm weather flowing pastels with her cold weather chunky dark neutrals to create a refreshing take on fall dressing.  This instantly inspired, what I consider to be, the perfect winter date night look.

Jessica’s look will set you back big bucks, but there are easy ways to achieve her look on any budget.  Some tips for perfectly achieving her look include keeping the sweater cropped.  This will keep the sweater from overpowering the skirt and will make your overall look appear slim and clean.  Another tip is to keep the skirt airy by choosing a light, flowing fabric.  Heavier textures will, you guessed it, make the overall look feel heavy so stick to silks and chiffons.

Another skirt tip is to keep the length to a midi or slightly higher.  A full on maxi will also create a heavy illusion but it also really covers you up – it is date night so keep it fun and flirty (and feel free to rock a mini if you’re ready to brave the cold)!  Lastly, if you live in a place where strappy sandals aren’t a fall/winter option, don’t be afraid to try a pointy-toe pump or a classic ankle bootie.  Either shoe option would work great with this look.

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Look We Love: Monochrome post image

Look We Love: Monochrome

Single color looks are everywhere right now and its currently one of my favorite trends.  At first it sounds a little tacky or TOO MUCH, but trust me ladies this look is a keeper.  Rocking a monochrome look can be done by anyone and is a great way to wear a really chic and clean look.

Here are 5 examples and some tips and tricks to helping you on your way to that unified look. [continue reading…]

10 Ways To Boost Your Wardrobe for 2013 post image

Well here we are – already a few weeks into 2013!  One thing that I love to do in the new year is to boost my wardrobe.  Now is the perfect time to invest in some great new wardrobe staples (great sales are still going on!) or bring in some new versions to add to the ones you already have.  Doing this will help freshen up your closet, spices up your looks and it’s a great way to start the year off on a stylish foot.

Here are 10 easy ways to boost your wardrobe for 2013. [continue reading…]

Summer Pieces You Can Wear For Fall post image

Fall is just around the corner and with that comes the looming realization that it’s time to start making some new wardrobe purchases.  Yes, it’s exciting to go shopping for new trends, but don’t you feel like you’re abandoning last season’s investments or that you never got enough use out of them?  Well, feel that way no longer!  It’s all about transitioning those summer purchases into fall while still looking like you’re dressing for the right season.

Here are some easy ways you can include your summer pieces into your fall wardrobe: [continue reading…]

Spotlight On Style United: A Personalized Fashion and Beauty Experience post image

One of the perks of working in the fashion and beauty industry is learning about the latest websites that provide truly unique, personalized experience. My latest obsession is Style United, the latest venture from P&G Beauty, which provides women with a one-stop destination for head-to-toe fashion and beauty consultations, recommendations and news.

The site features exclusive articles, slideshows, blog posts and how-to videos from P&G industry experts includes influential stylists, bloggers and online editors. The Style United team tailors content based on results from Style 360, a diagnostic tool to understand a user’s unique skincare, haircare, cosmetics and fashion needs. What that means is each time you visit the site you’ll receive recommendations base don what works best for you, kinda cool, right? [continue reading…]

How to Layer Without Looking Larger post image

The layered look is always in style and is especially essential during the fall when the temperatures fluctuate constantly, and in the winter, when it’s freezing outside and sweltering indoors.

Layering can also help you get more mileage out of the items already hanging in your closet. You’d be amazed at how many new outfits you can come up with just by playing around and doing some mixing and matching with your old standbys.

This trend requires you to proceed with caution, because if you layer blindly, you can run the risk of looking sloppy and frumpy.

But fear not, I’ve got you covered with tips to help you make the layered look work.

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A Guy’s Take on Female Fashion: Street Chic Edition post image

Sabrina sent me over some pics to review and give my straight guy opinion on “Street Chic Fashion.”

Street chic fashion, as I understand it, is when a girl spends tons of time and money on trying to look like she just threw something on without giving it any thought. Guys have their own version of this when we spend half an hour in front of a mirror trying to make our hair look like we have “bed head”.  Life is funny.

I’ve said it before: I am not a fashion writer and I have no desire to be. But I can look at a picture and give you my male opinion on it, and that’s just what I’m about to do…

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