Beauty Review: Diamond Facials, a Girl’s New Best Friend post image

For those of you that love their skin to look awesome, I mean- all-out -stunning like a fresh opened  petal in exquisite morning dew… but instantly.. without delay ( because do we really want to wait for anything in this digital age of tweet and instant posting) I recommend experiencing a Diamond Dust facial at the Vince Smith Hair Experience Salon.

Vince Smith, a hair stylist who has graced many runway shows in his 20+ year career, is a beauty maven unlike any other. You would love hanging out at his salon among his team of experienced stylists in a real family atmosphere of beauty conspirators.

Have you ever seen what a 24 karat gold or diamond dust facial can do to your face? Well at the Vince Smith Hair Experience, it is a possibility .. “I wanted to offer the best facials on the market and after months of testing, I discovered the Mica Beauty Jewels Line that blew me away. It was the only one that delivered great results quickly .”

The Jewels by Mica Beauty line allows your skin to be mended looking fresh, young-looking, restored in just one visit . Something about the power of the rare and expensive minerals of Pearl, Gold, and Diamond has been proven to be really good for the skin. It is based on the advanced method of microdermabrasion of Diamond Dust that exfoliates the skin with extremely effective results.

Without radical removal of dead skin cells such as these rare minerals allow, you hold up the production of new skin cells. Complexion problems can also be triggered by bad or insufficient exfoliation. New skin cells bring out fresher and healthier skin and allow you to look your best.

So I went in to find out for my self. [continue reading…]

Top 10 Spa Treatment Trends post image

Top 10 Spa Treatment Trends

At A New Mode, we firmly believe in the power of pampering. Facials, manicures, massages, a long steam session- all these things can make you feel great and when you feel great, everything else in your life suddenly becomes all the more manageable.

Most fancy spa treatments can cost a pretty penny which is why Spa Week is such a precious gift. During Spa Week, which takes place nationwide from October 10th – 16th, hundreds of spas, wellness facilities and fitness centers will offer 2-3 exclusive services for a drastically discounted price of only $50.

You will be able to start booking your appointments on September 12th, when the official list of spa participants and treatments will be revealed on, so it’s time to start thinking of what you want to try (and book it immediately!).  Spa Week is not just about getting a deal on your average massages and facials. Rather, it’s a time to have a spa adventure, to try a cool, new treatment or experience the invigorating benefits of the wonderful wellness lifestyle.

To help you navigate through all the options, the fabulous team behind Spa Week put together a list of this year’s must-try spa trends. From Watsu and Vichy Showers to Cupping and Gua Sha, check out their roundup of what’s hot for Fall 2011. [continue reading…]

ANM Spotlight: Aqualia Spa’s Signature Facial post image

I had forgotten how absolutely amazing facials are until I had the immense pleasure of receiving one compliments of Spa Week. All I had to do in exchange was write about it which was easy considering the phenomenal experience and results.

I got the Aqualia Signature facial at the Aqualia Spa in NYC- a 75 minute relaxing facial treatment with pressure point face massage (pressing specific points on the side of the face and sinuses to relieve tensions), massage to the face, neck and shoulders, extractions, customized skin mask, and moisturizer for a radiant glow. Since I was there, I also got the Derm Renewal Clinical Peel- a professional deep exfoliating treatment designed to promote skin renewal and moisturization (and it doesn’t sting or leave you looking like a tomato!). [continue reading…]

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