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    Eric Charles




    Sabrina Alexis and I (Eric Charles) will be hosting an hour-long LIVE Ask-Me-Anything session on Sunday, December 13th at 8 PM ET as a launch celebration event for our new book, “10 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Men”!

    This thread will open when the event begins and you’ll be able to your questions then.

    We’re OPEN now (a little early, just to get the ball rolling). Looking forward to your questions.

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    Eric Charles



    my ex’s father has died one week ago, and from that time, he just disappeared and not responding for my texts or calls
    should I be worried of break up? should I contact him or waiting him to respond to my texts?



    When is it ok to express interest on Facebook


    My boyfriend is over protective what can I do?


    Should you ever contact a man after a first date, or just leave it to him entirely to make next contact (and this assumes you’ve thanked him properly for the date when you parted)? If so, what to say and not say?

    J Martinez

    One of my husbands best friends is a girl. While I would love to not care about the fact that she’s a girl, I do and get annoyed when she texts him or asks to hang. I’m not threatened and I know he loves me and would never cheat but I don’t know how to kick these feelings I get sometimes. He’s understanding to how hard this has been for me but I guess I’m just looking for help on how to be ok with it. Do I talk to her directly? I can’t ask him to not be friends with her although deep down I feel like that’s what I want, which is horrible. Help!

    Nichole Anderson

    I was involved with a man who trusts no one has had a lot of hurts in relationships and is now commitment phobic. How could I know if he’s pushing me away

    ANne Marie

    Why does my ex keep texting me? Was in a long distance relationship that ended because he ‘struggled’ with the distance issue, but he continues to expect us to stay in contact. I can’t immediately transition to a just friends mode. What does he want from me, it’s confusing. I told him I don’t want to hear from him now.


    How do you know if the person you are dating is a right for you and that years from now it won’t fall apart? Is this a gut feeling or are there signs?

    Also, on an unrelated note. In one of your emails you say that the most important relationship advice is to be rely on yourself for happiness and to be confident? Any tips on how to do this? Often I feel unappreciated and I’m very self confident about certain facial features. How can I change my perspective on this?

    Kristie Turner

    Hi Guys,

    I have been dating a man for over s year. We are in an exclusive relationship. I am 43, and divorced and he is 45 and has been divorced and single for 15 years. We have moved extremely slow. We haven’t even said, “I love you” yet. He is always there for me when I need him, and I am there for him as well. He is not overly vocal about his feelings, but I’m really not either. We have met each other’s family and some friends. Like I said, we are move extremely slow. All my friends tell me that it is weird that we haven’t said I love you to each other yet. Should I be concerned? Thank you for your time. I appreciate all you both do!



    I still want my ex back and it’s not from a place of desperation. Ive moved on with my life and I’m in a more positive mind set, I no longer get upset with thinking about him, and we often bump into each other if we are out with the same group of friends. We talk on and off and everything is quite casual albeit a little tense…

    This is the second time we have broken up over him thinking the relationship is too stressful, but now I’ve had time to recollect and think things through and change. Do I have a chance or should I just completely lose all hope in getting him back?



    I don’t think the “swan System” is working for me as I would of hoped. My guy friend of 5 yrs has yet to ask me to marry him. But every time I break up with him he always wants me back and says he misses me. I am so confused. We are not even Facebook friends! He says its because he is not on FB like that and doesn’t know why he should add me. I feel like he has something to hide. Should I be concerned? Lastly, he does not have the same religious beliefs as me. And it really bothers me. Do you think this a deal breaker for us? What should I do? I feel like I have wasted so much time with this guy that just will not marry! thanks



    How do I forget about an office crush that I see 5 days a week? Though I feel that there’s always been something there, I also felt that there was something hindering – making us just awkward around each other’s presence. I’ve moved on (so I hoped) knowing that we don’t have a shot with each other. Maybe because we’re just too different for each other. I’ve recently moved desks and work in closer proximity (kinda like being assigned a seat next to your crush in high school). I’m not nervous around him – I’m just uncomfortable feeling him watching my every move. I know he feels the same and he’s definitely nervous where he trips up all the time. I completely adore him. So – How do I stop thinking about this guy??


    My first boyfriend and I have kept in touch. He is my best friend now and we have been through everything together including our exes. I still have feelings for him but he doesnt know it. No contact is not an option. SInce you know male patterns and how their brain works, do men ever look back and go back to their first ex?

    Kitty Girl

    So, I told my crush I liked him, and he said he liked me back a little, too. How should I flirt with him to get him to like me enough to ask me out?


    I’ve been seeing this guy for over a year. We really click and enjoy each other a lot. He just won’t commit. I’m not looking for marriage just want a steady relationship. Am I just wasting my time? We’ve made progress he’s just so slow.


    I studied under Rori Raye who teaches that a woman should let a man give to her and let a man do as much for her as possible, while the woman “leans back” as much as possible.

    This theory works very well for my boyfriend and I, however, I do find that on the occasions where I will do something for him, he gets so much pleasure and delight from it, and event verbalized to me how loved he feels when I do certain things for him.

    For example if I make us dinner, or one time I folded his clean clothes for him and put them away.

    So what do men like better – when we let them give and do for us, or when we do things for them? Or is it a mix of both…but where the fine line?


    he says that his life is just to hectic that he chooses to be single, but that he likes me and wants to stay friends. he texted me last night asking if i had forgotten about him..i really respect, admire and like him, is there anything i can do??


    he says that his life is just to hectic that he chooses to be single, but that he likes me and wants to stay friends. he texted me last night asking if i had forgotten about him..i really respect, admire and like him, is there anything i can do??


    I was best friends with this guy who then we both started t like each other and then he ended it because he wasn’t ready for a relationship, it’s awkward now how do I become best friends with him again?


    I have been in a friends with benefits relationship for almost three years. Every time I try to end it, he pulls me back in. I crossed the line and fell in love but why won’t he let me go?


    I just started dating a fantastic guy a few months ago who has to move to Europe for 6 months (and possibly longer) for work. We get along beautifully, have no issues, have great convos and love spending time together. We are grappling with how to approach the distance – break up despite the fact that everything now is fine (is it fair to either one of us to be apart for so long and prevent the other from dating locally) vs try to date long distance. Please help!


    I dated a guy for a few months and then he said he didn’t want a relationship.
    He still texts me and I’m wondering whether he will change his mind?


    I constantly have friends, friends of friends (male), random men saying that I’m “intimidating.”
    Even after we have a friendly conversation and I agree to hand off my phone number. But I feel as if that “intimidation” is what prevents them from calling or seeing me. I don’t know why I’m so “intimidating” and how I can redirect that without putting up a fake front, and for men to not be “scared” of me. I’m not scary! Thanks.

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