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32 Signs He Loves You Without Saying It: How a Man Shows “I Love You”

If he hasn’t said it, how do I know if he loves me (without asking him)? Look for these 32 signs and let them tell you the full story: here are all the subtle ways a guy will show he loves you without ever saying a word.

No one needs help interpreting the grand romantic gestures. Whether it’s a boombox held high over a lovestruck teen’s head or an impromptu make-out session during a well-timed thunderstorm, we always recognize the flashy declarations of love.

Much of life, however, is lived in subtler shades. You may be wondering if a certain guy is falling for you. Maybe he hasn’t said it out loud just yet. Maybe he has told you, but you know that actions speak louder than words.

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Fortunately, there are dozens of ways a man can show you he loves you without actually uttering the words.

We’ve put together a list of 32 of those ways below.

How Guys Show Love

1. He loves being around you.

Our time is our most precious resource so who we choose to spend it with reveals a great deal about our priorities. You don’t make arrangements to spend time with people you don’t value. A guy who constantly strives to be around you is a guy who cares about you.

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2. He gets close to you.

While this can be a purposeful effort, sometimes this one is a subconscious move. You instinctively want to be physically close to the person you love. Whether you’re at a bar, in the kitchen, or walking down the street, he’ll regularly be looking to close the gap between you.

3. He can’t stop smiling.

Has a stranger in the grocery store ever caught you smiling like a goof at your phone? When we get a message from that guy, we can’t help grinning. That person just makes you so giddy that a smile is the only acceptable expression. The same concept applies to guys.

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4. He kisses you like he means it.

There’s a difference between a quick peck “hello” when he walks in the door and a real kiss. When a man loves you, you’ll feel his kiss right down your toes because he means it. Kissing with intention behind it just feels incomparable.

5. His posture changes when he sees you.

When you walk into the room, does he immediately straighten up? Maybe he even puffs out his chest a little, aiming to look his most manly? He’ll be more alert and lively just because you’re around. If a guy doesn’t care that much, he might slouch and not change at all when you appear.

6. He makes frequent eye contact.

Eye contact is one of the most intimate forms of “contact.” Without actually touching you, a guy with good eye contact game can make you go crazy. He won’t be able to resist looking at you constantly and you’ll notice it. Bonus points if he holds your stare when you catch him watching you.

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7. He mirrors you.

Mirroring can be a physical act, such as when a guy leans across the table right after you do. It could be more specific, like if you have a habit of flashing a “thumbs-up” sign so he starts doing it too. It can also be illustrated by behavior changes. For example, he might start listening to rap music once you mention it’s one of your favorite genres.

8. He contacts you randomly.

Is he fond of sending you mid-day “what’s up” texts? Does he send you every meme he thinks you might possibly find amusing? Finding excuses to ask you a question or reach out means that you’re constantly on his mind.

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9. He gets flustered around you.

When you have strong emotions for someone, it can be a challenge to remain “cool.” Maybe he bites his lower lip, runs his hands through his hair, or blushes at your compliments. Whatever his nervous tick is, he’ll fight it when you’re around.

10. He listens when you speak.

Don’t you find that everything the guy you’re into says is just endlessly fascinating? He could be describing how his great-grandmother’s birthday went and you’d be hooked. When a guy loves you, he won’t be reaching for his phone during your story.

11. He introduces you to his family.

It means something when a guy thinks you’re so special that he wants everyone in his life to know about you. Taking you home to meet the family means he’s proud of you and wants everyone to know you’re together. Even more than just introducing you to his family, he really wants them to like you and for you to like them because he hopes you’ll fit right into the fold.

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12. Even boring things are fun when he’s around.

Do you look forward to doing laundry because he said he’d help you with it? A man who makes menial chores the best part of your day is a man who’s putting in major effort.

13. His friends know all about you.

If his friends constantly reference information about you, he’s been gushing to them. Even if it’s to his own embarrassment, they’ll probably let you know he’s been talking.

14. He’s proud of your accomplishments.

He’ll be the first one to excitedly tell people about your promotion at work. When you reach a goal, he’ll be your number one fan and supporter. No one will be as thrilled for your success.

15. He gets you the perfect gift.

It’s tough to shop for someone you don’t know very well. When it’s someone you’ve invested serious time and energy into, however, you often know exactly what would make them smile.

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16. He gives you sweet, little touches.

You know the ones. It might be a gentle squeeze of your knee under the table that no one else sees. Maybe he kisses the back of your neck when you’re sitting on the couch. These touches will be teasingly brief, but they’ll remind you that you’re loved.

17. He brings out the best in you.

Do you find yourself wanting to make kinder, wiser decisions in life so that he’ll be proud of you? Without even trying to, he’ll make you want to be a better person. Instead of draining your energy, he’ll revitalize you on an almost daily basis.

18. You constantly laugh with each other.

A key part of a successful relationship is being able to share a similar sense of humor. Instead of bickering with each other about the difficulty of assembling that bookshelf, you’ll be snorting in laughter as you try and piece it together.

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19. He prioritizes you.

Do you know that if you really need him, he’ll drop what he’s doing to be there for you? Talk is cheap but backing up promises with concrete actions tells you everything you need to know.

20. He misses you when you’re apart.

Whether you’re apart for the length of a work trip or just for a weekend, he’ll let you know he misses your presence. Instead of wondering what he’s thinking during your time apart, you’ll know you’re sorely missed.

21. He makes big decisions with you.

A man has a different frame of mind about decision-making when he’s with a partner he loves. Rather than respond to situations like a single guy, he’ll wait until he can talk to you about it. If he gets a great job offer in another city, it will mean a conversation instead of an instant “yes.”

22. He respects you.

In a healthy relationship, you will feel like your emotions are almost always respected, even if they aren’t always understood (or rational, in his mind). Even if he doesn’t understand why you feel a certain way about something, he’ll still respect that your feelings are valid and won’t shame you for them.

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23. He doesn’t give up.

A guy with one foot out the door will opt to bail on a tough problem instead of taking the time to solve it. If he’d rather fight through the mess to get through to the other side, it means he’s really invested in a future with you.

24. He cares about your interests.

Even if you have a quirky hobby, such as competitive soap carving, he’ll be endlessly supportive of your passion. He’ll ask questions about your interests instead of brushing them off because they’re not necessarily up his alley.

25. He makes you feel desirable.

As women, we’re prone to picking our appearance apart. We tend to be our own worst critics. When a man loves you, he will see the best in you, he will see what he desires the most, rather than honing in on your most undesirable traits as most women are prone to do. You’ll feel attractive and desired when you see yourself through his eyes.

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26. He feels safe opening up to you.

It’s no small feat for many men to be vulnerable with someone. There has to be a level of trust where he feels sure he won’t be betrayed or belittled. Being able to feel secure with someone in that way is not something to take for granted.

27. He never stops getting to know you.

It’s tragically common for a man (or woman) to build up an idea of another person in their mind and just stop there. They may not realize they’re doing it, but at a certain point, they simply stop learning about their partner. Since we evolve on a daily basis, it’s wonderful to be with someone who’s committed to always “getting to know you.”

28. He pays attention to the little things.

A man in love will file away information about you for the future. When you’ve had a long day, he’ll have your most beloved flavor of ice cream waiting in the freezer. If your favorite actor comes out with a new movie, he’ll buy the tickets without having to ask you first. The little things go a long way.

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29. He’s your best friend.

When the man in your life is as invested in your well-being as your best girlfriend, you know you’ve found a winner. He’ll be the first person you want to tell good news to (or to confess the embarrassing thing that happened to you at the mall today).

30. He gives you your space.

Knowing when to give someone their space is necessary for a healthy relationship. We all need time apart every once in a while, whether that be solo time or catching up with our friends. Instead of being possessive, he’ll recognize your unique needs.

31. He makes you feel safe.

We all kind of walk on eggshells in the beginning of a relationship. Will he think the way you put potato chips on your sandwich is too weird? Will he be grossed out by your zit cream? As exciting as the first part of a flirtation is, it’s a relief to get to the part where you feel safe and loved for being exactly who you are.

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32. He makes you feel loved.

No matter how naturally insecure or doubtful you may be about love, the right man will make you feel it. He’ll make you absolutely sure about his feelings for you. When a guy is doing everything he can to let you know he loves you, don’t let innate insecurity sabotage the relationship.

A man in love carries himself differently. Everyone will be able to see it, especially you – the object of his affection. Instead of keeping an eye on all of his options, he’ll be wholly invested in building a fantastic future with you.

I hope after reading this article you’re totally clear on the signs a man is in love with you, even if he hasn’t said it yet. But before you go, I need to tell you that there’s a crucial period in your relationship that will determine if you and he end up together, or if the relationship falls apart. At some point, he will start to back off. He may lose interest, he may pull away, he may suddenly need space. Do you know how to handle it when he does this? If not, you need to read this: If He’s Pulling Away, Do This...

The next problem you may run into is when he gets to the point where he asks himself: Is this the woman I want to commit myself to? The fate of your relationship lies in the answer to that question. Do you know how men decide if a woman is “the one”? If not you need to read this too: The #1 Things Men Desire in a Woman

Signs Someone Loves You Without Saying It:

  • He loves being around you.
  • He gets close to you.
  • He can’t stop smiling.
  • He kisses you like he means it.
  • His posture changes when he sees you.
  • He makes frequent eye contact.
  • He mirrors you.
  • He contacts you randomly.
  • He gets flustered around you.
  • He listens when you speak.
  • He introduces you to his family.
  • Even boring things are fun when he’s around.
  • His friends know everything about you.
  • He’s proud of your accomplishments.
  • He gets you the perfect gift.
  • He gives you sweet, little touches.
  • He brings out the best in you.
  • You constantly laugh with each other.
  • He prioritizes you.
  • He misses you when you’re apart.
  • He makes big decisions with you.
  • He respects you.
  • He doesn’t give up.
  • He cares about your interests.
  • He makes you feel desirable.
  • He feels safe opening up to you.
  • He never stops getting to know you.
  • He pays attention to the little things.
  • He’s your best friend.
  • He gives you your space.
  • He makes you feel safe.
  • He makes you feel loved.
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