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    Well make him work for it Phebs, he needs to show through his actions that he wants you not this BS that he has been doing.

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    I want to hear what he has to say….but it’s probably going to be more of the same. I guess it means something that he doesn’t want to give up, but as you say, if there are no actions to back it up, it’s just a bunch of fluff.

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    You know what, Meet him in person for Dinner, make sure it is a nice restaurant, dress to the 9’s I mean get really decked out. So he can see what he is missing out on if he doesn’t step it up we all know men are visual creatures, so create a vision that he has to work for.
    If nothing else you get a nice dinner and get to make him drool

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    True, true…..

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    Woohoo..progress of a sort. Do all as Mel says…bring out the red dress in your fb profile pic. What do you think of that dress Mel ??? Don’t drink.much and let him do most of the talking. Just explain you feel like it’s a one sided relationship and you feel you would love to see him more.then LISTEN to what he says.

    Good luck with it.

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    Yeah, progress of “some” sort. lol

    I think that I MIGHT have the upper hand right now with him, just based on my position emotionally. And what I mean by that is that I am not feeling like I am going to fall apart if this doesn’t mesh out.

    I’m not an advocate of cheating, and as long as he and I are still considered to be “together”, I won’t cross any lines, but I had told Harley that I have a few different men paying me some attention, which is helpful as far as me not being completely laser focused on this situation with him. It helps me keep myself a step or two back, so that I can look at everything from a more logical perspective. THANKFULLY!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks gals. Luv ya!!

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    This all sounds too familiar so I’m jumping on board and asking for some advice.

    Similar, to Phoebe I’ve been communicating with a guy from my past (I’ve known him since childhood and we had one of those run in’s that gave me butterflies) for a few months. We have gone on a couple of dates and I know, my gut tells me, he is interested. We have had so many plans but we are both so busy and I have probably had to cancel the majority of them and he is always okay because he knows he will see me again.

    But, he is really busy at the moment (as I am college/internship/job) and I feel like he has withdrawn. There’s not dates planned, there has been less communication (I’ve messaged the last few times and he always ends with that he wants to see me).

    Do I be patient and wait to hear from him? Do I cut it off?

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    If you like him, and you feel that he DOES like you, and it’s just the circumstances that are the issue at THIS time, then only you can decide if you want to wait it out.

    If you’re busy too, odds are that you would have trouble finding time to see a different guy, right? If you feel like this could be something that could be “worth the wait”, give it a shot. :) Just depends on how good BOTH of your patience levels are.

    Good luck!!

    I’m actually taking bets on whether or not my guy actually shows up tomorrow after work for the meet up HE wanted. ;)

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    Thanks! I have great patience levels (as I can tell you do too) but just depends on my mood.. :)

    You’re right, I wouldn’t make time for anyone else so it’s worth giving it some more time. I just have this little thing called an ego that pops up so I need to shut that down.

    Thank you and good luck to you.. If he doesn’t – his loss!

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    Thanks. :)

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    Good luck today Pheebs. If he cancels. ..that says it all..If not. ..listen to what he says and determine whether bullshit or not. Call him out on it at the time if he is. I’ll be rooting for you !!!! Xoxoxo

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    I’m waiting to see if he even remembers he planned this, nevermind cancelling. lol
    Trust me…if he does either one of those things, I will NC his ass so hard he will begin to doubt his own existence. ;)

    BUT – I did cleaning this weekend that needed to be done regardless, so it’s a winning situation. :-D Ha ha ha.

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    You are going to wear the killer red dress right?? :-) Be the devil in the red dress Phoebe

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    The red dress is a little too fancy, lol.

    BUT – he has some very specific tastes as far as what he likes to see a woman dressed in, ie. colored tights and certain shoes, and I bought a pair of tights in a color he had specifically mentioned he would love….so I shall be dressing appropriately for the situation without “overdoing it”.

    It’s either going to stick in his mind as the last time he saw me and what he’s going to miss, or it’s going to fuel his fire about what he HAS been missing and needs to see more of. lol

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    He’s texting me on his way into work….still hasn’t mentioned anything about tonight, and as much as I WANT to ask, I’m not going to. This is 100% on him.

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    That’s right make him work for it, don’t let him get lazy.

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    I’ve got my Italian hackles up. *bark bark bark!!!!!!* lol

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    He hasn’t forgotten. I am amazed.
    He hasn’t tried to cancel.
    I am even MORE amazed.

    Game on, kid. lol

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    GAME on indeed ! Go for it. OOOH………. I can’t wait !

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    Hee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    And here’s a thought that I was pondering the other night as I couldn’t fall asleep again, and perhaps demonstrates how strange MY mind is…

    My guy and I are 9 years apart, our birthdays are 9 days apart, we have the same first and last name initials, and I have a tattoo of a Phoenix rising that is an important symbol for him.

    Sooooo, it should be a match made in Heaven, rather than a detour through Hell. lol

    Kidding about there realistically being anything more to any of this than a coincidence, but it’s a nice thought. ;)

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    This topic seems interesting as I am right now in the same situation.
    I hate it.

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    oooh.. voodoo doll time coming up………. I’m aiming the pins at his testicles !!!

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    I know I can count on you, Harley!

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    Harley, You KILL me!

    Good Luck Phoebe!

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