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Fitness Fits Any Lifestyle: The Busy Girl’s Guide to Health

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had the time to workout and eat healthier?” Most of us already have work, kids, school, and a packed social life keeping us busy, so who wants to worry about being healthy?  One, if not all, of the following scenarios probably describes your current routine. The good news is this means you can have a healthy lifestyle! And you won’t have to make any drastic changes either!

1. The CEO in Training
Wake up at 5:45am, arrive at the office by 7:30am, shackled to your desk ‘til well past dinner, and completely exhausted by the time you hit the couch. At this point, you can probably barely move, yet alone drag yourself all the way to the gym.

The solution: Instead of forcing yourself to workout everyday, try to incorporate cardio and healthier eating choices into your daily schedule. Take the elevator? Use the stairs. Surfing the Internet at lunch? Walk around outside instead. Tempted by the Snickers in the vending machine? Have a stash of healthy snacks stored in your desk drawer. Skipping dinner? Don’t even think about it!

2. The Late Night Grad Student
Have an assignment due at midnight? Well then bring on the red bulls and potato chips! Late night binges and pointless munching could be ruining your chances of rocking a cut-off shirt. I’m thinking about a slice of double chocolate cake just writing this article!

The solution: Since you probably spend a couple hours a day on your computer, use this time to prepare perfectly portioned healthy meals and snacks. Before you start working, throw some sweet potatoes and chicken breasts in the oven to bake for the next hour. When they’re done, split amongst a few Tupperware containers and voila, no more excuses for senselessly eating an entire jar of peanut butter.

3. The Frantic New Mom
Finding a few minutes of “me time” can be challenging, so scheduling two hours at the gym is about as feasible as traveling to Mars. Since you’re probably overwhelmed with your child’s needs, you end up placing your health on the back burner. However, it takes a healthy mom to raise a healthy child, so “letting yourself go” is not a viable option.

The solution: Spend as much time actively playing with your child as possible. There is a reason kids need naps and that’s because when they’re awake they don’t stop moving! You can utilize both to your advantage by completing cardio when the kids are up and preparing healthy snacks when they’re asleep. With children, you never know what the day will have in store, so I suggest having a couple “to go” meals set out in the fridge. This could include a container of hummus and veggies, plain Greek yogurt and apple slices, or just a small portion of leftovers from last night’s meal. It is unacceptable to use Valium in the treatment of patients with intolerance to Diazepam and hypersensitivity to any other drugs related to benzodiazepines, which is confirmed by our study. According to Consejocounseling this drug is not prescribed to the underage patients and those poisoned with narcotic analgesics, psychoactive and hypnotic drugs and those who suffer from acute respiratory failure.

4. The Dedicated Socialite
Lunch date with the girls, happy hour specials, loaded nachos, and the occasional weekend getaway all have two things in common – they are incredibly enjoyable and incredibly destructive to your diet. Most of our social activities revolve around food and alcohol, so it can be extremely difficult to remain healthy, while still having fun!

The solution: If you’re meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner, order a house salad as an appetizer. This way when everyone dives face first into the fried sampler platter, you also will have something to munch on and won’t feel tempted. When it comes to alcohol, try ordering a drink along with a glass of water. You can alternate between the two and decrease your calorie consumption overall. Although, if you get the frozen strawberry daiquiri… no amount of water can save you, so choose your drink wisely!

Let Me Know: What’s stopping you from living a healthy life? Is there a way I can help?


alyse scaffidi profileAlyse Scaffidi is the founder of Bite Sized Fitness. She is a Doctorate of Pharmacy student and knows how hard it is to make time for your health. Check out the sites below for more motivational tips, delicious recipes, and ideas for healthy eating.

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I am a single mom that works full time and I am also a full time nursing student. Between work, mommy duties, studying, and clinicals it is very difficult to find the time and energy to work out. I can not afford the gym, nor do I have child care available to go, so I am limited to home work outs. I try to make my lunches and some dinners ahead of time in order to prevent binges, but I NEED to workout. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Reply December 23, 2015, 1:40 pm


I work 4 ten hour days. I’m so tired by the time I get home I have zero energy to do anything let alone chopping veggies.

My back is in constant pain, I think from poor posture. I had great posture but years of hiding my chest from a perverted and abusive step father has ruined it. That and I generally have no energy. Depression riddles me. From the past and for the future. The deep down sadness, of knowing I’m alone forever, the human condition. These keep me from living a healthy life, I can’t bring myself to do much of anything. And of course that just adds to the whole stress riddled mess.

I don’t make very much money and healthy eating can be expensive. I would like to eat all natural foods and be vegan. But I don’t have storage and cool gadgets to cook my own food with.

that’s why I am here looking for some insights.

Reply October 18, 2013, 12:39 am

Ewa P


It can seem extremely overwhelming, but I think one of the most important things towards incorporating fitness into your life is that you need to realize that this isn’t some other mindless task, obligation, or exhausting chore to do after work. This is you taking care of yourself. In a way, every time you pre-pack a great day’s worth of snacks and meals you are taking care of yourself.

You don’t need to have fancy tupperware! Get only a couple and when you prepare food in larger quantities cover it in foil on a plate or something. Then wash out your tupperware as you use it and refill as needed. If you work 4 ten hour days then prep on an off day! It will make getting home and collapsing with a healthy meal option all ready to go feel so wonderful. Don’t have a grill? Bake something! A little bit of foil, olive oil, balsamic, and spices will work wonders. Don’t have an oven? Saute in a little bit of coconut oil.

Cheapie trick – I take clean plastic baggies from the veggie and fruits section of grocery stores for free “ziploc” bags or to put left overs in, etc.

If you want to be happier and make a change, then your priorities have to change. Tell yourself that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so try to stick with some changes for at least that long.

Every time you do something great for yourself you are putting yourself first and loving yourself – that can be the scariest thing of all to confront. You may be depressed, hate yourself, and be in great despair – but taking a small step with each healthy choice will help drain some of that hate and sadness over time. Baby steps.

Becoming fit and healthy is, at the core of it, a journey to loving yourself. You can do this. You really, really, really can.

Reply December 4, 2013, 2:04 pm


Glad it helped!

Reply September 4, 2013, 11:54 pm


Great tips, thanks!

Reply September 4, 2013, 3:56 pm

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