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    Hi Ms. Hopeful,

    Please don’t fear falling in love again, it will keep you from living a fulfilling life and the potential to find great love. When I left my husband, I felt so broken inside I thought no man would ever love me. Instead, I focused on loving myself and my daughter. I had such overwhelming love for my daughter I realized that I was more than capable of having love in my life again. A couple of years later (and a TON of work on myself) an incredible man came into my life and has shown me a greater love, an unconditional love, far beyond any kind of “love” my ex had. To go from feeling less than human to having someone love every cell in your body is an amazing transformation, and every person should experience it, especially you! Give yourself time to heal, then start your journey towards self love and you will find the world is at your fingertips! The best is yet to come!


    Don’t ever be afraid to love again, love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us in this life. Those moments are the ones we remember on our deathbeds, the minutes before we leave this world it will be the beautiful moments of love, family, nothing monetary or success related but the people we loved the memories we have. Only be a bit more careful in getting to know a person first, granted, even then you can never take anything for granted. But loving and learning how to love can be two different things too, loving should not equal giving yourself up completely and feeling anxiety and controlling our emotions can help us in not chasing the right person away. Read this forum, the articles, etc. Not sure how old you are but regardless you can learn a lot here and work within yourself.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Hello everyone!
    I’m back again to thank you for everything. All of you who are responsible with my better situation right now. I will be back at same work on Monday, yes, I am ready. My family and friends are supportive as well as my doctor, I fact I don’t need much medication but still needs professional advice therapy for better results. I feel I’m getting strength now after what happened. My feelings of desperation subsided. I’m not afraid now to fall in love again but developing my own strength in handling emotions. Taking everything easy..I feel better and even prettier everyday. No alcohols!

    Ms. Hopeful

    Dear Khadija
    Thank you..yes they stand with me during my darkest hour here. They are awesome, my virtual sisters at ANM. Thank you for the support.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Dear Leila
    Yes I’m not afraid now. But I still thinking if I’m ready to go on dating again, or is it a good time to date again. I’m developing right now. Thank you for your help.

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Sthrnbelle
    Thanks again..yes, my man will surely come in the right time. The man who will love me and appreciate me. No more chasing!!! I’m beautiful enough to be chased now :) the man for me will do for sure and never take me for granted. I’m not afraid now to lose a man who is ready to let me go. Do you agree?


    Hey miss Hopeful! So pleased to see you back and that everythings going well!

    You have done amazingly well to bounce back so strong. If ever you feel down again remember that. Remember you went through it before and you got through it. If you can do it once, you can do it again!

    I was depressed and anxious a few years ago but once you realise how strong you really are and find the best way of coping for you, life can be good again!

    Never be afraid to lose a man who is ready to let you go and don’t bother chasing. You can waste so much time and energy on that, or you can use your time to find a great guy that will make you happy! Take it slow, you’ve been through a lot, and any worthy man will be happy to move at your pace. Good luck!!


    GREAT to hear Ms Hopeful. So proud of you. Now get out there, love yourself and live!


    Ms Hopeful so happy to hear about your progress, wow, I am impressed, you go girl! Really kudos to you. Make sure you continue your work with your therapist and come here anytime you need a shoulder or hopefully in the future when you find your happiness too. Forgive yourself if you ever relapse because it can happen though it will not be as bad as it was and if there is ever a doubt in your mind come here. Have your friends with you, your family too.

    Of course you are good enough to be chased, we all are, you are the prize and this guy just lost the prize, it is his loss remember that and one day he will know that. What will hurt him the most is if he sees you beautiful, happy, peaceful and radiating. He will be shocked. Be careful though because he may try to get you back just for his ego. Anything that happens you can discuss with us.

    Next here I may be offline for a few days going on a trip but will try checking in. Keep up the great work!

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Stefanie
    See, I am Ms. Hopeful now. You are one of the reason why I had hope and strength to fight back after my emotions almost killed me. Thank you very much. I will always remember the first person who came for the rescue and that is you.

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear SthrnBelle
    Yes I am trying my best right now. Thank you for your full support. And yes, I don’t need to feel insecure, I am and my therapist is working very well about this too. I feel comfortable and got back my confidence I lost for a period of time. I think he is wondering what happened why he didn’t see me at workplace for weeks now. I didn’t tell anybody about it except my boss. I talked to few friends at work and just told them I need to arrange few things. He was asking about me, yes. Lol, I think he miss the chasing game. Chasing game no more!!! I remember how much he chased me at the beginning, I dated few while dating with him. He was different almost the best among others so we made it exclusive. I’ll tell more about it next time lol. Well, I knew this ex of him likes him a lot. I admit I was insecure but that time I didn’t realize my value yet as a person, she is successful than me, but I am professional too. Not bad! She is taller but this guy likes petite even more. She is tall and I am totally cute petite like other Asian. I’m younger and my the best future is waiting for me I know. It was crazy I forget all these things about me and turn into a desperate woman begging for love and attention. But now, I am ready to pick up the broken pieces of me and face everything with a positive views.

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Hannah
    Yey, yes I’m recovering now. I can smile and laugh now. Thank you. This guy lost a precious jewel lol…

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Lovelylady
    Hope you can drop by here again.. I’m sure you will be happy to know about everything.


    I am so glad you are better and you’ve started your path towards healing! Don’t worry about dating for now, just concentrate on being you and finding happiness within yourself. Love will happen when you are ready to receive it. Take care and I hope we continue to get positive updates from you!!

    Ms. Hopeful

    Thank you Leila!
    I feel better right now…although there are still time I was in that feeling of loneliness whenever I am alone. I’ve been in two consecutive terrible breakups, so I think this is normal. I read your post before about how to get into great men and a great relationship. I wish I can apply them. God knows how much I wanted to be loved and cared for.


    I”m so glad. Suicide is not the answer, I really know, I was there in May and I’m glad I saw the light. I’m sure I was divinely guided to jump on the site right at that minute to be able to respond to you so quickly. Much love to you from London wherever you are, sweetheart.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever had a totally healthy relationship in my entire life and I”m 50! I’ve decided that I AM doing it, so let’s do a pinky promise to be heliotropes forever more. Heliotrope is a plant that reaches for the light. That’s us. No going back to the dark. OK to stand still and rest, but no more pits of despair for us. I promise you this.

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Stefanie
    Yes we are…I believe this. It’s hard sometimes but as long as we desire to see the light, nothing is impossible. I am 36, not young enough. I’ve been through many dark moments in my life. And everyone I am in a relationship, I always hope he is the one but it ended up in sorrow. But what I learned this time that I need to take everything easy. Thank you again, Stefanie for being here always.


    I have found that those that have gone through the long night and suffering are the most compassionate people I have met. These are the gifts that come out of the crucible that are to be shared with others when they go through the darkness.

    When someone quits the world suffers the loss of this precious gift…it is only through survival that the gifts can be shared….and you will help someone…or maybe several people in your future.

    This experience is not wasted. Your personal understanding has been matured to a new level. Reach out to others and let others reach out to you…that takes courage and a lot of strength on both ends.


    Sorrow please call this #:
    1 (800) 273-8255
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Website: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

    No man is worth taking your life over. He’s an asshole, a liar, and a cheater.. you don’t want to give up your beautiful life over such a despicable person. You will find love again, and it will be the blessing you deserve. Please call the # and talk to someone. God bless you sweetheart.


    I am so sorry. Please know that we have all been there. All of us. Myself included. I know the pain you speak of and not being able to eat, breathe or even live a normal life. Please believe these words: IT WILL GET BETTER. I promise you. Your heart is broke but it will heal in time. All wounds heal. We cannot stop that. Try your very best to know that he is the wrong party here, not you. He made a very bad choice and he will regret it someday. But he is not worth you’re feeling bad about yourself. You are the right party here. He is the liar and the loser. He will NEVER have a good woman because good women do not stick around for men like that. See this as a blessing in disguise. Please try your best to live life day to day, even if you need to do it slowly. Eventually one day you will realize that you are feeling better! I never thought this either when I went through it but it will happen. I promise you. Stay strong, move forward, and come to us on the forum when you need a friend. People do care and your life will come back.

    Ms. Hopeful

    I agree Redcurleysue, people with the same experience can relate,understand and sympathize.I’m glad to meet these wonderful ladies who are now a strong woman. I’m on way but can’t say I’m strong as they are right now. I’m hopeful.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Dead Luzinha
    Thank you for this dear. I am feeling better now. This forum is gifted with amazing ladies.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Dear Carol
    Thanks to you for the support. I’m glad and blessed with great woman who stand by me while recovering. And even Eric was very supportive too.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Breathe, breathe, breathe!!!
    It was a day I get back to work. I have never felt this tensed in my life but I know I can handle but the feeling is different when you are caught in a situation although you already expected it. I still don’t know how to react. All the pain suddenly returned as well as the feeling of hatred. I am almost shaking, I knew this can happen since we work on same company so it’s so hard when you see the person at work.

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