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    Yes it is very difficult when you are confronted by the person you are having an issue with….it is hard to maintain perspective…but just focus on the things that are not all that charming about him and ask yourself…do you really really want a man who has those traits.

    Picture your life wonderful without him…and honestly it will be. Having a bad relationship drags us down….look forward to feeling joyful again without this person….and you will.


    Wow,I haven’t been on here for a bit. I had to read and tell my story. So much support its awesome. Few years ago, I had a breakup. He ignored me. I felt so depressed. I tried to tell my friend but she didn’t want anything to do with my problems. That night I overdosed but a classmate took me to the hospital. After My family wouldn’t talk to me. My boyfriend was so apologetic and loving. I stopped being friends with one friend who planned the breakup. The other friend was mad at me for doing that and cut me off. Time went by, my boyfriend became heartless and didn’t care If I lived or died. It was tough and lonely. this drove people away. Now I’m not with him, I rekindled my friendship, the one that cut me off. My brothers try to understand and I’m more open about it. It does get better but you will eventually run into the same heartbreak. Now I’m a little tougher and know I can get through this. I didn’t have anyone before, just my mother who has now passed. I’m going through a heartbreak now and depression. I have loving friends and brothers that understand because I tell them. I need them and they need me. Not my ex who has decided he doesn’t want me. So I’m excited for my next love to come along. I have to see him at work but I just ignore, if I have to talk I will. He doesn’t deserve anything else from me.


    Ms. Hopeful! You crossed my mind today and I was wondering how you were doing? I would love to hear from you with an update of all the positive things going on in your life. I was also curious about whether or not you decided to stay at your job. I hope we get an update soon!!

    Ms. Hopeful

    Hi everyone!!!
    My dear Leila,
    I just saw your post here and I am very thankful that you came here to know about how I am now. I was here last week to read post and advice. Coming here when I get tired or feeling sad helped a lot to me. Right now, I am still on the stage of moving on. It’s still not easy for me but I feel stronger and better now. I am still on my current job and almost everyday of my first month was always terrible. I can say that it’s not easy for me and makes it hard to move on when you see the person. He started smiling to me few weeks ago I can smile back but I don’t have plan even to think of myself being with him again.
    I was about to post something lately but I think I will say it here instead, I receive invitations of dates but I am not sure if i need to go on dating now. I want to try but I don’t want to get hurt again. But I’m also afraid to miss the chance to meet the right one.


    I’m glad to hear that you are doing better. My advice to you, don’t worry about dating right now, continue to work on yourself and finding your happiness within. You’ll know when you are ready to try again. If you meet someone and you are not ready, the right guy will wait for you. And trust me when I say this, that guy did not love you, not the way a woman deserves to be loved by a man. When you find love, it will be amazing and completely worth the wait.


    Hi Ms. Hopeful,

    So nice to hear from you! Glad you are better and I am sure you will continue to improve, even under these circumstances you are staying strong, it is not easy to see him at work. I think that for now spending time with friends and rebuilding your self esteem, doing girls programs, etc. is a better idea than dating so soon but do that when you feel ready. If you want to just casually go out to do something, ok but I think you are still too vulnerable and not over it to seriously date. Happy that you came back.


    Hi Ms Sorrow. I am sorry to tell you this but you are crying over a man who is not worthy of your time or effort in any way, shape or form. You deserve someone much better and you will find him. Believe me, even if you get this guy, he will mean years of heartbreak for you. However, it will take time to get over this guy and right now, you are very upset. Even though it is normal to be upset, you should see a doctor. It sounds like you have depression and medication (such as Sertralin) may improve your mood. Good luck!

    Ms. Hopeful

    Thank you so much for being here to know about my situation. I will get better with all your support.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Hi dear Sthrnbelle, you’re here again thank you. How was your vacation trip? Yes, I’m not ready to go on dating right now. I keep myself busy and enrolled in a class. I go out of town too to relax. I start to enjoy life again. Btw, this ex once greeted and approach me and I just nod and smile. Still nervous but I’m okay. Thank you for being here for me.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Hi Speedy
    Thank you, I am better now with the help of great ladies here. They never leave me. This site is amazing.


    Dearest Hope! I just dropped in now to see if there just might be a post from you and there you are right at the top just like I found you when you were in trouble. I’m so very happy that you are progressing so well. I am doing well too, returning to work next month. Your life is worthwhile. You are loved. Keep going!!!




    Hey there Ms. Hopeful! Glad to see you popping back in. Stay positive.

    Ms. Hopeful

    Oh my, my dear Stefanie… I was about to post “Where is Stefanie?” And here you are…like an angel. I think ladies are connected in mind lol. Thank you. And I’m glad to know you are doing well too. Yes, I’m getting better now and healing. Thanks a lot again for being here until now. Please don’t get tired :)

    Ms. Hopeful

    Yes dear Khadija, thank you for staying here too.


    I don’t post here any longer… just had a feeling to check on you. We must be psychic friends!!!


    Hi Ms. Hopeful,

    Now is the time to slowly start to dream again. You know like when you were a little girl and your mind wandered free…free to think anything was possible. The long summer days and the warm nights…cotten candy and the fair….seeing the stars hanging heavy in the sky….the smell of Spring and later the crisp smell of autumn. Your mind and heart were light and the future looked bright with the thought that anything might happen….anything at all.

    In reality, that is where you are but your are not appreciating your position. Many women envy you right now….

    Take your precious life and dreams up again in your hands…it is a time of open promises and a bright future….at any time and around any corner.

    Think young and innocent again….breathe in life, joy and hope…..gaze upon the stars with wonderment.

    Ms. Hopeful

    I totally agree Stefanie…thanks again and again for dropping by for me. Love yah :)

    Ms. Hopeful

    Sorry I accidentally pressed ‘submit’ button
    Here we go… :)
    Dear Redcurleysue
    I was touched almost tearful by your post after reading this, many times I missed how beautiful life could be with the right person. You are right, time for a new beginning, and slowly I can see a better day coming full of hope. Thank you for this wonderful words.


    Hi Ms Hopeful,

    I am doing great thank you. I loved the advice RCS gave you, what a beautiful post and so very true. There is life after love and love after love, as you can you see there is still a lot of love in the world, we are all here for you. Happiness starts with dreams and I think that puts us in a positive mood. You will see the fruits of your hard work. You will be happy and one day wonder why you even ever thought of this man as a potential partner and what you loved in him.

    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Sthrnbelle
    Yes, RCS advice is something, like yours and all other wonderful ladies who dropped here for me. Thank you all for all the concern. If not with family and friends and all of you here, I am nothing right now. You helped me start to feel how important I am to you and my life is precious that should never be wasted with such a man. And yes yes yes, excited to fall in love again, it’s a lovely feeling. And I have this heart who can offer unconditional love to the right person, and that man will realize how he lose such kind of love. I know that. I am more confident right now, although nervous in times but good. And I will let you know if someone makes my heart beat again.

    Ms. Hopeful

    To all girlfriends who have been very supportive to me…I’m here again :) I don’t know if I need to start a new thread or just stay on this one. I just want to hear from you great ladies about something happening in my life right now..I trust and can rely on every advice the you can give. I cannot say I’m fully recovered from what happened but I think it’s time to “just” try dating again. I reconnect with a guy I met online but since I had a boyfriend (the ex) I decided to cut every connection with him. And since we live long distance I know it won’t work. It’s been few months since my fb is down due to what happened and until this week I opened it again and saw his message. He’s a great guy, single, professional and good looking with a good attitude. We started to chat again and we both made skype profile to chat often and see face to face. I don’t know if it’s safer for me right now trying the online dating since he live too far and less pressure on my part. To be honest, let me confess to you that I’m starting to like him and I know he is pursuing me. I enjoy when we chat and do video and there’s something I can’t explain. Do you think I allow myself to keep doing this or can you please advice me on the best thing to do. I’m not ready to meet in person right now.


    Miss Hopeful, this is difficult! If he lives far away, will there be chances for you to meet in the future when you are ready? I’m asking because there’s not much point getting to know someone and developing feelings for them if you can never be together. That will only lead to sadness, unless the 2 of you can be just friends?

    Ms. Hopeful

    Wonderful ladies, where are you?
    Thank you Dear Hannah, my girl friends talked about ANM yesterday as some of them got great advice from here. We are thankful. It’s highly recommended to help people who are emotionally problematic.
    I checked this site today and read few posts and comments.
    I am still chatting with the LDR guy but I think right now I still gave control over situation lol, not to fall and invest.
    But i want to tell something about what happened this week, I attended an event where a friend of mine from previous job introduced to me this guy. Gosh, he is very interesting and good looking. I felt that my heart stopped for a minute.
    Is it so funny that I have felt this again after my sorrowful situation?
    Okay, he asked for my number. We text just to say hi but it’s better not to be do close and comfortable right now. He is asking me out on Sunday? I think I’m ready to try dating again.!? I LIKE HIM..


    That is SO COOL! Yay for you Miss Awesome!!!


    Give it a shot and just go slow. What the heck. A little kiss under the mistletoe is in order this time of year!!

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