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    Ms. Awesome

    My dear Leila,
    I was about to post last night…”



    Yes yellow floral dress sounds perfect! Something you feel good and confident in! I have a red floral dress and every time I wear it I feel great.

    You can ask if you want or keep the date as a surprise. Totally up to you!


    Ms. Awesome

    Oops…to continue
    I was about to post last night”where is Sthrnbelle, Leila, Redcurleysue, Jessica, etc”
    Thanks a lot..yes I believe that our smile is the best make up. I’m nervous and excited but I know I can so this.. Finally after months of sadness I deserve to be happy again.
    Love you Leila



    Hi hi Ms Awesome of course you are awesome!:))) I am here and will read the updates on your thread. I have been sick with a darn tooth problem and moving at the same time and no net at home yet so my connection is sporadic, hard to follow the forum just on my phone and life has just been incredibly busy. But I hope to hear from you and talk to you. I am so glad that you are doing better!

    BTW; I love yellow, sunshine is the color of happiness to me, the last few years yellow and orange, coral tones have been my favorite colors.

    How did your date go? Yes, please, definitely keep it slow and just at fun dating level for now, ok? Being careful does not hurt but getting out and dating for fun is well a lot of fun and who knows what will eventually come out of it? Just do not get carried away, date several and have no expectations right now. I know easier said than done sometimes but this would be crucial now as you can still be vulnerable.

Viewing 4 posts - 201 through 204 (of 204 total)

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