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    Ms. Hopeful

    Sorry I accidentally pressed ‘submit’ button
    Here we go… :)
    Dear Redcurleysue
    I was touched almost tearful by your post after reading this, many times I missed how beautiful life could be with the right person. You are right, time for a new beginning, and slowly I can see a better day coming full of hope. Thank you for this wonderful words.



    Hi Ms Hopeful,

    I am doing great thank you. I loved the advice RCS gave you, what a beautiful post and so very true. There is life after love and love after love, as you can you see there is still a lot of love in the world, we are all here for you. Happiness starts with dreams and I think that puts us in a positive mood. You will see the fruits of your hard work. You will be happy and one day wonder why you even ever thought of this man as a potential partner and what you loved in him.


    Ms. Hopeful

    My dear Sthrnbelle
    Yes, RCS advice is something, like yours and all other wonderful ladies who dropped here for me. Thank you all for all the concern. If not with family and friends and all of you here, I am nothing right now. You helped me start to feel how important I am to you and my life is precious that should never be wasted with such a man. And yes yes yes, excited to fall in love again, it’s a lovely feeling. And I have this heart who can offer unconditional love to the right person, and that man will realize how he lose such kind of love. I know that. I am more confident right now, although nervous in times but good. And I will let you know if someone makes my heart beat again.


    Ms. Hopeful

    To all girlfriends who have been very supportive to me…I’m here again :) I don’t know if I need to start a new thread or just stay on this one. I just want to hear from you great ladies about something happening in my life right now..I trust and can rely on every advice the you can give. I cannot say I’m fully recovered from what happened but I think it’s time to “just” try dating again. I reconnect with a guy I met online but since I had a boyfriend (the ex) I decided to cut every connection with him. And since we live long distance I know it won’t work. It’s been few months since my fb is down due to what happened and until this week I opened it again and saw his message. He’s a great guy, single, professional and good looking with a good attitude. We started to chat again and we both made skype profile to chat often and see face to face. I don’t know if it’s safer for me right now trying the online dating since he live too far and less pressure on my part. To be honest, let me confess to you that I’m starting to like him and I know he is pursuing me. I enjoy when we chat and do video and there’s something I can’t explain. Do you think I allow myself to keep doing this or can you please advice me on the best thing to do. I’m not ready to meet in person right now.



    1 (800) 273-8255
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    CALL THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to talk … PLEASE DO IT. There are no do-overs or second chances with what you are suggesting …



    Miss Hopeful, this is difficult! If he lives far away, will there be chances for you to meet in the future when you are ready? I’m asking because there’s not much point getting to know someone and developing feelings for them if you can never be together. That will only lead to sadness, unless the 2 of you can be just friends?



    For fuck sake!
    Read the thread…


    Ms. Hopeful

    Wonderful ladies, where are you?
    Thank you Dear Hannah, my girl friends talked about ANM yesterday as some of them got great advice from here. We are thankful. It’s highly recommended to help people who are emotionally problematic.
    I checked this site today and read few posts and comments.
    I am still chatting with the LDR guy but I think right now I still gave control over situation lol, not to fall and invest.
    But i want to tell something about what happened this week, I attended an event where a friend of mine from previous job introduced to me this guy. Gosh, he is very interesting and good looking. I felt that my heart stopped for a minute.
    Is it so funny that I have felt this again after my sorrowful situation?
    Okay, he asked for my number. We text just to say hi but it’s better not to be do close and comfortable right now. He is asking me out on Sunday? I think I’m ready to try dating again.!? I LIKE HIM..



    That is SO COOL! Yay for you Miss Awesome!!!



    Give it a shot and just go slow. What the heck. A little kiss under the mistletoe is in order this time of year!!


    Ms. Hopeful

    My super sweet angel Stefanie, Haha …hmmmm, MS. AWESOME this time? Why not.
    Can you imagine me dating for the first time after that terrible and even my unforgettable moment of my life. I have learned a lot.
    Well, the DATE, I try not to feel the pressure but hey, what should I wear? Lol. And btw, I said yes after 24 hours lol.
    I’m excited Stefanie…love you!!!



    Ahh that’s great news! It’s hard to pass up the opportunity if you meet someone great. Just take things slow, have fun with it and see where it takes you! Good luck!



    I love you too babes – YOU GO!!! So very proud of you. Look how far you’ve come. xoxo

    Wear something RED. ;)



    Yay, Ms. Hopeful/Awesome! So happy for you that you are seeing new possibilities. :) Like the other ladies said, take it slow, and keep up on all the other awesome things you are doing. When I was starting to look again and I found myself getting excited about one guy in particular I purposefully made myself keep looking elsewhere. Didn’t go out with any of them, but it was just a reminder to stay even keeled for communicating with the one I was most interested in. It definitely helped with keeping the anxiety down – the idea that there are a lot of potential guys out there you might click with. If this one is not it, there are always more around. And you have all the other things going on in your life too- this is just one slice of your pie.


    Ms. Hopeful

    Dear Michele
    Thank you. Yes, you’re right. And we are all wonderful ladies. We can do and deserve better. Thanks to all of you for the full support. After a long time, I feel this different feeling toward a guy. The excitement returns. But it doesn’t mean I will be ready to be exclusive and involve again to someone. Not now. I’m dating and open to date anyone. Not sure if I’m ready but I want to try this time. I’ll give you update for sure.


    Ms. Hopeful

    Thank you do much dear Hannah. Exactly, a chance to meet great guy now. I’m excited :)


    Ms. Awesome

    Dear angel Stefanie, I’m miss awesome now. I think I need to start a new thread next time.
    Red, hmmmm.. Let me try that haha. I hope I can show you what I look :)


    Ms. Awesome

    Oopps, what I’m going to wear I mean to say and how I look.. :)



    Whatever you do, don’t wear black. Boring. Or if you do, then you need some red earrings and lipstick to jazz it up.

    I”m doing the happy dance in my living room for you!!! So so happy for your progress.


    Ms. Awesome

    Oh no, not black my angel. My fave is yellow but as you suggest, I like to wear something red. Hmmm.. I am only for light make up, but presentable of course.
    I have no idea about the place yet or where he would take me but but ready if he takes me to heaven yet lol.
    Haha…I’m dancing with you too. Larararara…
    Thank you thank you thank you



    What’s your colouring? I think red looks great on most people. And where are you going? If it’s somewhere nice, definitely a dress and heels!

    You know from now on, even when things look really really dark, you can come through it. You just have to hold on and get help. I’m so proud of your progress!

    Please keep us posted on the date! This is the second guy you’ve met already, so remember, if this one doesn’t work out, there are loads of great men out there. This is an exciting new chapter for you!



    Yellow is fantastic. It’s warm and cheery. I’m wearing a lemon yellow sweater right now. Great choice.

    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.



    Ms. Awesome!

    So glad to see your glass is back to being half full and continuing to fill up! Love your positive attitude. Btw it won’t matter what color you wear, your beaming smile and radiant personality will outshine any outfit!


    Ms. Awesome

    My dear Hannah
    Yes, red is nice right? I’ll let you know about this date after. Thank you thank you. Do you think it’s ok to ask where we are going? Or better be a surprise.


    Ms. Awesome

    My angel, yes yellow is so so nice. I have a floral yellow dress here. I look cute with this I think lol. I like to be very simple that night. This guy again is bit older than I am so I have no idea of his preferences on women looks. Well, I need to be natural and just enjoy it. No no no to expectations.

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