Curves Are Making a Comeback: How to Enhance and Embrace This Sexy Shape post image

Curves Are Making a Comeback: How to Enhance and Embrace This Sexy Shape

You’re fighting the urge to bite into that cookie. You choose the fruit bowl over the croissant. You use skim milk instead of half&half. Every. Single. Day. And not because you actually dislike this kind of food.. but because society throws at you images of stick-thin models who are genetically predisposed to looking like pre-teen boys and you believe you have to look that way too.

Well according to an online poll, it’s shown that 80 percent of men ages 18 to 50 say they want a voluptuous woman.  Another 15 percent of men prefer a woman of average size, while just 5 percent opt for a super skinny chick.  Now this is not to say that you can’t be skinny & curvy together – but what it is saying is that stick-thin emaciated bodies have a slim chance of winning versus beautiful, fuller, bodies.

Interestingly enough, they are so attractive to the opposite sex because these types of bodies have historically possessed more of the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA – which is essential for proper brain development. An article in the August 2012 issue of Psychology Today explains that men “know” something, or subconsciously realize something, that most women can not.  Men rate women attractive when they have a waist that is 60-70% of their hip size because during times of survival, these women were better able to reproduce and their offspring were smarter (and having an ass to grab onto ain’t so bad either =P ).

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So what exactly are curves, why are they so attractive to the opposite sex, how do they affect our health, and who can have them?

Curves are the parts of a women’s body that tend to carry more fat. This could be her hips, her butt, her thighs, or her breasts. The curves of a woman’s body are what give the woman an hourglass shape or an S-shape if you’re looking at her profile. Women can have muscular figures, thin legs, and ripped stomachs and still embrace a curvaceous body!

To help put things into perspective for you:
1) Typical US undergrad has a waist that is 75% of her hip size
2) The average Playboy Playmate has a waist that is 53% of her hip size
3) The average fashion model has a waist that is 46% of her hip size

All in all, most women who eat healthy, exercise daily, and are attentive to their overall wellness will fall under category one, which places them exactly where they should be!

Luckily, the hourglass body type is gaining more recognition in society today as the quintessential symbol of a woman – and a staggering amount of women are now working out to have fuller, sexier, physiques.

Follow these workouts for a bodacious bod  =)

curves workout

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Scottie Ann

I am

Reply April 28, 2019, 5:57 am

Shannon Marie

I am 5’8″ weighing 150 lbs. I’d say I fit in in the curvy category, no doubt, with the same measurements that Marilyn Monroe had… I find these articles that knock skinny girls a bit cliche though. I have a lot of friends that look like the girls on the skinny side of the spectrum. They don’t look this way because they starve themselves. I’ve been friends with these girls my whole life, well since kindergarten, and a lot of them eat more then I do. They are just blessed with a super high metabolism! A lot of my skinnier friends try to gain weight and tell me they’d love to have my body! I think the media and society has pretty much knocked every kind of person of all kinds of sizes making everyone uncomfortable with their appearance. It’s pretty sad actually. I think we all need to focus on natural beauty and the fact that we all are different, but we all are beautiful. I’m a very unjudgemental person and can find something beautiful in every person I meet, not shallow in the least bit. I know how it feels to be insecure and have a low self esteem and I don’t think one person deserves to feel that way about themselves. I just hope we all can one day be accepting of all people and love one another and be kind to one another. Beauty comes from within and that’s the truth of it all!

Reply January 2, 2015, 5:01 pm


Hey Lana,
I totally hear whst you are saying and i agree that if women have naturally thin bodies that is also beautiful! And as far as eating cookies, its not something you should be indulging in every single day because you should maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle but you shouldnt be fighting the urge ALL the time as well. You have to allow yourself to have a treat once in a while because heslth = balance.

I dont think society necessarily bullies skinny girls but instead encourages fit girls because it altogether leads to a healthier lifestyle. The photo shows public figures whonhave been linked to eating disorders which is something this post is trying to keep away from – the models shown are not nturally thin. Hope this helps!

Reply October 2, 2013, 2:11 pm


I think if u ask men, #2 would be the most preferred proportion of the body. I do agree women’s bodies shouldn’t be all flat and boyish (unless they are naturally that way then it is perfect) and curves are great, but the first paragraph scared me a bit, since it gives the idea now u can start eating all your cookies without worrying about health, cause cookies are not only making u gain weight but are just plain unhealthy.
Second row of pics shows beautiful women with curves, but still toned and healthy looking.
Also I feel like in order to presuade fuller women they are great, society bullies skinny girls, and forgets some of them are naturally skinny and we should tell them they are also great! My sister is one of them, this is why I dislike so much this kind of pics all over internet showing skinny girls and presenting them as unhealthy and ugly, this propaganda bullies them and makes them feel bad about themselves. All women are beautiful and society shouldn’t try to make one part of them feel better about themselves by making others feel worse, it works both ways

Reply September 13, 2013, 1:20 am

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