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    It is such a turn off when a guy continues to ask this. Of course a pic or two is expected once you all get to know each other and have decided you’re going in the direction of a relationship. But initially, no!!!! I’m not gonna send my pics to someone I barely know. I include all shots on my page. Now guys use the new “catfished” excuse. If it’s been a day or two and you barely know me, save that excuse. Now 3 months go by and I don’t send you a thing…..ok. Then you can get concerned. I hate awkwardly explaining why I don’t like to. Most guys act like it’s s total deal breaker and you don’t hear from them anymore. But listen, I’ve been me for years now. I am confident in myself. I know the minute I send a body shot, it’s gonna turn into an unsolicited sexy conversation about my shape. Then the guy comes more obsessed with that and forgets to do what we are here to do, which is get to know each other’s personalities to determine if we are compatible. Once we are an item, you won’t have to ask for a pic. I will send them freely.

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    This makes me so angry i want to cry!!
    i just had one stop talking to me the other day because I didn’t send more pictures. We never even met!
    Today another one just asked for a picture, I sent one YESTERDAY!!! What the FU_k?’
    Us women have to all put our foot down about this one.
    But we don’t want to come across as a “B_tch”.

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    When the guy asks for your photos, it means he wants to jerk off watching your photos.. Even if you send 10 photos, he asks for more to speed up the process .. If you get little close to that guy, he keeps begging for nude pics. Be very careful with whom you are sharing your information. These kind of guys always end relationship as soon as you talk about commitment.

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    It is so annoying.

    But I have a pic of a donkey and a cat on my phone. You know which pics I send to which request. If a guy is really obnoxious about it, I flood their phone with donkey and kitty pics.

    I do think a lot of guys are trying not to get catfished, so once I start texting I’ll send one current face pic and a (clothed) body shot that are fully current.

    PLEASE DON’T SEND NUDES EVER. Guys share those rather freely. One guy I dated sent me all the “sexy” pics that older educated women sent him. He did not date or even meet any of these women. He laughed at them. Also, no good guy ever said, “she would have been wife material, but would not send me a butt pic”. Even if you just want to get laid, there is no need to send pics. If you must, just download some porn pics and send those, they won’t notice the difference.

    DON’T SEND NUDES. The risk is not worth the reward.

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    Who cares if some guy you have not met thinks you’re a bitch cos you won’t send him sexy pix… Come on Ladies- Gah! 😐

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    Smiley face

    People always tell me that I look good in real life but I’m not photogenic. I’ve had guys say that I look better in person. I don’t know how to take selfies. It’s takes me 15 minutes to take a decent picture of myself. When a guy keeps asking me for pictures, they I get really annoyed. I have enough pictures posted of me why do you want to see more.
    It’s annoying when I’m on snapchat and they ask to take one for them personally.

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    I absolutely hate it when a guy asks for pics, I’m attractive, I get alot of male attention, usually unwanted, but am looking for that special someone. I’ve been chatting with a guy on a dating site, he seems lovely, intelligent.
    We’ve already arranged to meet and it all seems promising…then he asked me for another picture of me on top of what is on the dating site. It feels cheap all of a sudden, I wonder if I’m just to be another of his photo collection. Or to show around to his mates.
    I’m looking for a real in person relationship…seriously wonder if guys are starting to only be able to look at pics…
    It bores me when I’m asked for a pic and start to loose interest.

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    He may just want a pic for your contact info. I’ve had guys ask me for that and I just send a head shot or whatever.

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    I can only say a “relationship” of pic sharing would be my idea of hell. How about just spend real time together as normal people.
    I sat next to a girl at work who would spend portions of her day at work sending pics of herself to her boyfriend, it just seemed hugely needy and insecure. See each other when you get home. Have all the special stuff when you get home surely.

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    How bout when a guy randomly sends you d*ck pics and then asks for a nude in return?! Thinking that you’re actually turned on by his photos! Lol! Please

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    lmao, i’ve had so many cases like this. Normally i just ignore the request and keep talking about something random. If the guy isn’t interested in what i’m talking about, then i couldn’t care less. Patience, man! I need to build my trust. And even then, i might feel uncomfortable sharing them. But they ask for photos to jerk off, so… as if there aint enough porn sites and instagram model profiles who are basically just filled with porn-like content. Online “relationships” that start this way are just a waste of time imo. And believe me, you’re just one of at least a dozen of women/girls he is asking pictures of. Nothing special going on there really. Don’t even bother to continue and cut him off.

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