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    If there are no pics available on the online site in my opinion, he is vetting you, no sincere interest and determining your sense of self worth and neediness.

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    Oops, if there ARE pics.

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    I don’t think so much of it. One guy I met told me, in person, that he had been “catfished” by a few women. Meaning they looked nothing like their pics in person. I think that’s a big reason they’ll ask for more.. ensures it’s new. Lol that you’re not only attractive in that certain moment right after you’re all dolled up for a night out. The one guy I’ve been seeing asked for pics even after we met once in a while. Like someone already mentioned, men are visual.

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    Honestly I can’t figure this out . You’ve met me In person…. I’ve sent some pics and yet you’re asking for more. My stock response is I look exactly the same as I did in person and the last 3 pics I sent. If men are so visual, plan a date and see me in person.

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    I just don’t reply…

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    My previous guy always asked for pics but he also loved sending them.

    My guy never asks for pics (why I love sending them sometimes). He did ask for a pic of me without facepaint before we went on our first date because when we met, I was dressed as a calavera with sugar skull face paint and he had no clue what I actually looked like. He was worried I was secretly a troll because I asked him, he didn’t think a normal to cute girl would initiate contact with him without being friends for ages first.

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    I’m tall and slim and always have numerous full body pics on my page and guys STILL beg for more UGHHHHHHHHH

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    I’ve had a guy I have been chatting to and met up with a couple of times completely freak out because I wouldn’t send him naked pictures. I mean, COMPLETELY freak out, accusing me of being anti-feminist, promoting inequality, leading him on, honestly – it was actually quite frightening. It was as though he felt he owned me and the right to my images and he was livid that I didn’t feel comfortable sending them.

    He said, “I’m not being a dick, but you’re being unreasonable because I’ve sent pictures to you”. Which I didn’t want or ask for, which made me feel a bit ill, and which I asked him NOT to send me!

    So I feel your pain ladies. Honestly, sometimes dating sites suck.

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    well it depends on the guy and what they are asking for.For example some guys ask for a specific pic sometimes they ask for nudes and sometimes in bathing suits. Mostly girls get mad at guys when they ask for nudes. They keep insisting and so they argue so thats my opinion idk but yeah

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    When they ask or harrass me, I send a photo of flowers or yarn!

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    I totally agree that its annoying. super annoying. And it gives me creeper or perv vibes. I’m on a tender and I have some great pics on there, all from within the year. smiling, not smiling, full body. 4-5 solid pics, including one waist up bikini pic with some cleavage, the rest are classy and I’m fully covered.

    I’ve never been into sending pictures. If you want to see me, plan a date bro!

    I sent one guy a pic the other day because he sends me pics all the time, plus I really like him. But then he asked me to send it to his email… whats up with that? anyone have a clue on why he wants me to ALSO send it to his email when I just sent it via phone?

    (I’m gonna ask him when I see him, but wanted to get opinions).

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    lol, thats hilarious

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    He can snap a picture of you when you meet-up.

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    Weird. Did online dating for about 6 months, was never asked for a pic prior to meeting. Once seriously dating, we usually end up sending each other random pics- some of ourselves, some of whatever we’re doing- hiking, drinking, lake, food, etc. I NEVER send “nudes”, if a guy I like asks, I tell him it’s out of my comfort zone. I’ve NEVER received a d*ck pic THANK GOD! And I’m actually not the biggest fan of guys wanting to take a million pics of me/us when we’re together. Sometimes it’s endearing but very quickly becomes too much. Any type of exaggerated interest in my looks is one of the quickest ways to turn me off.

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    That would annoy me too and I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable sending pics to someone I barely knew. Think about the guy’s perspective, though. A lot of women post pics that look nothing like them. Why don’t you compromise and tell the guy you’re not comfortable sending pics but you can FaceTime so he can see how you look? They’re probably asking for more pics because they’re afraid you’re 30 pounds heavier, 10 years older, etc.

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    Oh shut up, you just want someone to buy you dinner. Lol

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    Miss independent

    I have a problem with this too. It’s so annoying..

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    Asking for pictures is just their game to see how far they can make you go also when they keep asking and being persistent they just wanna feel in control. Guys just take it too far wht happen to all the gentleman?

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    I hate it too, makes me cringe.

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    What if we’ve been talking for a good few months, and we’ve got off the site and have each others numbers??

    The thing is it started off great, we talked a lot, then slowly died down a bit, and ended only talking now and again after a week or 2 even, so i assumed he wasn’t interested, so i didn’t bother initiating conversation after a while.

    At this point we did have each others numbers for a while and were on snapchat, i knew his brother was getting married so he had a lot going on, but he started talking a lot again, then his father died, so i didn’t bug him too much, and now were back talking A LOT again, but this time, he initiates every conversation, hes doing the chasing! Which is good!

    Now we snapchat everyday, mostly evenings, cause we both have busy work schedules, he does now and again mention that he snaps me more than i snap him, but any snaps i have ever sent him are decent, id never send anything i wouldn’t put online on FB myself, so is it normal for him to be after more snaps?

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    100% of the time I’m never attracted to the guy bugginge and other women for pics. Just in case you males don’t realize, we label you as fu&kbois for doing it. It’s creepy and we are equally as visual. I started bugging all guys for pics anytime they contacted me, just so they can see how it feels.

    All women need to do this. Demand that they send you pics daily. It’s been long past that all males get served with a dose of what they subject women to. I recently saw a car full of girls that were catcalling guys passing by. It was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever witnessed. Some guys started walking faster and one guy was creeped out when I heard one girl ask him “what dat mouf do’. 😂 😂 😂

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    i dont think it matters how many pics you have, how good they are or whether you are slim or not, there will be men who just simply ask the question – can you send more pics.just because they simply like to ask the question and probably they are being sleazy, but sometimes they might just be curious. it never concerned me that they wanted more but i would just say sorry i dont have any more pics at the moment

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    So what do you ladies do if a guy sends you a dic pic??? Find a better looking dic pic on the internet and send it to him ;) hahahaha

    Never received a dic pic though and thank God for that. I have never entertained request for pics from guys. Told them I had enough pics on the dating site… many a times more than them and so maybe its time for them to upload more on the site to keep up :P

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    My girlfriends who do online dating complain about this all the time. I agree it’s annoying but think about it from the man’s perspective, though. Many women post old pictures of themselves and I believe men get tired of showing up for a date with a woman who looks nothing like he expected. I always advise my friends to tell the man, I’m not comfortable giving pics of myself to a man I don’t know, but why don’t we FaceTime so you can see that I look like the pics I posted on my profile? FaceTime (or Skype) has the advantage that you will be able to see if there is no face-to-face chemistry, preventing you from wasting time on a dead-end date.

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    I have plenty of pictures online and they just ask for more without even asking my name or getting more information about me. I could see if they thought It was fake or something but they just come off like creeps. Its a major turn off and I just end up blocking them.

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